Pew’s Cowardly Dhimmi Poll Is An Absolute Disgrace
By Rob Miller – Joshua Pundit

Pew Research is a non-partisan, self founded arm of the Pew Foundation who does polls and surveys both in America and overseas. Their most recent one is part of their Religion In Public Life project, and is entitled, ‘How Americans Feel About Religious Groups.’

A number of questions were asked about how people in different groups feel about other religious groups, and even atheists were included as both subjects for others and as respondents.

The results are quite interesting. For instance, according to the poll, the three religious groups ranked on Pew’s ‘thermometer’ as eliciting the warmest and most positive reactions were Jews(63), Catholics (62) and Evangelical Christians (61). The two groups getting the most frigid reactions were atheists (41) and at the bottom of the pile, Muslims (40). members of the groups were allowed to vote on their feelings for their own group..with a giant glaring exception that was a despicable example of political correctness at its worst.

Pew, unlike many of polls these days is wide open about revealing their mechanics..exactly what questions were asked, who was polled, how many of each group were polled, how those polled broke down in terms of party affiliation, age, sex, education, race, etc. They even broke down the results with the responses of the members of a particular group included and the total results among the other groups with the responses of a particular group excluded.
Guess which group they didn’t poll.
There are over three and a half million Muslims in America, and Pew somehow couldn’t find a reason to interview a single one for their survey.

It’s well known that a significant number of Muslims are extremely intolerant of Christians, Hindus, and especially Jews, and that the Qu’ran and Hadiths actually promote this. Was Pew afraid of revealing that in their findings?

Were they afraid that revealing it might even spark a lower rating for Muslims the next time out?

Or was it merely an attempt to show Christians and Jews as intolerant of Islam while not revealing how intolerant of other faiths many Muslims are?
Pew might try to hedge and say that they didn’t interview anyone but Jews or people belonging to Christian groups. So then, why interview people who characterize themselves as atheists and agnostics, around 20% of the poll survey?

And for that matter, why not include Buddhists and Hindus in the survey? Was that an attempt at a cover for Pew’s avoidance of surveying Muslims?

No matter how you slice this, it’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m surprised at Pew, a reputable organization pulling this.

They aren’t fooling anyone who’s paying attention.

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