American Decline… A Choice and Manufactured

Video: Krauthammer – American Decline Is A Choice By Obama

Here Is What You Need To Know About The Immigration Crisis

by – July 16, 2014

J. Christian Adams has a piece in PJ Media this week that is a must-read if you want to understand the crisis at the southern border. This crisis has been entirely manufactured by President Obama and his fellow Democrats. Yes, they have had some help from the Republicans, but much of that assistance came after being duped by the Democrats. They aren’t called “the stupid party” for nothing.

This border crisis isn’t incompetence. It isn’t bungling.

It is a calculated effort to crash the immigration system and fundamentally transform the nation. It is an effort to accelerate demographic trends and forever alter the nation’s culture. Until the GOP comprehends the full measure of Obama’s purpose, the GOP will be trapped in a prevent defense, never moving past complaints about Obama’s incompetence.

To the Obama administration and open borders groups, the tidal wave across the border is not an accident, and it is not a crisis. It is not even limited to unaccompanied children.

There is a single simple cause behind the human tragedy at the border: Obama’s refusal to enforce the immigration laws. The steady flow became a tsunami after Obama implemented childhood amnesty (DACA) in 2012. This lawless immigration policy gave legal status to young illegal aliens by Obama edict. …

Let’s visit the laws and lawyering that got us into this mess.

George Bush deserves some blame. The legal vehicle for the mass child migration is an amendment added by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) to an anti-sex trafficking law in 2008. It forced the government to admit into the country any minors, other than Mexicans and Canadians, and reunite them with family or other guardians in the United States. President Bush signed the bill in 2008 that included Feinstein’s amendment.

The 2008 law provided the architecture for this mess. Notice that left is very skilled at imbedding architecture into law that Republicans can’t even begin to understand. Republicans regularly acquiesce to broad legislation with seemingly harmless components because they don’t comprehend the devious and lawless capabilities of the left. The 2008 Feinstein amendment, signed by George Bush, is what caused the border tsunami in 2014.

There is much, much more and you need to read the whole thing.

Now, the Democrats have made it official – Nancy Pelosi announced that she’s against speeding up deportations after all, even though we all know she was never really for it in the first place. House Democrats have even gone out and pushed for more illegal immigration, telling invaders that the “door is open.”

Again, as John Hayward explains, this entire crisis is manufactured, it’s part of the Democrat play book.

The Cloward-Piven objective of this manufactured crisis is to overwhelm the American immigration system, crushing it under a human wave so that Obama can “reform” it into something more to his liking, with an endgame of 12 million or more new Democrat voters.  That objective might have been made a shade more difficult by growing public anger over the immigration wave, in the sense that a “comprehensive immigration reform” deal in Congress is deemed less likely this year… but what’s stopping Obama from writing a couple of amnesty executive orders, to the thunderous applause of immigration activists?

Everything he’s doing right now strongly suggests that will be the path he takes, and the path grows easier with every new shipment of 10,000 illegals dispersed across the country at taxpayer expense, becoming an un-deportable, un-resolvable human crisis that can only be “solved” with a “pathway to citizenship.”  For that matter, talk of deportation grows more difficult the larger the “refugee” population grows.  In truth, repatriation would cost a tiny fraction of the money Obama wants for long-term residency, but as far as popular media imagery grows, the bigger this migratory population becomes, the easier it is to claim that deporting them is impossible.  And that’s before chain migration inevitably kicks in.  You’re not going to insist that these precious innocent children can’t be reunited with the parents who handed them over to violent smuggling gangs, are you?

Of course this is all deliberate.  It was carefully planned and executed. (Read More)

How many times have you heard already that those of us opposed to the mass migration across the border are unChristian and heartless? Even Glenn Beck has joined the fray. His intentions are good, nobody wants to see children being used as pawns and suffering because of it. But the best thing we could do for these kids is to quickly return them to their home countries, but we all know that’s not going to happen. And let’s not forget that it isn’t just kids coming across the border. There are gang members who are recruiting new gang members. If you think US cities are bad now, just wait until the MS13 thugs are shipped all over the country. One grown man released by immigration authorities has been charged with murder. He had some kids with him when he came across the border. I doubt anyone bothered to check and see if they were really his kids, seeing that the kids are just pawns in all of this.

Oh, and the government leaders in Central America are making all sorts of demands. They want even more US tax dollars (of course) to clean up their problems. Nothing like making lemonade out of some politically grown lemons.

The worst part is, this was all preventable. Some of us were sounding the alarm about Obama and the strategy of manufactured crisis back in 2008 but the media ignored it. Most Americans still haven’t heard of it, even as it unfolds before their eyes. If they turn on the news they get little soundbites from Obama, bashing Republicans and calling for more money. People aren’t getting the full story, they never do. But they’ll live with (and pay for) the consequences, and so will the rest of us.

Related: Timeline of the manufactured border crisis.

H/T Cold Fury

Update: Also be sure to read John Hayward’s piece at Human Events about the resistance to the manufactured crisis.

Update 2: The most transparent administration ever says it will not disclose where it is sending the thousands of illegal immigrants. What a surprise.

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