Immigration: Not a Single Issue

USA sovereignty… Once surrendered, it will never be regained. The blood of 10 generations of American soldiers will have been shed in vain.

KLSouth – Immigration: Not a Single Issue:

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Apologists for illegal immigration have actually had the nerve to claim that comprehensive Immigration reform is a single issue policy. Wish it were. But it’s not. Besides borders security, interior enforcement, fencing, Amnesty, E-verify, entry-exit systems, guest worker and visas, asylum, anchor baby and chain migration, unlawful aliens causes an enormous drain on public funds, increases the rate of unemployment and lowers the standard of living of Americans.

Immigration reform touches so many varied principles of conservatism that its almost mind-boggling to admire it as a single issue. It impacts labor issues, fiscal matters, electoral integrity, law enforcement, education, border security, health services, privacy matters, rule of law, and its impact is arguably greatest where the issue of national security is concerned.

It spawns bigger government, corporate and special interest, unions, lobbyist, lawyers, the media complex, big business, community organizations – all who stand to financially benefit from an Amnesty plan. If you are against limited government, strong national security, reducing our debt burden and ignoring the rule of law – how can one call themselves a conservative. Our immigration laws have been perverted with incentives, not enforced and politically enhanced for self-preservation of the elite.

National Security: There are roughly 25M million illegal aliens already in this country and we don’t know who they are, why they’re here, and what they’re doing. And yet, illegal aliens have taken part in almost every major attack on US soil perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, including the first attack on the WTC, the Millennium plot, the plot to bomb the New York subway, and the attacks of 9/11. Foreign-born militant Islamic terrorists have used almost every conceivable means of entering the country. They have come as students, tourists, and business visitors. They have snuck across the border illegally, arrived as stowaways on ships, used false passports, have been granted amnesty and used America’s humanitarian tradition of welcoming those seeking asylum. The safety of the public is under siege. In April, the Taliban bragged they had terror cells in the US ready to attack at any time.

Border Security: We currently have open borders. In this age of Islamic terrorism, cyber insecurity, and violent criminal cartels, the US is becoming a breeding ground for homegrown terrorists. It is not just Mexicans who invade our borders. Terrorists are flooding our southern border. Congress knows Hezbollah is crossing the border to kill Americans. About 70% come over the Southern border and roughly 40% illegally overstay their visas. Some of the 9/11 hijackers were visa overstayers. And, the Dept. of Homeland Security [DHS] stopped enforcing the laws regarding illegal aliens. ICE is responsible for inner law enforcement for the states, Puerto Rico, and Guam but they are not allowed to enforce the law. In fact, DHS has abandoned background checks on US entry of illegal aliens. And still, the CBO reported the S.744 bill would only stop 25% of illegal invasion. The CBO always fall short. Milton Friedman referred to open borders as “free immigration to welfare.”

Law Enforcement: It is not “anti-immigrant” to want to secure America’s borders or enforce America’s immigration laws. NONE of the unions representing federal law enforcement agree with the current track of immigration reform. Law enforcement across the nation oppose it and the rise in illegal aliens in many states is overwhelming local police. The ICE union is suing the federal government. Listen to the ICE union President here and here. In this video, he claims LaRazza is embedded in running the ICE agency. In February, DHS released 10,000 criminal illegal aliens making law enforcement nervous for public safety. Mexican drug cartels reportedly are dispatching agents deep inside the US. These same cartels own the US-Mexican border and are involved in human trafficking. And notably, crime among illegals is rampant across the US; half of the FBI’s most wanted in America are Mexican citizens. Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

Rule of Law: There is a big difference between not fully enforcing a law and legalizing a crime. Amnesty defies the Constitution and rule of law. And, without rule of law, we have no Republic. Americans understand we DO NOT have a right to acquire by illegal means those things that we find difficult to acquire by legal means. And we certainly don’t have the right to do it in a foreign country. Amnesty encourages more unlawful immigration in hopes of future amnesties, and treats unlawful aliens more favorably than the law-abiding who wait outside our borders and follow the rules. Border security is fundamental to the rule of law. Granting amnesty only rewards and encourages more law breaking. But, illegal invasion happens because the illegal’s simply don’t care if their actions are against the law. They know what they’re doing is illegal, yet they choose to do it anyway. When the first thing you do when you set foot on American soil is illegal, it’s not just a problem, it means there’s a serious lack of respect for the rule of law. Rewarding criminal behavior breeds criminal behavior.

Federal Services: You can’t have both open borders and social welfare programs. The burden is too enormous on the taxpayer. The immigration bill is a trojan horse for spending. It exploits loopholes allowing Congress to bypass spending caps and designates spending as “emergency” funds enabling lawmakers to spend billions outside existing budget enforcement procedures. Census Bureau data reveals most illegal families already collect welfare, including cash assistance, food assistance, Medicaid, and public and subsidized housing. And, Medicare today is a troubled program bloated by unemployment and illegal aliens. A Heritage report notes granting amnesty to an estimated “11 million” illegal aliens will cost taxpayers at least $6.3 trillion. We have 25 million illegal aliens, not 11 million. That same report projected that ‘each’ average adult alien would receive $592,000 more in government benefits over their lifetime than they’d pay in taxes. In 1960, federal transfer payments, or taking from one American to give to another, accounted for well under a third of the government’s total outlays. Today, it accounts for a full 67% of the federal budget. In 1935, it was 3%. Our government is now in the business of redistribution. Adding unlawful aliens to US programs will have a devastating fiscal effect. And, illegal aliens are exploiting our system as our National Debt spirals at $17 trillion; increasing an average of $2.45 billion per day since September 30, 2012. Adding 33 million low-skilled, un-educated workers will simply overburden our system.

Labor Issues: In the last 13 years, all of the employment gains have gone to foreign-born workers. Puzzling since native-born Americans account for about two-thirds of the growth in the working-age population, and should therefore have received roughly two-thirds of the employment growth. Amnesty transfers wealth from the bottom of society to the top. Unscrupulous business owners get cheap labor and the bottom get low-wage jobs. Once amnestied, they’ll demand higher wages. Businesses will then seek new illegal aliens to hire at cheaper wages. A never ending circle. Illegal aliens are artificially depressing compensation and wages. In fact, illegal aliens distorts the law of supply and demand in a free market economy. Try tripling H1-B visas for tech jobs in a depressed economy, the result would be a downward spiral of wages for the American worker as they compete with a foreigner at a lower wage. In S.744, illegals have more rights than American workers. Listen to Senator Ted Cruz’s explanation of the $5000 ObamaCare penalty on employers for hiring US citizens rather than “legalized” aliens. Meanwhile, immigration attorney’s are actively defrauding American job-seekers to secure green cards. Rubio’s Amnesty scheme hurts the American worker and expands welfare dependency. We’re importing poverty. The average education equivalent of a Mexican worker is 10th grade and roughly 60% can’t speak English. Oh, and about that ’jobs Americans won’t do’ argument.

National Sovereignty: What is at stake in the current amnesty debate is nothing less than our nation’s sovereignty. Once surrendered, sovereignty will never be regained. The blood of 10 generations of American soldiers will have been shed in vain. A recent GAO report says that the Border Patrol only catches 60% of persons attempting to cross the border illegally, so roughly over one million a year cross our borders, at minimum. As Tom Tancredo noted: ‘If our politicians do not care about border security before an amnesty, why does anyone think they will care about it after the amnesty? If the border will never be secured, and once the world’s population of 7 billion people realize that, the game is over. And why should any border patrol agent risk his life to protect the border when Marco Rubio will not risk losing an election to do so?’ The new amnesty plan proposed by Capitol Hill is part of a larger agenda to integrate the USA and Mexico [and Canada]. A North American Union similar to the European union. Any amnesty bill will fulfill the goals of the Globalists. Just as our flag is the embodiment of our country, the Constitution is the embodiment of American sovereignty – against all enemies foreign and domestic. We would do well to look at Denmark. Then pray. 

Electoral Integrity: Allowing amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens is enough to create some 50 new congressional districts – primarily Democrat. Who can trust the unholy alliance between Obama-Holders DOJ and leftists organizations? Per Breitbart News, amnesty challenges the integrity of our electoral system and exasperates an already problematic system by allowing non-citizens to remain on the already corrupt voting rolls while illegally voting in American elections. Combine corrupt voter rolls with early voting, and you have a recipe for widespread voter fraud. Progressives cry ‘disenfranchised’ without early voting. In battleground states, party strategists estimate 70% of ballots were cast before November 6th in Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Nevada; and more than 30% in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa. That includes early mail-in ballots. And, early voting directly involves most illegals. Amnesty would harm electoral integrity.  The post-election ‘autopsy’ from the RNC is flawed.

Immigration reform is not a single issue.

Marco Rubio and the “Gang of Eight” chose to align and collude with a President who believes the Tea Party is a terror threat, a man who has shown he cares very little for the working man, has single-handedly created more debt than all presidents before him combined, encourages a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made our country great, undermined the financial stability of our nation, and is weakening our public safety. But Rubio and Obama are both charming.

He and Obama favored the 33 million low skilled, highly uneducated foreigner over the American worker. And the myriad of laws such as the Patriot Act, GM takeover, NDAA, bankster bailouts, operating government without a formal budget, mandated healthcare and coming legislative assaults on the second amendment all point to an out of control nearly, if not actually, tyrannical government our founders never intended but clearly warned us about.

Please contact your Congressman to stop Amnesty. U.S. House switchboard: (202) 225-3121.



The Progressives are so determined to get this passed that Pelosi now says she is open to piecemeal approach on immigration… even as Hezbollah(and other terrorists) sits on our Southern Border

How immigration reform could spell doom for the GOP

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