Invasion U.S.A. — Enemies From Within, Enemies From Afar…

By: Gerald Loeffers  –  Cross-Posted and the NoisyRoom

First off, I want to thank the following people for showing up and getting Obama’s attention: Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Party Express for the “CLEAN UP D.C.” rally mixed with great speakers and trash bags. Next, the truck drivers for the Constitution rally — a great way to choke up D.C. and show you’re not sheeple. Last but not least, the One Million Veterans March on Washington… what a great way to storm the barrycades and to make a special delivery to the White House. Oh, I forgot to thank the national park rangers for doing nothing and the D.C. SNIPERS and the D.C. SOUTH BEACH RIOT police for taking a stand on “ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS.” Great job guys!

This day got me thinking about how we got to this point in modern American history. Make no mistake… today was a tipping point. This was a major point in history when a president got hit with not one, not two, but three large protests in a single weekend. I bet if someone did research, you might find Obama has been protested more than either Bush or Reagan. Of course, most of those protests weren’t grassroots anyway. But I was wondering… where did America’s enemies come from? What’s their history and philosophy? Where did they get their start? Well, let’s look at that. We will start with the 1890s and go from there.


Yes, the Founders were worried about America and what would happen to the government they helped create, long after their deaths and they also warned of this. Among many of their other warnings was that man’s nature to seize more power and control would riddle the Republic for years to come; long after they faded from memory. So, during the latter part of the nineteenth century, a group of politicians, professors, futurists and other intellectuals decided to concede that the Constitution is outdated and old and didn’t reflect the rising modern times. That the average person was too stupid to live on his own without this group’s oversight. They would navigate us to a better place — a utopia of peace and well being, far from the troubles of individual liberty and responsibility. Under their care, we would progress beyond the need for that silly dusty four-page document. Thus, in 1890, THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT was born and it had many famous members: WOODROW WILSON, THE ROOSEVELTS, THE BUSHES, H.G. WELLS, GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, HILLARY CLINTON (who in 2008 on CNN admitted to it) and this enemy from within America has gotten its hand on both the Democrats and Republicans. Both parties are just playing games and getting us closer to a socialist state at different speeds. I say that it’s more then a game, it’s a fight to see who gets control of America and who keeps that power the longest. Who can blame the parties? So, you change your mind and vote for the other Progressive instead. Get out of that game and defund both parties! Recall all the rats!


Now, believe it or not, 200 years before that German pinhead wrote The Communist Manifesto/Kindle, the early Jamestown settlers were the first to practice communism before it was named that. In fact, it was called ‘COMMUNAL LIVING.’ These early adventurers needed money to pay for the journey to the new world, so they got the loan they needed, BUT there was a string attached. They must do this “COMMUNAL LIVING” experiment in order to get the loan. So, they agreed to it with deadly results. Then move ahead to the 1940s, with both FDR and STALIN in office. There was already a Communist party U.S.A. some years before that… but no one paid it any mind (big mistake). During this time, Russia was hurting something awful and wanted money, food and equipment. At that time we weren’t at war and Stalin had just come off killing over 40 million of his own people. Now FDR was enamored with Stalin. Get this… he truly believed that Uncle Joe was doing God’s work through communism and so with with the stroke of a pen, he gave Stalin everything he wanted; no questions asked. At the same time, old Uncle Joe already had his spy network in place at the White House and was close to FDR himself. He also had plans to inject the labor unions with communists and corrupt them as well (done successfully). Stalin’s own operatives where literally flying reams and reams of top secret documents out of Montana of all places. And during this same period, FDR had tried to produce a secret treaty with Hitler, but it wasn’t to be because Hitler already had a Nazi spy in Washington and he had also found value in a profile of FDR which he used to his advantage. Let’s be honest. FDR was Obama before Obama was cool, lol. As far as I know, back in the early teens there was an American Socialist Party with most of the same goals as the Nazis and the Progressives. Do you know what they both have in common? Ding, ding! That’s right… EUGENICS! Selective or de-selective breeding (abortion) of a master race with none of those annoying minorities that make this country great. And what was Uncle Joe’s final gift to the world and to America? THE UNITED NATIONS, which is just chalk full of dictators, as well as communist and socialist countries that want us dead or converted and this was accomplished by FDR, with his over trust of Stalin. Churchill, in a letter to FDR, warned him not to do this, but what did FDR do? That’s right… he threw Churchill under the bus. Joe agreed to the formation of the UN as long as Russia had veto power on the Security Council and in doing so, they gave FDR nothing in return. FDR tried many unconstitutional fixes that didn’t pass muster because the courts and the people saw them for what they were… a slip towards socialism. FDR even tried to rewrite our rights in a disaster called The Second Bill of Rights, which not to anyone’s surprise was fashioned after the Soviet Union’s constitution. Yeah, I don’t think so, Frank baby. Don’t get me started on The New Deal — that was just old socialism at work or lack thereof.


During the 1980s, Reagan was a really nice guy to a fault on certain issues; one of them being Mexican immigration. He had a temporary work visa program in place which did work to a point, but as with all temporary government programs, it became rife with corruption. Also during this time, Reagan engaged America in the war on drugs, targeting South America mostly. I don’t promote drugs and I am not in favor of legalizing any recreational drugs of any kind, but the Reagan drug wars were a failure, just saying. Later on, the South American cartels moved into Mexico and turned this once lovely and favorite vacation spot of John Wayne’s, into a living hell for us and the Mexican people. It never did help that Mexico went through a communist revolution itself in the 1970s. The corrupt government in Mexico isn’t any help either with its own people. The police and military are corrupt as well, with many going AWOL to work for the cartels for better money. Years later, we have open boarders, boarder town wars, mass rapes and kidnapping far into Texas and Arizona. We have small town police being beheaded and car bombings. So, with the cartel and now terrorists paying some of these poor people to smuggle them or drugs across the boarder, it’s no wonder we have cattle ranchers doing guard duty on their own land, but then getting sued for doing it. In the past, many of the illegals were honest, very hard working people. I used to know a few. They would not stand for welfare laziness or crime within their own ranks, but that is all in the past. These days they have their own mafia and an extremist and violent South American gang called MS-13, which we keep deporting, but they keep coming back. We also have a faction of these illegals that seem to think we owe them something and that we stole California from them. They have formed radical communist groups like The United Farm Workers Union and a much more spiteful group, LA RAZA, who demand free everything. They seem to think it is their right and not a crime. We have heard over and over from politicians about how they are going to fix the boarder problem, but more and more boarder patrols get killed or put in prison for doing their jobs. Whole boarder towns are at Defcon 3 and children as far as Texas are being recruited by the cartels as drug mules. Why is our government not doing anything? One answer — VOTING BLOCK and guess what? Both parties are guilty of it period.


Let’s go way back to 1939 when Hitler and The Muslim Brotherhood were working side by side and hand in hand. Ah, the good old romantic days of Persia before it was changed to IRAN, which in Arabic means ARYAN. A loving tribute to Hitler and the widespread and unchecked growth of Islamic SS units and Middle Eastern branches of the Nazi Party in Africa, Eastern Europe and of course, EGYPT. Which has a modern version of the Nazi Party just 2 years old. Isn’t that special? Now, it’s 1990 and Bill Clinton is in office. He was told where he could take bin Laden out, but turned it down more than once. Our State Dept. was turning out both education and work visas to all kinds of nice people from many Islamic countries that hated our guts. But, money and access to our education system was just a small part of this. These visas were given to members of the Brotherhood and Hezbollah, who in turn became the sleeper cells that built a larger network of support and recruitment in America. Did you know that the Brotherhood has had a long term, slow, step by step plan for America for a very long time? It’s called THE PROJECT. Look it up at THE BLAZE network… they have a great documentary on it.

Then, in 1998, it happened… the first Twin Tower bombing and the USS COLE attack. If the guards had had their M-14 rifles loaded, things would have been different. But Clinton’s weakness as a dumbass and as a worthless numb nuts shone through; he brushed it off. We also now know as well that there was an effort to give these sleeper cells a pamphlet on how to be an American. I have a copy of it and it was printed in 1990! Then we got hit in 2001 by a small group of sleeper cell operators from Syria, Iran and other Islamic countries. Sorry to tell you truthers and conspiracy nut jobs out there, but Bush didn’t do it. So, don’t start with me. You will lose like you always do. Go back to your video games and put some pants on for crying out loud! Now, we’re in a sand box mess with a demoralized military and a shutdown of our war monuments. We have a socialist president who has the same love of Islamic radicals as did Hitler, only this time, he arms them up and gives them government jobs in DHS and other high ranking White House jobs. Then there is the recruiting arm of the Brotherhood in America, which is rampant through the colleges and the prison systems. There is also CAIR and the Holy Land Foundation that has nothing to do with charity or helping people out, but has been proven to be a fund raising scam for the Brotherhood and their counterparts. If you call these groups out for any reason, you are called a racist or worse, just to shut you up and make you sit down. Well, I for one will do nether. We need to keep calling evil by its name and know our enemies, for they are many.


THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress / Kindle

For those of us old enough to remember Nikita Khrushchev’s speech… He warned us:  “We will bury you!”, he said.  “We will bury you from within without ever firing a shot!”


Value Voter’s Summit and Truckers 2 Shutdown America Arriving in DC at the same time

Trucker Convoy – Let’s Roll for the Constitution and to Impeachment

Beck & DeMint at Values Voter Summit 2013

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