Ukraine – A Look Into America’s Possible Future

The State vs The People: Kiev’s Independence Square: Before & After

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton  – The NoisyRoom:

Kiev is on fire in many different ways and you could probably do a countdown to Russian tanks rolling in and quelling the masses with an Olympic stop watch. In fact, the Polish Foreign Minister bluntly warned the Ukrainian opposition, “If You don’t Support this (Deal)… You will all be Dead”:

Today, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to remove President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych immediately started crying, “Coup!” I’m sure Putin is on his speed dial and heard all about it. Yanukovych is defiantly stating that he is not going anywhere — he has no intention of resigning and fleeing the country. Screw the downtrodden masses. Don’t they know who he is?

In point of fact, the Ukrainians do and if he’s not careful (or Putin doesn’t send in the Russian Army to the rescue quickly), he may find himself in the afterlife answering for his crimes once and for all with his fellow Communist comrades:

“They are trying to scare me. I have no intention to leave the country. I am not going to resign, I’m the legitimately elected president,” Yanukovych said in a televised statement. “What we see today is a coup — I did everything to prevent the bloodshed. We adopted two amnesty laws. We did everything to stabilize the political situation.”

“Everything that is happening today is, to a greater degree, vandalism and banditry and a coup d’etat,” he said. “I will do everything to protect my country from breakup, to stop bloodshed.”

If he sincerely meant that, he would cede power to the opposition and let freedom take its course. But, you see he only cares for power, as does Putin. Evil tyrants are nothing if not predictable.

The Ukrainians have moved elections up now to May 25th. They aren’t messing around – their lives and freedom depend on this. I admire these brave souls. America should be ashamed. She has broken her agreements with the Ukraine and once again has left the people to fend for themselves.

Some are actually beginning to get what Trevor Loudon and I have said for years – enter Lt. Col. Ralph Peters:

Our president is not only naive, but he appears willfully naive. On some profound psychological level, he seems to be really afraid of Vladimir Putin because he’s letting Putin run all over us on Iran, Syria, Snowden, that dreadfully one-sided START deal. I’m starting to wonder if there’s some crazy agreement between these guys, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

Why, yes, there is… Let’s hope the rest of America wakes up to this stark truth before it is too late. The rest of the world already gets it.

The Ukrainians believe impeachment was unavoidable. “Yanukovych is not capable of fulfilling his presidential duties,” said opposition lawmaker Oleh Lyashko. They are also getting ready to ban him from ever running for president again, just for good measure.

Imprisoned opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was also set free today after languishing in prison for 2 1/2 years (she was sentenced to 7 years for abuse of power after losing in 2010), where the world let her waste away. You remember her? Does the term ‘Orange Revolution‘ ring a bell? Free at last – the patriots of the Ukraine have let her go and she is proclaiming the dictatorship is done. She wasted no time and spoke fittingly to a throng of supporters in Independence Square:

“No one could do what you have done, eliminate a tumor,” she said “A dictator is gone and you are the heroes, you are the best of Ukraine. But you may not leave here until you finish the job and we go all the way.”

“And now every person in our country must get the kind of life that these people died for,” she added, referring to the dozens of protesters killed over the past week by government forces. “I believe in Ukraine.”

I know George Soros was hip deep in the Orange Revolution and I am not familiar with her political stances, but it’s got to beat Communist Russia and the FSB. Freedom is always better.

The official number of dead is somewhere between 82 and 100, but it is believed it could be many more and Putin hasn’t had his day yet. The police have abandoned their posts in the capitol and the opposition has stormed and taken over the palace. MPs have replaced the Parliamentary Speaker and the Attorney General; they have also appointed a new pro-opposition Interior Minister. Gee… our Congress might want to take notes and heed the example of people who actually get something done.

Protestors have moved uncontested into the Presidential Office and residence. The real journalists are finally free and roving. Hey, Yanukovych… heck of a peace deal you got there! One thing is for sure, he ran like a whipped cur with his tail between his legs – his own guards deserted him. His aides say he is in Kharkhiv, close to the border with Mother Russia.

As for Obama, who Putin told to stay out of his backyard, he proceeded to basically back Putin on the deal. Just keep cuddling with your fellow tyrants, Obama. Karma’s a bitch:

The deal has been met with scepticism by some of the thousands of protesters who remain in the square. Opposition leaders who signed it were booed and called traitors.

The US and Russian presidents have agreed that the deal needs to be swiftly implemented, officials say.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin told Barack Obama in a telephone conversation on Friday that Russia wanted to be part of the implementation process, a US state department spokesperson said.

And this:

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the US Secretary of State John Kerry this evening that the peace deal signed yesterday had been “sharply degraded by opposition forces’ inability or lack of desire” to respect it.

“Illegal extremist groups are refusing to disarm and in fact are taking Kiev under their control with the connivance of opposition leaders,” Lavrov told Kerry by telephone, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement.

Lavrov “reminded” Kerry that President Vladimir Putin had urged US President Barack Obama during an earlier call to “use every opportunity to stop the illegal actions of radicals and return the situation to constitutional channels”, it said.

Is it just me, or do Putin and Obama sound eerily similar? Looks like your cozy little Communist pact fell through. Guess it’s time to get your violence on. That’s where jack booted thugs and traitors always go, right? Welcome to the Cold War that never ended… it merely shifted and like gullible fools, the world parroted it and fell for it. Rubes. Surely, Obama sees his future in Putin.

It would appear that the Fatherland Party and Ms. Tymoshenko are ascending. They have remarkably disciplined fighting squads and loyal lieutenants. The power vacuum has been filled on that end. With their economy in tatters, she will surely move to solidify ties with the EU.

It’s rich that Putin labeled his enemies fascists. He should know, huh? Projection much? Cue Obama, whose sentiments change with the political wind:

It was possibly with the Kremlin in mind that the White House issued a statement Saturday welcoming the changes and stressing that, “The unshakable principle guiding events must be that the people of Ukraine determine their own future.”

Wait… didn’t you just insist on a deal two days ago? Huh. Now you demand their freedom. You give the Greek Goddess Eris a run for her money. I’d bet next week when Putin charges in, you’ll speak out of both sides of your lying mouth, hoping to win either way.

The clock is ticking and Russia is calling. Putin will almost assuredly come down hard, send in tanks and military and take back his rogue satellite country and solidify power and territory. And that is just the beginning. Next on tap… Georgia and Europe, you are on Vladimir’s dance card. You didn’t think oil, gas and protection would come without a high price, right? Get ready to dance with the Russian bear. Ukraine is a look into America’s possible future if we don’t get a hold on our Republic and clean House and Senate in 2014. Here’s to the damned, the lost and the forgotten. Read the Tea leaves.

Video of “Lenin Falls” in Ukraine

Video: Venezuela protests reach boiling point

As people rise-up against socialism in the Ukraine and Venezuela, Americans sit idly by and watch their freedoms being taken from them… wake-up America!

Ukrainian President Out! Time to March on DC?

Updated: 02.23.14  Progressive America – h/t to MJ

Obama White House calls for the formation of a tyrannical government in the wake of Ukraine protests

The White House released the following statement:

The United States is closely monitoring developments in Ukraine. We have consistently advocated a de-escalation of violence, constitutional change, a coalition government, and early elections, and today’s developments could move us closer to that goal. The unshakeable principle guiding events must be that the people of Ukraine determine their own future. We welcome constructive work in the Rada and continue to urge the prompt formation of a broad, technocratic government of national unity. We welcome former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s release from a prison hospital today, and we wish her a speedy recovery as she seeks the appropriate medical treatment that she has long needed and sought.

We continue to urge an end to violence by all sides and a focus on peaceful, democratic dialogue, working pursuant to Ukraine’s constitution and through its institutions of government. Going forward, we will work with our allies, with Russia, and with appropriate European and international organizations to support a strong, prosperous, unified, and democratic Ukraine. Going forward, the Ukrainian people should know that the United States deeply values our long-standing ties with Ukraine and will support them as they pursue a path of democracy and economic development.

Hmmm….. How many people realize this is an open call for a dictatorship? Right here:

We welcome constructive work in the Rada and continue to urge the prompt formation of a broad, technocratic government of national unity.

“Technocracy” is an obscure term for some, so I would like to educate you on it. The word “Technocracy” was first coined by a progressive named William Henry Smyth, in a series of articles by that same name. You can see that series of articles here. These articles first appeared in The Gazette in 1919, and here is how the Gazette editor described the series:

The author shows that the forces of the four great human instincts to live, to make, to take, to control are as essential in modern social life as at any time in the past. But all of these urges in a living democracy should be controlled without being controlled.

This series lays out the Technocratic Principles, and in a lot of ways they are a commentary on the Wilsonian government. By collecting these essays and publishing them into this book, Smyth essentially pushes out what can accurately be called the Technocratic Manifesto. While it is true that the quote above was not written by Smyth himself, it was written by the Gazette editor. We know Smyth agreed with it and we can prove this in two ways:

First, Smyth would’ve seen the original Gazette publications before final publication.

Second, Smyth would’ve seen them again when he collected the essays and published this book.

As to whether or not the description is accurate, take note of these two things from the first essay:

First: The need of a National Purpose; a purpose based upon peace and rational Human Development; a purpose as inspiring and as unifying as War for Democracy, and as high as our highest Ideals of Life.

Second: The need of a Supreme National Council of Scientists supreme over all other National Institutions to advise and instruct us how best to Live, and how most efficiently to realize our Individual and our National Purpose and Ideals.

That certainly sounds like control without control to me.(No matter what you may think, “control without control” is not an oxymoron) We know by reading other progressive authors that they desire to use the regulatory state to achieve their purpose.

I would like to point out to you how he ends the book: (See the last page, page 40)


That’s tyranny. A technocracy is nothing more than despotic rule cloaked in “merit” and “expertise”.

Note that Smyth himself puts this into caps, I didn’t do that. This was an important question for Smyth, because he left that as the last thing. He left this as the final thought, the thing he wanted the reader to most consider and ponder. Is this “freedom thing” really all that valuable? Let’s just put the experts in charge. If the little people – if the serfs don’t like it well that’s just too bad, we are the experts. We know how to run your lives.

Ukrainian President Out! Time to March on DC?

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