T.W. Shannon Up 10-Points… As Palin, Cruz and Lee Join Rally in Oklahoma

Barricuda Brigade: Huge crowds packed the All-Star rally in Oklahoma as the T.W. Shannon campaign for U.S. Senate continues to catch fire.

The Speakers included Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.  Sarah ignited the crowds, boldly proclaiming she’s “not afraid of going on a little RINO hunt”, as the crowds enthusiastically cheered and greeted each of the speakers in turn. Nobody knows better than Ted Cruz what a Sarah Palin endorsement and support can do!

The endorsement by leading conservative heroes has created a massive surge in popularity for TW Shannon.  He is now leading his opponent by a 10 point margin, up 45 points from where he was only a few short months back. Below are some highlights of the massive rally.

Barracuda Brigade Video: @SarahPalinUSA Takes Oklahoma By STORM Fires Up @TWShannon’s Liberty Rally Highlights

See @TWShannon’s SMOKING HOT Liberty Rally ~> Full Video http://ow.ly/w90GL

See @SenTedCruz ROCKS T.W. Shannon’s Liberty Rally ~> Video http://ow.ly/w90IY

Sarah Palin  –  Politician · 4,245,727 Likes  -· April 24 · Edited ·

Thank you to everyone who joined Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and me in Tulsa to rally for T.W. Shannon for Senate. T.W. has got a great future ahead of him as a new voice for conservative action in D.C. We need this dynamic leader in Washington!

Also, a big thank you to Burn Co. Barbecue in Tulsa for providing the great grub! Their BBQ ribs clobber moose meat. I must admit. Heavenly. Along with T.W. Shannon who’s going to show Washington some Oklahoma thunder, Burn Co. is another reason Oklahoma can be so proud!

– Sarah Palin

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