Crimea seems to go back to Russia – no matter what Obama says (or does)

Video: Obama: Russia can’t ‘violate basic principles… 

Really?  “The President says Russia “is on the wrong side of history” as if Putin cares.”… Erick Erickson

Simply Jews: Once again the leader of the free world remains standing in Putin’s dust. While president Obama “is examining a series of economic and diplomatic steps to “isolate Russia””, Russian Duma (a Russian simulacrum of a parliament) is preparing a law that will allow to “accept” any foreign state that expresses the desire to do so into the embrace of the Russian Federation. It must be stressed that the law is good not only for Crimea, which wouldn’t be mentioned in its text specifically.

Indeed, Putin’s plans could be wider and more far-reaching than just Crimea…

And of course, the same source ( reports with a great deal of satisfaction that Crimea (that currently enjoys semi-autonomous status in Ukraine) is creating first attributes of a state.

A government independent of Kiev was formed and announced a referendum to change the status of Crimea Autonomous republic to that of a state. It was decided to Crimea’s own Ministry of Defense. The primary tasks are to hold a referendum and become independent. But what’s next?

Indeed, what next (don’t you just love that question?).

It doesn’t take a Sherlock to notice the mention of the term “state” in that report on the Russian Duma’s deliberations about the possible future annexations, coupled with the sudden craving of the spontaneously formed Crimean government to make Crimea a state. Funny that.
One thing in that Pravda article may be confusing for an innocent foreign observer.

If you look at the flags brandished by the enthusiastic Crimeans, you may notice that they (the flags) bear an amazing likeness to that of a Russian tricolor. Probably, while being in such a rush to become an independent state, Crimeans just didn’t have time to design a new flag for their future independent Motherland.

Or, which is more likely, it is just something that the Kremlin planners of all these Crimean developments overlooked, being too busy with more important details.
Yet again, it could be a grave mistake to think that the Kremlin planners are allowed to forget anything at all. Which means that these flags are an… OK, enough of that paranoid thinking.

Or not?


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