Historic “Tele-Townhall” Series

RedPhone Citizens for Self-Governance: Thousands of patriots joined us during the first Tele-Townhall of our “Convention of States Project.”  We want you to join us for Parts 2 and 3!

On February 13th at 8:00 EST, we’re hosting another live, interactive event. “During the Convention: We Know the Rules” will explain how a convention will operate.

(Yes, we actually know this!)

Mark Meckler, founder of Citizens for Self-Governance and Tea Party Patriots, and Professor Rob Natelson will speak on how a Convention of States would operate based on previous interstate conventions and legal precedent.

You’ll be able to ask Rob any questions on the amendment ratification process too!

Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity to save our nation. Part three will take place on February 20th.


TheBlaze: Wallbuilders founder and Historian David Barton has officially announced his support for a convention of states. The historian, who contemplated a Senate bid late last year, has spoken of the subject in the abstract before. But now that a convention is growing increasingly possible, Barton is “confident that this is the correct course of action.”

Though a convention of states has not been held since the nation’s founding, it has grown increasingly popular as a response to what many see as overreach from the federal government. Through Article V of the U.S. Constitution, states can propose amendments to the Constitution if two-thirds of states submit applications for such a convention. In December, nearly 100 state lawmakers gathered at Mount Vernon, Va., to discuss the process. On Tuesday, the Georgia state Senate became the first state legislative body to pass the current “constitution of states” application by a vote of 37-17.

David Barton Announces Support for a Convention of States

David Barton – Photo: TheBlaze

We have not come to this conclusion lightly,” Barton and “Wallbuilders Live” co-host Rick Green said in a letter to Glenn Beck Monday. “Like many of our conservative friends, we initially avoided this constitutionally-specified process due to a fear of what might occur, or what could happen. But after years of research and studying the founders’ original intent for this amendment process — and after years of witnessing an unconstitutional reshaping of our federal government — we are both confident that this is the correct course of action.”

Barton and Green said the Constitution “specifically furnishes each part of government ‘with constitutional arms’ for its own ‘effectual powers of self-defense.’”

“One such arm of self-defense that the Constitution gives to the states is an Article V Convention of States,” they wrote. “For states to refuse to use this tool would be like going into a street fight, but refusing to use one of your biggest and most effective weapons. And it is illogical to consider the use of any constitutional provision as a threat to the Constitution. It makes as much sense as violating the free-market system to save it, or breaking health care to fix it.”

Speaking about the letter on his radio program Wednesday, Beck said a convention of states “must happen.”

He acknowledged that he was wary of the process before, but, having done his homework, now stands by figures like Mark Levin and Barton who are advocating the convention.

“This was why Article V of the Constitution was written,” Beck said. “[The Founding Fathers] knew there would come a time where you’ve used every other lever, and [those in Washington] will not cede their power.”

Beck called a convention of states “your right and your responsibility.”

Video: See Beck Discussion of David Barton on Convention of States

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Levin’s Book: The Liberty Amendments (Kindle)

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