BREAKING NEWS: Governor Sarah Palin: It’s Time to Impeach President Obama

Palin Leadership vs. Progressive Failure

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A Time for Choosing By  Gary P. Jackson  –  Cross-Posted at Palin-Cruz 2016

By Governor Sarah Palin

Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president. His unsecured border crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say, “no mas.”

Without borders, there is no nation. Obama knows this. Opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate. This is his fundamental transformation of America. It’s the only promise he has kept. Discrediting the price paid for America’s exceptionalism over our history, he’s given false hope and taxpayer’s change to millions of foreign nationals who want to sneak into our country illegally. Because of Obama’s purposeful dereliction of duty an untold number of illegal immigrants will kick off their shoes and come on in, competing against Americans for our jobs and limited public services. There is no end in sight as our president prioritizes parties over doing the job he was hired by voters to do. Securing our borders is obviously fundamental here; it goes without saying that it is his job.

The federal government is trillions of dollars in debt, many cities are on the verge of insolvency, our overrun healthcare system, police forces, social services, schools, and our unsustainably generous welfare-state programs are stretched to the max. We average Americans know that. So why has this issue been allowed to be turned upside down with our “leader” creating such unsafe conditions while at the same time obstructing any economic recovery by creating more dependents than he allows producers? His friendly wealthy bipartisan elite, who want cheap foreign labor and can afford for themselves the best “border security” money can buy in their own exclusive communities, do not care that Obama tapped us out.

Have faith that average American workers – native-born and wonderful legal immigrants of all races, backgrounds, and political parties – do care because we’re the ones getting screwed as we’re forced to follow all our government’s rules while others are not required to do so. Many now feel like strangers in their own land. It’s the American worker who is forced to deal with Obama’s latest crisis with our hard-earned tax dollars while middle class wages decrease, sustainable jobs get more scarce, and communities become unrecognizable and bankrupted due to Obama’s flood of illegal immigration.

Who’s looking out for the American worker? Who has their backs? Who fights for them?

We should.

President Obama’s rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem here. It’s not going to get better, and in fact irreparable harm can be done in this lame-duck term as he continues to make up his own laws as he goes along, and, mark my words, will next meddle in the U.S. Court System with appointments that will forever change the basic interpretation of our Constitution’s role in protecting our rights.

It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

Video:  Palin on Hannity – Time Impeach Obama

The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is.

Video: Sarah Palin Wants You To Take Action !! • Video Message • 7/8/14

Sarah Palin In Searchlight NV with Palin Overhead

Sarah Palin In Searchlight NV

The Case for a Palin Candidacy for President in 2016

Update:  07.09.14

House Speaker John Boehner may want to sue President Obama, but when asked at the Capitol on Wednesday whether he agrees with Sarah Palin that Obama should face impeachment charges, the House’s top Republican simply said: “I disagree.”

Appearing on Hannity, Mark Levin said Sarah Palin was right on when it came to her comments on Obama’s impeachment.

Unfortunately, Senator Ted Cruz did not follow his mentor and pal Sarah Palin on her call for Obama’s Impeachment!


Every Republican has three options on impeachment:

One: “Let’s do it.

Two: “Hell no. It’s political suicide… at least for now” Lots of Republicans believe that, McCain and Boehner foremost among them! Which just illustrates why Palin needs to the GOP standard bearer in 2016.  Palin puts truth, the Constitution and duty before politics and her own popularity!!

Three: “He’s got it coming, but alas, it won’t work.  Democrats are too corrupt to join us in the effort.” That’ll be the default position for Republican pols since it lets them shift blame while achieving suicide-avoidance.

The mystery with Cruz was whether he’d choose door number one or number three. He wants to preserve his cred as Mr. Tea Party ahead of 2016 but, after having spearheaded the “defund” effort, he also doesn’t want to get knocked again as a guy who’s willing to bet lots of Republican political capital on lost causes. His interview with Mark Levin on Monday night suggested that he was in the “he’s got it coming but it won’t work” camp.

And, per National Review, he is.

“That is a decision for the House of Representatives,” Cruz told National Review Online when asked if he agrees with Palin. ”I serve as the ranking member of the Constitution Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and, in that capacity, I have been working hard to describe in comprehensive detail the lawlessness of President Obama and the Obama administration. We’ve put out a series of reports about the consistent pattern of this administration disregarding the law, refusing to enforce the law, unilaterally changing the law — which is utterly unprecedented and is a profound threat to individual liberty.”…

“It ought to be a bipartisan concern,” he continued. ”Anyone who believes in the constitutional checks and balances should be dismayed about a president who claims the authority to pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore. Sadly, Senate Democrats have not demonstrated the courage of being willing to stand up to their own president. And indeed Harry Reid is President Obama’s chief enabler by preventing the Senate from engaging in any meaningful oversight or holding the president accountable for his lawlessness.”

He’s not saying no, he’s just saying “why bother?” Cruz is doing his Republican colleagues a favor by taking this position, too. Impeachment has the potential to be a new RINO/true conservative litmus test; if he had come down firmly on Palin’s side, it would have set things up nicely for skeptics to be dismissed as sellouts and Obama courtiers. Instead he’s creating political space here for skeptics to say “I agree with Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, Democrats aren’t serious about separation of powers.” Boehner should buy him a beer. Which wouldn’t be awkward at all, right?

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