Virginia Governor Race – Huge Victory for the Tea Party

Terry McAuliffe (D) 48% Race Winner 1027517; Ken Cuccinelli (R) 45% 981124; Robert Sarvis (L*) 7% 142062 in VA Gov. Race With 99% of Precincts Reporting

Polls:  Virginia before Obama/Biden visits: McAuliffe +8 Virginia after Obama/Biden visits: McAuliffe +2


The Virginia gubernatorial race was a huge victory for the Tea Party movement. Wait a minute! Democrat McAuliffe “won,” you say. How could this be a victory for the Tea Party movement and a positive precursor for the 2014 mid-terms? Here’s how:

  1. Progressive Democrats had to cheat to win. They placed a faux libertarian, who in no way even upheld libertarian principles, and was bankrolled by an Obama bundler, in the race to subtract votes away from the Republican candidate, Ken Cuccinelli. Less than a week ago, the Libertarian candidate was showing 12% of the vote. He ended up with 7% as the news surfaced that he was a democrat plant. Unfortunately, this revelation happened the day of the election and apparently many libertarians didn’t get the news. However, if this news had been made available only a few days ago, shaving 1 or 2 percent off the phony libertarian’s numbers, Cuccinelli would have won. **Note for Next Time: The #GOP needs to start financing liberal minority candidates to siphon off votes from the #Dem candidate. Call them Greenies**
  2. Obamacare is, and will continue to be a bloodbath for democrats. Less than a week ago, respected polling firm, Rasmussen Reports showed McAuliffe easily winning. As news has came forward that Obama and his minions have progressively lied about Obamacare’s promises, McAuliffe’s numbers came crashing down. This should strike fear in the hearts of Democrats come 2014, as these lies will only become more transparent.
  3. Virginia is packed with government employees who benefit from big government, something Cuccinelli is diametrically opposed to. Based on this alone, especially following the partial government shutdown, which was incorrectly blamed on Republicans, should have given McAuliffe a landslide. Instead, McAuliffe barely squeaked by by only three percent? If a democrat can’t win handily in this state, then what will 2014 bring nationwide?
  4. The Republican Party establishment did virtually nothing to support the conservative, Cuccinelli. In 2009, the RNC spent $9 million and won the Virginia governor’s race by a whopping 17 points. This time, they spent a paltry $3 million, mainly on their  Opportunity Project infrastructure, a tiny sum for a race of this importance with a candidate that truly upholds Republican Party principles.
  5. The Democrat Party “victory” is a shallow one. Even the far-left rag, Mother Jones, admits that McAuliffe is a sleazebag. Good luck, Virginia!
  6. McAuliffe won by a miniscule margin even though he outspent Cuccinelli by a large margin. Even the Democrat Washington Post admits this.

The Virginia gubernatorial race should have been a landslide for democrats. They outspent by wide margins. They were so desperate that they had to cheat to win. They had to revert to sleazy tactics, unable to honorably win on the issues. Democrats recently had a gargantuan lead, and they lost it, largely because of Obamacare.

The GOP’s lack of support for this race sent a message that they would rather lose, than support a candidate who they deem as “too conservative,” i.e., someone who actually upholds their own party principles. Watch for the blame game to start. The RINO establishment will blame the Tea Party. The Democrat Communist Progressives will blame the Tea Party. The reality is that despite the Democrat’s cheating and the complete lack of RINO support, the Tea Party still made this an extremely close race, with Cuccinelli losing by only three percent.

The Betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli:

They said he was “unelectable.” The RNC put only $3 million into this race. Ken was outspent by a margin of something between 4:1 and 10:1, if you believe the Associated Press.

The Democrats poured everything into trying to lie to voters and portray Cuccinelli as an extremist — and they barely pulled this one out.

Would another $3 million have swung 50,000 votes? The Republicans, starting with Bill Bolling, who undercut Cuccinelli as unelectable have egg all over their faces.

This was a winnable election. How did we give this away to Terry McAuliffe? Some serious soul-searching should be taking place among the anti-tea-party faction.

The Republican establishment bullshit is sinking the party and Reince Priebus is part of the problem. How many defeats do we need before Conservatives and the GOP realize that Conservative candidates can win and that we need to learn some the Progressive’s tricks to fight back?

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WMAL: Reince Priebus defends RNC support for Cuccinelli, Mark Levin calls in and FIRES BACK at Priebus

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