How Smart Meters are Extremist, Anti-American Surveillance, in 4.5 Minutes


By: Arlen Williams  –  Gulag Bound

I’m not worried about Ed Snowden, unless he is actually giving away the secrets vital to U.S. security that those who cannot possibly know assert he has. And even if so, what damage does it do to give away U.S. security information, if the U.S.A. becomes a totalitarian state in the growing global empire?

If this U.S. regime goes much farther in that direction, it would be our “duty,” in the Declaration’s parlance, to make sure it is “thrown off.” Hopefully, such throwing off would only be done by Americans, but even during our Revolution, we needed some help from overseas. Of course that would beg the question of whether anyone from overseas would actually help. If America is lost, what is left of the world?

This video describes one way America is being lost.

And so, I am very glad Snowden has drawn at least some momentary public attention to the burgeoning domestic surveillance technocracy, a.k.a. 1984, a.k.a. Big Brother, a.k.a. totalitarianism, though I don’t know young chap has ever mentioned smart meters and the smart grid.

How you are being, or may soon be surveilled, at every moment of every day, that’s what I”m concerned about.

Have you seen this yet?

Do you have one?

If I had one, I would do what it takes to get it removed.

This video tells how you should be able to prevent one from being attached to your home, though even that hasn’t worked so well, for some. And this presenter isn’t talking out of his hat. I’ve had it publicly confirmed to me by an IEEE specialist that smart meters can and do discover how much electricity we are using, when, and with what appliances, and transmit that information up the chain. (He said I shouldn’t be concerned.)

This video is about violence, constant, perpetual violence.

(And it doesn’t even get into the high levels of dangerous high-frequency radiation emitted by these meters.)

Video: Smart Meters

Another smart grid graphic, if preferable to the Gulag visitor:


*We have upgraded that letter of warning and refusal to the power company and it no longer fits in the allotted space here. You can find that by going to:

On that home page, scroll down, way down, you will pass a large picture of an electric meter and a document called “Public Notice” (you will want to hang that on your electric meter).

Right below that is some short instructions titled TEXT OF LETTER FOR POWER COMPANY. The letter is right below that. Copy/paste that letter into your word processor, edit it according to the instructions, and send it to your power company. The sooner the better. They are sneaking these meters onto people’s homes by the thousands.

If you already have a digital meter (bad) go to for a special legal notice form (“Demand For Removal”, $9.95) and safe analog meter replacement kits ($69.95).

Take back your power.

If you have questions, there is an email address and phone number at the bottom of the home page at

Also: SmartMetersMurder

Video:  Jerry Day Interview : Smart Meters & the Global Spy Grid (NSA) 4.12.2012


Breaking! The Smart Meter Opt Out was ONLY an “Appeasement Plan”… The Goal: To halt the mounting opposition against the ‘smart grid’, and to shut down natural gas use…Yes, to shut down natural gas! 

Smart Meters… Making People Sick!

Why Smart Meters Produce Higher Bills 

“I Want My ‘Smart’ Meter Off, Too!” The Widening Call for Return of Analog Meters 


PG&E Threatens to Disconnect Families Protecting Their Health

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  4. With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or
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    • Ask Marion says:

      Generally people are pretty good about linking back, but occasionally I find my articles or photos posted somewhere without a link or credit back; Sometimes I comment and sometimes I just let it go. I write for 6-different blogs, am part of a bloggers coalition, plus I contribute to a few other sites and ghost write, so sometimes I even forget some of what I’m written. 😉

      In the end I write, except for my autobiographical or family history stuff, because I feel I’m called to get the info out there. So in the end, It is about the information out there to as many people as possible.

      Some websites will suspend people or at least warn them for plagiarizing. Copyright or Trademark infringement cases usually mean court to enforce.

      So I try to keep my eye on my purpose… getting the info out there so I pick my battles.

      Good luck!


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