It All Hinges on Kentucky and Defeating Mitch McConnell

This is quite a comprehensive look at the strategy for 2016 – McConnell MUST not be re-elected.  

The Conservative Treehouse:  It hinges on Kentucky and defeating Mitch McConnell

An “Un-Civil War Inside The GOP”?   You are seeing it come out in discussion. Some pundits are talking about it;  but few, if any, are connecting the dots, walking out the long term consequences, and talking about the real “why now” reason.

Mitch McConnellTOO BIG TO FAIL – The white wine spritzer drinking-crust-less sandwich triangle eating- crowd of big money donors, are now being leveraged by the establishment class of entrenched, power hungry, old school, K-Street Republicans for one reason, and one reason only.

Their king, Mitch McConnell, is in trouble. And they consider him Too Big To Fail.

Insert URGENT Bailout DEMAND Here.

Period. Full stop. End of reason.

FOLLOW THE DOMINOS – The uncivil war within the GOP will immediately stop if Mitch McConnell can be defeated in the Kentucky primary race.   Between now and that moment  the uncivil war will continue in exponentially increasing intensity as piles and piles of cash are demanded by the Decepticon Establishment class.

If McConnell wins his primary challenge – Then King George will advance his financial army to defend his other interests.

Everything today, tomorrow and in the future is contingent upon Mitch McConnell and Kentucky.

Everything…… E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Mitch McConnell 3

WALK IT OUT – If McConnell can be defeated in 2014  – Then Chris Christie might not be the 2016 candidate for President. Period.

If McConnell wins his 2014 primary – Then Chris Christie WILL BE the 2016 candidate for President. Period.

If McConnell is defeated in 2014 – The financial donors will recognize their money is *futile* against the will of a committed and conservative electorate.

If McConnell wins his 2014 primary – Then financial donors will be promised self-serving “indulgences” to keep pouring in the cash, and protecting the establishment seats at the government trough.

Everything is contingent on Kentucky’s Senate Race in May 2014.

The Primary race for 2016 Presidential politics is dependent on the Kentucky Senate race primary outcome in May 2014.

If McConnell is defeated in 2014, then a 2016 GOP primary field will have many possibilities.

If McConnell wins in 2014,  the 2016 GOP Primary is done.  The field is hand picked.  The decision is over.    Baked into the choice of the Decepticon cake.

That’s why the Republican establishment did not want a Virginia win.     They wanted a contrast between a New Jersey ‘establishment class’ win and a Virginia ‘tea party’ loss.

That’s also why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce did not spend a dime on Ken Cuccinelli.   And why Mitch McConnell warned every establishment GOP table-sitter to stay away from supporting Cuccinelli lest they feel the ire of a dry coffer.

Monetary leverage – Period.

McConnell and the rest of his ilk-minded Decepticon class wanted a clear recent Christine O’Donnell-type optic to use as leverage against the Tea Party Conservatives.

They, including Karl Rove, wanted Cuccinelli to be the next O’Donnell example.

And they wanted Chris Christie positioned as their Great Hope.    That was their goal.

Speaking of the Chamber of Commerce.    The wife of the new NRSC head, Josh Holmes, is Blair Latoff, aka: Mrs. Josh Holmes, who is, wait for it…… the senior director of communications at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington.

Who is her husband, National Republican Senatorial Campaign head, Josh Holmes?   Why he’s the former Chief of Staff for, wait for it…….   Mitch McConnell.   D’oh.

So when you see National Republican Senatorial Committee Josh Holmes threaten anyone who would support a primary challenge against his boss Mitch McConnell, which he has done, it is for one reason only.   Protect King McConnell at all costs.

If you want to finally bring down the pure filth that infects the Republican Party – you must kill the snake by cutting off the head.

Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell, must be defeated.  Period.

matt bevinMcConnell is being primary challenged by Matt Bevin.

The Senate Conservatives Fund, who gave us Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, are supporting Matt Bevin against McConnell.   But that’s not the real issue – Nor is it the real goal.

NUCLEAR OPTION DEFCON 5 –  Sure, we hope Matt Bevin can defeat McConnell, and we’ll work our butt off to insure he can.    If enough Kentuckians wake up, we’re sure he can.   But the goal is to DEFEAT McConnell.

It doesn’t matter if relatively unknown Matt Bevin suddenly wakes up tomorrow morning and don’s a fruit filled Carmen Miranda hat.  Then wears 5 inch heels with a skater skirt, and does laps around the White House while twerking tourists and carrying a Hillary in 2016 banner – VOTE for him.

The goal is to DEFEAT Mitch McConnell.  Period.

That is the first domino.

If that can be achieved all other Decepticons will be on notice.  No-one will be too big, or too necessary, to fail.  Period.

If McConnell can be defeated not only will the heavy hand of Decepticon pressure be removed from the throat of scared-to-act conservatives; but also the 2016 presidential primary race opens up for the possibilities of a Rand Paul, or Scott Walker, or Ted Cruz, or (fill in the blank).

If McConnell wins then all money and structural/logistical support will go to supporting establishment Chris Christie in 2016.  Period.

I don’t give a flip what anyone says, that specific outcome will lead to a 3rd party candidate.

If Mitch McConnell wins re-election, we will get a Chris Christie candidate, and we will end up with a 3rd party filled with rightly disenfranchised conservatives.

Conversely you can see, if Mitch McConnell can be defeated in 2014 there will be less of a potential for a 3rd party in 2016 because the primary participants will be level and wide open.

Everything about the conservative movement, and the Tea Party, going forward into 2014 and 2016, is contingent upon Mitch McConnell losing in the GOP primary race in May of 2014.

I hate to be so brutal and bold about it, but if McConnell wins –  It’s all over.

So watch out for the entire Democratic psy-ops machine to get invisibly behind McConnell,  and guide along a Kentucky victory for the guy they love to face as an opponent easy to dupe.

THAT level of importance is behind the root cause of these articles outlining the NEW Super-Pacs who are organized for one reason only – to protect, in general, the Decepticon class in 2014, and more specifically the head of that entire construct, Mitch McConnell.

American Patriot

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  1. In the 2014 election, McConnell will face Louisville businessman Matt Bevin in the Republican primary.

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