Do Black’s Really Buy This Crap?

Wolf Howling: Meant to blog this earlier in the week but have been overcome by work. (Originally posted August 18, 2013)

If you are black and you believe that the greatest of threats to the black community are “racist” laws to insure the integrity of the ballot box, you are either a person making your living off of the racial grievance industry or an utter fool. If you found yourself nodding when Hillary Clinton tried to play you on Day One of her campaign for the presidency, you are ignorant of most, if not all, the relevant facts.

Video: Hillary Clinton criticizes US voter ID laws

Ask yourself why Hillary and every politician on the left is trying to make you angry about voting laws (and why they are suing individual states over them). Those are laws that protect the vote of blacks and whites alike. Not a single one of those laws have been shown to have disenfranchised a single black voter. Or ask yourself why these same people are making Stand Your Ground laws such an important issue when such laws had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case (and indeed, which laws are invoked most often by black defendants)? Now ask yourself why not a one of these politicians is talking about the black community’s problems with unemployment (over 50% for teens), poverty (risen to over 25% for blacks under Obama), education (the “civil rights issue of our time”), crime, or family?
For god’s sake, think for yourself.

Is there still some racism against blacks on the fringes of America – I am sure there is. There is no place for it, and when found, it should be punished. But the unvarnished truth is that white racism is no longer any sort of major problem in this country, nor does it play any sort of identifiable role in the problems facing the black community. So why then does every left wing politician from Hillary on down want to pretend that it is?

The answer is simple – they need the black vote to stay in power, but you might stop doing that if you start demanding that they actually address the problems besetting blacks today. Addressing those problems would mean two things. One, they would have to admit the problems are not caused by white racism. Two, it would soon become obvious that the left puts blacks far down on the list of interest groups. For instance, teacher’s unions are the single most moneyed interest in the left’s pantheon, and in any conflict between blacks and the teacher’s unions, blacks come out on the short end of the stick. Or for that matter, take the DC City Council that is now driving Walmart out of the city at the behest of unions. With it goes thousands of jobs and the availability of low priced products. Do you really think that decision is being made in the best interest of the black community in DC? If you do, please, do the world a favor, don’t reproduce.

For God’s sake, wake up! Step off the left’s plantation and look around. Hold the people you would elect accountable. The day the left is unable to take your vote for granted is the day the situation of blacks in this country will begin to greatly improve.

On a side note, it is not only blacks who are treated this way by the left – it is virtually their entire staple of low information voters. I blogged years ago about my horror at how operated – asking people to act on pure emotion with no discussion whatsoever about policies. They tell you what to think and demonize any who do not agree. At Powerline, they make that same observation today. They are still operating on pure demonization and hate.

In the words of Instapundit: “Fuck ‘em. I’ve had it with this crap.” Good. Glad to see the anger. We need ton’s more of such anger if this “crap” is ever going to be stopped.

Over at RWN, John Hawkins has posted his Eleven Liberal Rules For Racism In America. Many of his points go directly to what I have addressed above:

1) Liberals aren’t held to the same rules as Republicans: When liberals say racist things, it’s just excused out of hand as if it’s no big deal. . . . [This holds not merely for racism, but the most venomous reverse racism as well – Jeremiah Wright being but the small tip of that iceberg.]

2) Minority racism must be ignored: According to Rasmussen polling, “Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. . . . [T]he most grotesque examples of racism from minorities are just shrugged off.

3) You pay no penalty for falsely accusing people of racism: False accusations of racism can do just as much damage as actual racism. People can be ostracized for it, lose endorsement deals or even lose their jobs over being falsely accused of racism. Yet, the only reason you’ve heard of people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Touré, and Melissa Harris-Perry is because they’re willing to accuse people of being racists on the flimsiest of pretexts. It’s tempting to compare these race-hustling poverty pimps to the KKK, but the more appropriate analogy is the Spanish Inquisition. The attitude is, “So what if we unjustly accuse a lot of people as long as we get a few heretics in the process?”

4) Outrage matters more than facts: It doesn’t matter what Bush actually did in New Orleans or that the local government failed the people of the city; it matters how people FEEL about it. It doesn’t matter that Democrats have run Detroit since 1962; it matters that people FEEL Republicans are responsible. It doesn’t matter that Trayvon Martin wasn’t really a twelve year old kid and that he was slamming George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement; it matters that Zimmerman’s acquittal FEELS symbolic of law-abiding black Americans being profiled because so many other black Americans are criminals. Once an accusation of racism is made, facts are treated as if they’re of secondary importance to FEELINGS.

5) It’s okay to discriminate against white Americans: It’s unbelievable that in 2013, we still have race-based discrimination in America and liberals are perfectly fine with it. . . .

6) It’s always the fifties and sixties: Comparing the United States of 2013, when we have a black President of the United States to a time when black Americans couldn’t drink from the same water fountains as whites is so ridiculous that to do so should practically be considered a sign of mental illness. Yet, it happens all the time . . .

7) Past evidence must be ignored: Ironically, saying you have “black friends” is now considered to be something that a racist would say. That says much more about the sort of witch hunt allegations of racism have become in this country than the people who say it. Judge Charles Pickering put his life on the line to prosecute the Grand Dragon of the KKK in Mississippi in the early sixties; yet liberals falsely branded him a racist to stop his nomination to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. George Zimmerman tutored black children and fought to get justice for a black homeless man beaten by police and even voted for Obama, but he was still falsely portrayed as a racist. This can happen only because determining if someone is a racist has become a political tool that is completely disconnected from whether the person in question actually dislikes people because of the color of their skin.

8) Republicans secretly want to do things Democrats used to do: Conservative, moderate, and liberal Democrats were behind slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregation, the Tuskegee Experiment, lynchings and every other racist horror inflicted on black Americans in this country. Republicans stood against the Democrats while they were doing all of those terrible things and while we congratulate them on now agreeing with us that they were wrong, it’s disgusting to try to blame Democrat sins on the Republican Party. . . ..

9) Minorities shouldn’t be held to the same standards as whites: . . . If there is one general characteristic of white liberals, it’s their condescending and demeaning attitude toward blacks.” The soft bigotry of low expectations that liberals bring to the table encourages mediocrity, undercuts excellence and generally helps to hold minorities in America back.

10) When a white non-liberal disagrees with a liberal minority, it’s probably because of racism: Republicans absolutely detested Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton; so what kind of moron would assume that their intense dislike of Barack Obama must be driven by race? Tea Partiers love black conservatives that agree with them, like Herman Cain and Allen West (Lloyd Marcus is one of their headliners); so could there be a reason that they detest Barack Obama other than race? Do we really need the Scooby Gang to figure out why a group that’s all about small government, low taxes, and cutting spending would dislike someone with a socialist ideology who’s all about big government, higher taxes and increasing spending? . . .  No?… YES!!!!

When they’ve got nothing… Blaming the Tea Party? (Video)

*Just this past week liberal Tavis Smiley admitted on Sean Hannity’s show that under President Obama, the Black Community has lost ground in all five measureable economic areas.


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