Two Marriages, Two Political Power Deals, One Big Question


Hillary & Obama In Secret Bilderberg Rendezvous at Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Va., site of the Bilderberg conference 2008… When the Decision May Have Been Made, by the Powers that be, to go with Barack instead of Hillary?  (Looking at this photo, its been a tough 5-years on both of them!)

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

For those who follow the Obamas or Clintons closely, pay attention to politics and news other than what we are fed, or did a little vetting on their own, none of what is written below is new or news.  The Obama marriage, like the Clinton marriage, is a political power arrangement but most Americans are either too naive to see or believe it, don’t care, or really have become so dumbed-down and numb that they are willing to buy the fairlytales sold us by the power and ruling elite, which many in the media are part of.

Regardless of whether the Obama marriage implodes or the scandals finally catch up to Hillary or Obama, the one big question is “Why are these people not being vetted?”  Why is there a double standard in the vetting of Republicans and Democrats? And why are Americans so willingly to stick their heads in the sand and be led down a prime rose path by a complicit bias liberal media?

Both these marriages and presidencies and all four of these people’s backgrounds and political lives are filled with holes, unanswered questions, scandals, lies, unsavory alliances and far too many questionable coincidences and choices. Yet we keep electing them?!?

Just today, because of some diligent Congressmen and Senators, we were given an example:

Benghazi Bombshell, Benghazi Documents Revealed – Obama Lied Period; Which Means Hillary Lied Too!! – Special Report All Star Panel


And then there is the most recent speculation on the Obama marriage:

The Obama’s Fake Marriage Is About To Implode

NowTheEndBegins: Barack Obama’s high school classmate and childhood friend, Maria Pope, has given an interview where she blows the lid of of Barry Soetoro’s gay past. She reveals that it was open for all to see back then that he spent most of his time with the gay community, and engaging in homosexual acts with rich Hawiian businessmen for drugs and money.

The Australian: Michelle Obama’s extended absence from Washington and a flurry of renewed speculation about the state of the first couple’s marriage are threatening to overshadow her 50th birthday party at the White House on Saturday.

Not for the first time in their 22-year marriage the Obamas are approaching what should be a happy family milestone under a cloud of rampant tabloid innuendo, summed up by a National Enquirer headline: “World exclusive: Obama marriage explodes!”.


The Enquirer has earned a measure of respectability in Washington with its reporting of political scandals – most notably its exposure of the double life of John Edwards, a former senator and once a Democratic presidential contender.

Yet its so-called bombshell Obama report was based on nothing more substantial than the vague allegations of an unnamed “Oval Office insider” who claimed the first couple “are now sleeping in separate White House bedrooms” – tame stuff compared with the adventures of the president’s French counterpart Francois Hollande. But there have always been questions about the President’s wedding ring: Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’ and even speculation that the girls aren’t his.

In one sense the report was partly right: Barack Obama returned to Washington from his Christmas break in Hawaii last week while his wife remained in Maui to spend more time with friends, reportedly at a holiday home owned by the media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Before the Enquirer could detonate another bombshell, a White House spokesman offered a different explanation for Michelle’s solo break: it was a birthday present from her husband.

“If you have kids, you know that telling your spouse that they can go spend a week away from home is actually a big present,” said Jay Carney, the White House press secretary… no matter what is costs the taxpayers.

Mr. Obama acknowledged long ago that his marriage to Michelle had had ups and downs as they coped with the pressures of dual careers – she was formerly a lawyer and a hospital administrator – and the arrival of their two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

The latest tabloid report appears to have been provoked by the notorious incident at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service when Mr. Obama and David Cameron posed for a selfie with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the prime minister of Denmark – or as the National Enquirer described her, “a leggy blonde foreign leader”.

Despite the speculation, the Obamas have succeeded in presenting a united front and, as their daughters have grown, many of their admirers have come to regard them as an inspirational family. Yet, a Michelle slip uncovered that the Obamas lived apart for years.

The White House rarely comments on the first couple’s private life, and there was no official confirmation last week of where Michelle was staying in Hawaii, or when she intended to return.

Yet the security umbrella that surrounds the couple descended on the Winfrey estate where The Daily Caller, a Washington news website, claimed Michelle was staying with a small group of female friends including Gayle King, a television presenter and close friend (and perhaps more) of Winfrey and gal-pal to both the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House adviser that many have leaked is the Defacto President, but definitely someone that the President has an abnormal dependency on.  The Times of Israel reported that senior presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett had been leading talks with Iran in secret for a year before the formal negotiations in Geneva this month; later the Wall Street Journal reported that President Barack Obama had “personally overseen” the talks… something we all know wasn’t the case.

Oprah once said of her Hawaii home that she had “never encountered anyone who doesn’t love it … we sip drinks inspired by whatever is fresh and delicious – mango, guava, pineapple, cucumber, basil. We sometimes ride horses to the top (of the mountain) to watch the moon rise over the ridge”.

It sounded like a blissful escape for a hardworking first lady who has made no secret of her distaste for life under the microscope.

She may have a rough return to the political world this week, with her husband’s enemies sure to seize on any hint of excessive birthday party consumption as evidence of presidential extravagance.

The need to demonstrate frugality may have been the reason for the letters “EBYC” at the end of the invitation: guests have been advised to “eat before you come” to the party, which merely promises “snacks & sips & dancing & dessert”.

The lack of dinner has divided social commentators. “I don’t think it’s rude, but I do think it’s a little … different than what people are used to,” said Lizzie Post, a writer on etiquette.

Andre Wells, a party planner, disagreed. “It seems like a very casual party, and she’s turning 50,” he said. “The older you get, I feel like you can say what you want.”

Either way, the first lady will be aware her every public move will be watched for signs of marital discord. source – the Australian

And they do have something in common to rebuild on:

Obama Law License

Did Obama tell Jason Collins: I wish I had your courage? Maybe some day the truth will also come out of the closet…

Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

Another Coincidence… How Many Can There Be?

What Are The Chances? Obama, Jarrett, and Axelrod, All Connected to ‘Communist’ Frank Marshall Davis 

Does Obama Really Not Know Jack Or Have You Been Had… Either Way, Are You Angry Yet?? 

Barrack Obama’s Questionable Birth Certificate… Is He Really Visiting His Sick Granny or Taking A Few Days to Produce Another Altered Document??? 

A Childhood of Privilege, Not Hardship – The Examiner Special Report Series Part I 

What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama

Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s Scandals

Embedded image permalink

But the Washington Examiner reports that a new ‘You Lie’ poll verdict finds Obama, Hillary Clinton ‘deliberately misled’ on Benghazi

As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton battles new allegations that she only considered presidential politics in voting against the successful surge of troops to Iraq in 2007, the 2012 Benghazi attack continues to haunt her, with a new poll finding that Americans believe the administration “deliberately misled” them on the scandal.

A new YouGov poll found that 44 percent of the public believes “the Obama administration deliberately misled the American people” when the president, Clinton, and others suggested the attack was sparked by outrage over a western movie, not terrorism. Some 30 percent said the administration “shared the facts as they became available,” and 25 percent clocked in at “not sure.”

Worse for Clinton, 40 percent in the just-conducted poll disapproved of her handling of the affair. Just 31 percent approved. In addition, 46 percent disapproved of Obama’s handling of the affair.

And the nation is worried that it will happen again as long as Obama is in charge. Asked how confident they are that the administration is taking the “right steps to prevent future attacks like the one on the U.S. consulate in Libya,” 50 percent said they were not very or not at all confident. Only 38 percent gave the administration the thumbs-up sign.

Finally, the poll shows that the public saw through the smoke clouding the attack, with 46 percent believing that al Qaeda was responsible; just 16 percent said the terrorist organization wasn’t responsible.

Despite the passage of time and efforts by Clinton supporters to close the door on the affair, the poll found that the public’s view of the scandal hasn’t change four months.

Video: Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals

Western Journalism: Barack Obama has created a massive surveillance state, sicking his attack dog the NSA to spy on everyday Americans—presumably to use this information to punish his enemies.

And who will more than likely get the keys to the kingdom if the radical (that is, socialist) Democrats get their way? The Radical-in-Chief Barack Obama’s kindred spirit: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Except it looks like Hillary Clinton is already using the NSA to punish her enemies.

Enter Clinton’s massive State Department sex scandals—including her alleged paramour, Muslim Brotherhood double agent Huma Abedin—and you have a perfect job for NSA spooks: disappearing emails, lawyers’ offices being broken into to steal documents exposing Clinton’s sex scandals—including charges of pedophilia—just to mention a few of the sexual peccadilloes being shoved down the memory hole more than likely with the help of the NSA.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out how the Benghazi Bimbo, “What Difference Does it Make” Hillary Rodham Clinton, is using the NSA to punish her enemies.

As for Bill and Hillary’s marriage… a political power arrangement beneficial to both, if they don’t step too far out of line.

Huma Abedin Weiner Returns To Hillaryville… 

Hillary’s Ultimatum to Huma: Your Marriage or Your Job… As Gennifer Flowers Speaks Out



Clinton History

Food for Thought

Here’s  a quick refresher course lest we forget what has happened to many “friends” of the Clintons/Obamas when things go wrong


Clinton Body Bags, NOW ADD BENGHAZI

The (Nachum) Obama “Dead Pool” file

See: Garrow: Breitbart’s ‘Big Mouth’ Got Him, Michael Hastings & Tom Clancy All Killed By President Obama

Again the biggest issues here are not whether the Clinton and Obama marriages were arranged or arrangements (and by whom), the long list of growing scandals or whether Obama or Hillary are gay. That is pretty much understood by those in the know.  The issues include the long list of ongoing lies, the price to America and average Americans, the underlying plan by the deceitful ruling elite, and unending scandals that are never resolved.  But the big question is whether Americans have finally had enough or will we let the Great American Experiment and the hope of the world for freedom to be taken away from us by these people… because we are too lazy and too gullible to vet our candidates and then too cowardly to impeach or recall them when we make a mistake!  The 2014 and 2016 Elections and your involvement between now and then will answer those questions. There are choices and solutions!

After All of This (Above), Even If You Only Believe Part of It, Do You Really Want Hillary After Barack?

This After This

It is up to you! To all of us!!


The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party(Kindle),  Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton And America’s Demise (Kindle), Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him (Kindle) The Amateur (Kindle) and Barack Obama and the Enemies Within (Kindle) And then there is the old video, Primary Colors


But the power elite and party establishment on both sides have already decided for us who the 2016 candidates are going to be (at least until the Christie scandal earlier this week…).  Puppetmaster George Soros said Hillary is a shoe in and he will make sure of it.

Hillary Doesn’t Deserve Our Admiration or Another Shot at the Presidency

Why Hillary Clinton Should Run for President 

Hillaryville (Should be) Imploding… but Progressive Dems are protecting, promoting and bolstering her at every turn.  Look at the timing of the Chris Christie Bridge incident… perfect timing to negate the negativity hitting the Obama administration from the Robert Gates book and putting a Christie 2016 presidential run into question… in one fail swoop!

Another Casualty of Benghazi Should Be Hillary Clinton’s  

2016 – The Election of the First Female President of the United States? 

RNC Chairman Says Hillary 2016 Candidacy is Set… And Female Presidency Will be the Carrot

NY Times Takes a Hard Look at the Clinton Foundation

Hillary 1974-2014

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