MARK LEVIN: Looks back at the attacks on Reagan, similar to attacks on Conservatives today including Cruz and Palin…

MARK LEVIN: Looking back at the attacks on Reagan, how they are similar to attacks on conservatives today including Cruz and Palin


By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

Mark Levin gives a great history lesson on the attacks that were aimed at Ronald Reagan by the establishment-type Republicans, who called him extreme and said he couldn’t win. Similar attacks are now being leveled at Conservatives like Ted Cruz, and have been from day one at Sarah Palin… from the same Republican types who were wrong the first time.

And as Mark says… the attacks have already started again in full force and will start coming from some surprising sources and people.  Just this week, Thomas Sowell, someone who I have admired through the years, wrote a surprisingly negative ‘establishment piece’ against Ted Cruz and then I saw Ann Coulter on Hannity promoting it.  Course Ann Coulter was practically orgasmic in her support of Chris Christie pre-primary time before the 2012 Election, so that says a lot…  Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and few others are the real deal, whether you agree with them on every point or not!

Conservatives… don’t be deterred or persuaded that principled conservative candidates can’t win!  They can!  Ronald Reagan did!


Palin herself is one of these people… genuine, inspiring and has integrity, and so is Ted Cruz!!

Cruz opened his remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in Sarasota, Florida with one of his signature phrases. “I spent all of last week in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “It is great to be back in America.” 

The event originally was scheduled as a small rally for potential 2016 presidential candidates and  mushroomed into a major political event after nearly 2,000 people RSVP’d online.  “We are shocked at the level of interest that we’ve received for doing this rally,” Sarasota GOP chairman Joe Gruters told Breitbart News. And at for that moment when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke, it was  Cruz country!

Palin was not present, but there is more and more realization that if you want to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, who the Dems will run with the carrot of electing the first female American President… the 2016 GOP candidate needs to be a tough women… That would be Sarah Palin with perhaps her pal Ted Cruz at her side.  The are already working together:  RINO Season Opens — All Together Now — Ready-Aim-Fire!


The Perfect ticket to turn American around:

Palin-Cruz 2016 

The Tale of Two Women and the Choice in the Battle for America’s Soul and Future – Part 1


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