James Carville: Don’t Blame Republicans; Blame Obama

CapitalismInstitute – Cross-Posted at THITW: The roll-out of Obamacare has been nothing short of a disaster. Naturally, the Obama Administration has pathetically tried to pin the blame on Republicans.

But, even James Carville, a top Democratic strategist, says Obamacare was a “self-inflicted … disaster.”

Blind party loyalty should never trump facts and Carville demonstrated this in an interview with Fox Business Network recently.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The rollout of this has been awful, and it didn’t have to be that way at all. I think the president has himself to blame as much as anybody. I don’t think he was done in, in this instance by the Republicans, or done in by the media, done in by anything.

While Carville (mistakenly) believes that Obamacare is “going to get better” with time, he is right about one thing: The roll-out of Obamacare was a “massive mess-up” and no one else is to blame but Obama.

Carville is also a little off on the “massive mess-up” as well… It’s more like the “planned dirty Secret behind” ObamaCare,,, rationing, that no one’s talking about and that the goal is Single-Payer Socialized Medicine for all but the elite, but again, with way, it all falls into the lap of Obama and the Democrats… not the Republicans, but as long as the media plays the lap dog for the administration, you won’t get the straight scoop from the mainstream media news.

Carville continued:

I look at these polls, and I got to tell you, I think it is all self-inflicted. I think this rollout, which I think they got to get right, was a disaster; it was a joke.

Carville joins the rest of the American people in recognizing Obamacare for what it is: a joke.

He addressed Obama’s “if you like it, you can keep it” lie:

Well, the truth of the matter is, it could be said that he could have — he could have said it a lot more elegantly than he did. …

And there was a way to talk about, you know, how many people would get to keep their health insurance in a way that wasn’t causing this much trouble.

In other words: You should avoid lying to the American people about the consequences of your economically catastrophic law. To say the least, it could “[cause] some grief.”

Even the Obama Administration’s long-time allies are realizing that Obamacare has been a disaster – and no one else is to blame except Obama. If you agree, “recommend” this article on Facebook, Twitter and forward it to help spread the word.

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