Matos: One on One with Ted Cruz in Miami: Sarah is Amazing and Why He Should Run…

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“Sarah said God bless you. She wrote it,” I pointed to the picture, he leaned over, looked straight into my eyes and said: “She is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.” That was the brief exchange not caught on camera. It was the “moment”. His words were deliberate, genuine and unequivocal. He admires Sarah. The noise in the room, the glare of the lights, the chatter and commotion disappeared just for that moment. All of it. Gone. Frozen in time. It was awesome. He carefully chose where to sign his name, too, and did not ruin the little “treasure” which had traveled from Texas to Alaska, from Wasilla to Miami. What more can one ask?

By Isabel Matos –  A Time for Choosing

Video: Ted Cruz: Sarah Palin is Amazing

Now on to politics. Why it’s a no-brainer for Ted Cruz to run for president.

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Ted Cruz should run for President for several reasons. He generates excitement and hope. He can energize crowds and engage voters in this effort.  It’s not just about electing him. Decency oozes out of him. He gets a bit flustered being off-stage (that could just be a logistical problem by organizers) but people are drawn to him.  Sarah is very comfortable off stage and in a crowd. She takes her time but Ted also is comfortable enough and has star power just like she does. He’s professorial but not stuffy.  He explains things in a way that people understand without feeling lectured to. I could listen to him for hours. Other adjectives come to mind: he is civil, respectful and statesmanlike. He elevates the discourse and connects with Republican voters as well as the base.  He merges them. His message is not a trap even though there is some pandering. I have a solid impression people like him. His Reagan-inspired oratory is uplifting and optimistic.  Did I mention he connects with Establishment voters? That is the key here. He is connecting with voters who left the party because the party left them.  In our neck of the woods, it means winning over Rubio Republicans.

Ted Cruz would raise his profile and get more recognition by running for president, increasing the value of his endorsements. His support of Sarah Palin for President would only help her because of that endorsement value. His style is anti-establishment but not to the point of turning off voters or making them feel there is too much change.  Too much change makes establishment voters nervous. He is definitely not GOPe but a Palin/Cruz ticket would be a good merger without compromising the grassroots cause. It’s a new day in America, and people are ready for a woman president, but those old male fogies and jealous Republican wives still have an issue with it and it’s too much of a risk.

This ticket would be exciting, attractive and filled with vision and promise. Ted is not threatened by strong women like GOPe cry babies (it is true!) He would bring out the best in her presidential run because he understands what she’s about yet would still be mindful of the (Rino) faction that needs to be dealt with, a faction he has dealt with for the last two years in D.C.  The two have obvious respect for one another. He may not have executive experience like she does, but no matter what Ted does we will all be better served by it. Sarah is my first and has been my only choice for the presidency since 2012. It would be a shame to dismiss Ted Cruz as a presidential nominee who would help her revive the party of Ronald Reagan which so many have always been in support of.

There is hope with a team like Sarah and Ted. It is almost too exciting to think about. We can be secure again under the leadership of these two courageous and centered individuals. They will help restore our greatness and bring the power of the people back to the city on a hill to make it shine even brighter than before.

Ted Cruz renounced his citizenship from Canada


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 Ask Marion

I agree with Gary (P. Jackson)!! Great job Isabel! And you know how I feel about a Palin-Cruz ticket ( ). I think it is the answer for the GOP in 2016!! I think Sarah is the key ( and the GOP’s answer for both beating Hillary and the Dem’s carrot of electing the first female president. ( ) Add Ted and the ticket addresses a lot of demographic as well as common GOP weak areas.


Isabel Matos

Thank you so much Marion! She needs establishment minded people to vote for her. If he doesn’t come across as too much Rino he could very well be the bridge that closes that gap. I stand by all I said.

Sarah Palin on Dirty Tricks and Third Party: If Republicans Are Going to Act Like Democrats Then What’s the Use?

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