Lois Lerner + Malik Obama = White House IRS Scandal

By Shoebat Foundation on September 17, 2013: As we have reported, Walid has gone on record – courtesy of an interview with WRKO’s Jeffrey Kuhner – saying that he believes he is being harassed by the Obama regime for our work on Malik Obama. So, of all the people out there who have uncovered scandalous things about Obama, why would Walid become a target?

The answer may very well involve Lois Lerner.

Malik Obama with Suar Al Dahab (IDO / Muslim Brotherhood)

Whenever the subject of Malik Obama’s ties to the government of Sudan comes up – via his role as Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (Muslim Brotherhood) – there are always detractors who say it’s guilt by association. Just because the President’s half-brother works for a terrorist regime doesn’t mean the President is guilty, they say, before attempting to move on.

Not so fast.

For the sake of argument, let’s concede the point (despite both being best man at each others wedding and Malik making more than one trip to the White House). There is one very uncomfortable fact that such skeptics simply cannot refute; Lois Lerner’s signature is at the bottom of Malik Obama’s 501(c)(3) approval letter. That signature was put there after calls for an investigation by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) in May of 2011.

It was also put there after illegally back-dating the tax-exempt status 38 months.

Malik Obama's Foundation approved by Lois Lerner on June 26, 2011.

Lois Lerner's signature at the bottom of Malik Obama's tax-exempt approval letter.

Lois Lerner’s signature at the bottom of Malik Obama’s tax-exempt approval letter.

As we’ve reported before, perhaps another individual whose name appears on Malik’s approval letter, should be asked about all of this:

Renee Railey Norton: What does she know about Malik's tax-exempt status?

Renee Railey Norton: What does she know about Malik’s tax-exempt status?

The IRS scandal essentially began when Lois Lerner planted a question with Ceilia Roady on May 9th, which Roady then asked Lerner on Friday, May 10th. Lerner attempted to pin blame on Cincinnati employees for the targeting of Tea Party groups. She wrapped up her answer to the planted question by saying:

“We, I think the IRS would like to apologize for that. It was not intentional. As soon as we found out what was going on, we took steps to make it better and I don’t expect those things to reoccur.”

We now know that this was a lie, thanks to a smoking gun email from Lerner that refers to the “Tea Part matter” as being “very dangerous”.

Where there is smoke there is fire. The targeting of Tea Party groups was not the fault of rogue employees in Cincinnati; it was at least the fault of Lois Lerner. So, is she a rogue Director of tax-exempt organizations or did the order come from above? It would appear that in light of these emails, the White House attempted to use the same strategy Lerner did. Here is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a few days after the planted question was asked of Lerner:

Based on that stance from Carney, coupled with the smoking gun email from Lerner, the White House is either responsible for directing the behavior or Lerner was “rogue”. Too much of a leap?

Not when you factor in Lerner’s approval of Malik Obama’s 501(c)(3) application. Why would a “rogue” tax-exempt Director give the President’s half-brother, who is in bed with terrorists, illegal tax-exempt status after a request to investigate Malik Obama was submitted by the NLPC?

The White House has gone to great lengths to make it known that the IRS Scandal doesn’t reach its door. Lois Lerner’s approval of Malik’s tax-exempt status very much suggests otherwise. So does the revelation that the Chief Counsel’s office of the IRS was involved.

Perhaps White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer enunciated the disparity between the treatment of law-abiding Tea Party groups and an organization whose founder is tied to terrorists when he said, “the Law is irrelevant”:

The timing of the harassment Walid has been receiving is noteworthy as well. It seemed to coincide with both current and former officials in Egypt’s new government taking great interest in Malik Obama’s background.

In short, Malik Obama’s treatment by Lois Lerner’s division implicates the White House in the IRS Scandal. The attention Malik is receiving in Egypt clearly has the potential of blowing this scandal wide open.

Here is the portion of Walid’s interview with Kuhner in which they discuss suspicions that Walid is being harassed because of our work on Malik Obama:

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