Check It Out… School Cancelled Honors Night… The Wussification of America Continues…


DownTrend: Eighth grader Kaitlyn Kosloski is right.

The student at Cole Middle School in Rhode Island feels gypped. She and her other honor student friends won’t be recognized as honor students this month in a tradition that dates back years.

Yielding to pressure from the parents of more “average” students, the school has cancelled “Honors Night” because of its “exclusive nature.”

Alexis doesn’t like it one bit.

“[Honors Night] made me want to work harder and a lot of other people work harder, so just the fact you can’t work towards it anymore then there is no goal,” She said.

And therein lies the rub. When you disincentify success, you celebrate mediocrity.

But don’t tell that to Principal Alexis Meyers, who said the change will allow the school to “celebrate the individual and collective successes of all students and their effort, progress, and excellence.”

Collective successes. Did Alexis have the class “collectively” do all her homework? Were her test scores the result of some “collective?” Of course not.

But this is the future of child rearing.

My son is in the second grade. It’s the end of school and the teacher wants to recognize the students’ efforts. So she’s handing out awards – to all the students.

Rewarding achievement is a hallmark of our educational system, isn’t it? Celebrating every student – regardless of merit – shelters our kids and sets them up for failure in a world where there are no awards for “average.”

“How else are they supposed to learn coping skills,” one parent wondered, “not just based on success, but relative failure – it might not be failure – but understand what it takes to achieve high levels?”

This is classic liberalism. They would rather have everyone be equal in misery than celebrate the achievements of the few. Pathetic.

Perhaps if our children were taught history and we looked back at the USSR, we/they’d remember how disincentifying people from hard-work and accomplishments breeds a culture of laziness and disinterest that ultimately causes decline.


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