Brigitte Gabriel and Zuhdi Jasser square off on the idea of instilling Jeffersonian Democratic ideals in he Middle East

Watch as Brigitte Gabriel and Zuhdi Jasser square off on the idea of instilling Jeffersonian Democratic ideals in he Middle East. 

They go from relative agreement in the first video in on the nature of the threat from the rise in Islamic terrorism and lack of moderate Muslim condemnation of it to contention in the second video over  why moderates are not speaking out.

Zuhdi believes it is has to do with nation building on the part of the U.S.  Brigitte shakes her head “No” saying it is the need to confront the ideology driving radicalization. Watch…

Brigitte Gabriel Explains the Rise of Jihad (Video):

Why has jihadist threat escalated in last 3 years? (Video):

I’m afraid I would have to agree with Brigitte on this one:

Video: C.A.I.R-Crybabies Attacking Intelligent Responders –  Wild Bill for America

Brigitte Gabriel has come under a lot of fire from more than one source lately for speaking the truth. 

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Liberals Backwards Think: Islamic Jihadis invading Iraq and murdering thousands are the same people whom Obama supported in the overthrow on Kaddafi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt, and Assad in Syria.


Sharia – not the law of radical Islamists but the law of Mohammad

Obama’s Islamic heritage

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