Republican Plan for Immigration: Anchor Babies, Visa Reform? Co-Sponsors for King’s Anchor Baby Legislation?

Justice Brennan’s Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies 

Maggie’s Notebook: House Republicans announced they will release a “one-page statement” on “immigration principles,” this week. Along with true border security, there are two issues (among many) we must demand: 1) doing away with specific foreigners, legal or illegal, giving birth, resulting in a new U.S. citizen each time a baby is born, popularly known as an “anchor baby,” and 2) Visa reform. Some 400,000 women come here, from across the globe, solely to give birth to a U.S. citizen every year.


When and anchor baby reaches the age of 21, he/she can legally sponsor large numbers of relatives to come here. Each baby means the addition of large numbers of aliens to come here. But the truth is, the illegal alien family in the U.S. at the time of the birth is seldom deported.

In 2010, one of every 13 babies born in the U.S. was born to an illegal alien and in 2010, educating these children cost taxpayers $52 million annually.

We need reform of who gets a Visa and who does not. When a Visa expires we must know where that person is, and each Visa holder should have a point of departure and expect to be there on that proscribed day. At the departure point, whatever government bureaucrats are in charge of the process, should be able to tick-off the name; Abdul and Juan departed, Awad and Caesar did not, and are in violation – and once found, will never again be allowed inside this country. Finding them, pronto, should be a priority. Over-staying a visa is ONLY considered a civil violation. It should be a criminal charge, and no screwing around with it. No more over-stayed visas, which were responsible for some of the 9/11/01 terrorists having access to the U.S. It’s an ongoing problem of government ineptitude. We need to force this, demand it. There will never be a sense of security, either physical or fiscal, if we do not.

This month, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) once again introduced legislation to stop the “anchor baby” receiving citizenship. H.R. 140 is titled Birthright Citizenship Act of 2013. Read the text here. At this time, King has 30 co-sponsors, without a single Democrat among them, and I am astounded that not one Oklahoma Republican’s name is on the list. Every Congressman from Oklahoma is a Republican. Representatives Bridenstine, Cole, Lankford, Lucas, and Mullen, please co-sponsor this bill or issue a statement on why you have decided not to co-sponsor.

Co-Sponsors (Is your Congressman on this list? If not Tweet, FB, Fax, Email and Call):

Barletta, Lou [R-PA11]

Black, Diane [R-TN6]

Brooks, Mo [R-AL5]

Conaway, Michael [R-TX11]

Culberson, John [R-TX7]

Foxx, Virginia [R-NC5]

Gingrey, Phil [R-GA11]

Gohmert, Louie [R-TX1]

Jones, Walter [R-NC3]

Miller, Jeff [R-FL1]

Nugent, Richard [R-FL11]

Westmoreland, Lynn [R-GA3]

Woodall, Rob [R-GA7]

Nunnelee, Alan [R-MS1]

(joined Jan 15, 2013)

Schweikert, David [R-AZ6]

(joined Jan 15, 2013)

Bentivolio, Kerry [R-MI11]

(joined Jan 23, 2013)

Franks, Trent [R-AZ8]

(joined Jan 23, 2013)

Marchant, Kenny [R-TX24]

(joined Jan 23, 2013)

Roe, David “Phil” [R-TN1]

(joined Jan 23, 2013)

Broun, Paul [R-GA10]

(joined Feb 26, 2013)

Graves, Sam [R-MO6]

(joined Feb 26, 2013)

Graves, Tom [R-GA14]

(joined Feb 26, 2013)

Neugebauer, Randy [R-TX19]

(joined Feb 26, 2013)

Duncan, Jeff [R-SC3]

(joined Mar 12, 2013)

Campbell, John [R-CA45]

(joined May 07, 2013)

Brady, Kevin [R-TX8]

(joined Jun 13, 2013)

Palazzo, Steven [R-MS4]

(joined Jun 27, 2013)

Kingston, Jack [R-GA1]

(joined Jul 08, 2013)

Hall, Ralph [R-TX4]

(joined Jan 09, 2014)

In the Senate, David Vitter (R-LA) introduced the same legislation, S. 301. At this time, there are only two co-sponsors, Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and John Boozman (R-AR).

If I understand this short piece of legislation correctly, it is not retroactive, so all anchor babies born before this legislation becomes law, will remain U.S. citizens. If a person is born in the U.S. of parents, one of whom is a citizen or national, or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S. and whose residence is in the U.S., or the child of an alien on active U.S. military duty — those have the privilege of being a U.S. citizen. I take this to mean that all other babies are not privileged to U.S. citizenship. If you see it differently, let me know. 

LA Anchor Baby Welfare Tab…$600 Million

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