The Incredible Weakness of Senator Kelly Ayotte and the Apology She Owes Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee

GOP Senate Mob Leader goes after Ted Cruz and Mike Lee behind closed doors.

A Time For Choosing:  Things have come to a head between the grassroots and the GOP establishment behind the scenes. It was bound to occur. We have penetrated their bubble and they are feeling the pinch. Thanks to courageous Senators like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and the steadfast patriotism of Sarah Palin, Rinos are being exposed for who they are:  greedy sellouts who only care about themselves.

We finally know who was behind the vicious attacks at recent meetings on ObamaCare, at least we know who started them.  Mike Lee mentioned it on Friday without naming names, but he said the truth would come out eventually.

“It was an all-out attack against Ted Cruz and me,” he continued. “It was unflattering. It was unfair. It was demeaning. It was demeaning to Sen. Cruz and me, but more than anything, it was demeaning to those who engaged in the attack.” Lee said a number of senators had risen to speak against him and Cruz — “enough that I lost count.”

It did today.  And it is explosive!  For those who voted for Kelly Ayotte in 2010, you are owed an apology.  She agreed to stand on conservative principles and she has disappointed, to say the least.  According to this account in the American Spectator, she was angry that he didn’t have a strategy.  She was furious and demanding, asking Mr. Cruz to explain his strategy.  (By the way, who died and made her leader of the Senate?)

And she was not alone. Guess who joined her in the criticism?  Mr. Ron Johnson, Mr. Dan Coats and surprise, surprise, the snooty, sneaky snake, Senator Mitch McConnell whose comments I may cover in another article altogether. There is so much infection it’s hard to keep up with the disease of Rinoceritis.

This is what Mike Lee said on the Hugh Hewitt show on Friday: that the attacks were unwarrented and unfair, and that normally there is an unspoken rule that what goes on in these meetings is not leaked.  He said, though, that they were leaked with wrong information so he was setting the record straight.

“[N]ormally, I don’t comment at all on closed-door meetings between Republican senators,” Lee said. “It’s a pretty strict rule we follow. But one exception I’ll make is circumstances like this, where contents of the meeting were leaked deliberately by several of my colleagues and leaked in a very one-sided way. I’m happy to tell you about it here.”

“I have to ask the question — why weren’t those who leaked this and leaked it in an unflattering and unfavorable way —why were they not willing to attach their names to those quotes?” he said. “You know, Ted Cruz and I spoke after the meeting and you know, we would both be fine with the American people seeing and hearing what we said in that meeting. Butwe’re pretty sure most of our colleagues would be very uncomfortable and downright embarrassed if their constituents saw the way they were behaving.”

The author of the article believes consultants have the money to persuade the GOP of a false notion that they have to appeal to Independent voters, so they come out and bash the base. It is unfortunate that Senators would not stick to principle instead, and try to help those who are trying to make a difference by standing on those very principles they promised to keep when they campaigned. Money seems to be at the root of all this, but no one who his following what is going on can deny that something really huge is happening in this country, and that this type of corruption in D.C. is becoming easier to see each day.

Let’s go back to good times when Kelly won a primary because of Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

While she narrowly beat a candidate who was seen as a Tea Party favorite, Ayotte herself campaigned as a conservative, and Sarah Palin happily endorsed Ayotte as a “Granite Grizzly” and a “true conservative.”

Sarah’s endorsements have raised awareness on the candidates she has chosen.  They are scrutinized as they have a higher calling. At least that is so to us Conservatives. It is such a coveted title to add to your campaign. Who could think of betraying the confidence she so carefully and diligently place in you?

When Sarah called her out along with Marco Rubio, everyone took notice.

“Every politician should be held accountable for breaking their campaign promises,” Ms. Palin said, on Fox News radio. Mr. Rubio touted in his 2010 primary against Charlie Crist that “border security would come first,” and he would never vote for “legalization of illegal immigrants” and amnesty, Ms. Palin said. And Ms. Ayotte pledged on her campaign website in 2010 a “no excuses” mantra about border security — and also vowed to vote against amnesty.

Why then act differently once in office?  The term “bipartisan” should also be a red flag to voters who want principled conservatives as leaders.

Both Palin and NR, made the case for abandonment of well-stated conservative principle on immigration in the name of “bipartisanship” — a word specifically cited by Buckley as “the most alarming single danger to the American political system.”

Ayotte announced her support for The Gang of Eight Immigration Bill on Face the Nation:

Senator Kelly Ayotte called it a “thoughtful, bipartisan solution to a tough problem.”

Her article in National Review expressed her new views. NR even pointed out she didn’t acknowledge the reasons given by the opposition for the bill.  With Sarah Palin and NR both criticizing her, an alarm bell rings.

The most alarming single danger to the American political system lies in the fact that an identifiable team of Fabian operators is bent on controlling both our major political parties (under the sanction of such fatuous and unreasoned slogans as “national unity”, “middle-of-the-road,” “progressivism,” and“bipartisanship.”)

Kelly Ayotte did attack Ted Cruz at the meeting and she did badmouth him over lunch with other Senators; but she also solicited his attendance at a New Hampshire fundraiser. So how did she turn into “Senator Dearest”?

The story is all too drearily familiar. A new senator or congressman with conservative credentials comes to Washington and, as the saying goes, “grows in office.” (Hat tip to Tom Bethell who began noting here in The American Spectator as far back as 1982 that when a conservative went bad the liberal media began saying they had “grown in office.”)

Kelly Ayotte has now officially “grown in office.” Once she wanted Ted Cruz in New Hampshire to star at a New Hampshire GOP fundraiser, an event at which Cruz praised her lavishly — as seen here.

So what are we to make of Ms. Ayotte? She was mad at Ted Cruz for all the attacks on her from Conservatives. I should know, I was one who spent two weeks tweeting Ms. Ayotte about her indecisions on Syria, her whiny questions and fears about a government shutdown and her vote on Amnesty in the past.

This is not the thin-skinned type of candidates we want to send to Washington in 2014, so how can we tell WHO is right for the job?  We get burnt so many times. It is not Sarah Palin’s fault they stray or falter.

Sarah has her vision and reasons for choosing supposed conservatives.  Maybe there are really only a few good men, like they say. As politicians, they sure do know how to say the right things to win. I resent them for using Sarah to advance themselves, but I guess you have to elect them to know what’s in them.

You could read the rest of the article linked below, but it basically concludes that Kelly Ayotte is about Kelly Ayotte, and it gives us food for thought and a greater window of insight into what goes on in a RINO’s mind and why we eventually lose. Ayotte has officially represented the Me My Mine Establishment, and Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and those who have supported them, represent the We Our US America.

I believe in redemption, but to be able to redeem yourself you have to admit you have to identify your issue. If Ms. Ayotte agrees she is part of the problem in D.C., one that plagues us, and apologizes to the voters, Ted, and Mike, then we can start to reform our party. She and others must have the courage to confess publicly in order and to make amends with actions to win voters again. If Ms. Ayotte prefers the attention of moderate-progressive-seeking, conservative-bashing consultants instead, then her fate will be sealed when she runs for re-election because voters will not forget. And the bed she makes will be hers to sleep in.

For days on Twitter she repeatedly said was afraid of a government shutdown, but never let on she was so vehemently against Ted Cruz’s efforts or the fight to defund ObamaCare. Now that I know what makes her tick, I cannot even believe the small mindedness of her concern.. the country can go to heck in a handbasket, who cares about the voters.  She just wants to be “liked”.  Go to 3:22 min for a trip down memory lane. (Maybe the insecure Kelly was watching that night):

Video:  Sally Field Winning Oscar of Places in the Heart… You Like Me Speech

Kelly Ayotte’s Lynch Mob  –  By Jeffrey  Lord on 10.8.13 @ 6:09AM  –

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