Brzezinski in all of his "peaceful" glory

"I hope the United States acts now in keeping with its commitment. It has made a commitment. I hope Congress supports the president. And I hope we then close the chapter on two years, as you have correctly described, a very inept performance by the United States internationally.

We now have to think in a larger perspective. We have to ask ourselves is the region sliding into an explosion and what can we do, together with others, to avert that.
… it seems to me that he has to go through some symbolic military action because he has committed himself so heavily and I hope the country supports him.

But, beyond that, we have to move towards a wider international effort to deal with the problem of Syria, but also in a larger regional context.

We have to enlist not only our former colonial powers, namely the French and the British, in some joint effort, not necessarily the Turks, who also used to dominate the region.

We have to be aware of the fact that the Russians may use this conflict, if it explodes, to undermine overall our position in the Middle East.

We have to create a situation in which it becomes in their interest to participate in a larger, international initiative to define the rules of the game and the solutions for the current problems which go beyond Syria; that is to say the overall potentially explosive state of the Middle East." – Zbigniew Brzezinski 01 September 2013 ~ 10AM ET –

Flashback to March 2012 (4:56 Min)

Video:  Military intervention would destabilize Syria – Brzezinski  (4:56 Mins)

Flashback to Sept 25, 2012 (1.56 Min)

Video: Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!  (1.56 Mins) 

Brzezinski: Syria is Not Libya – Former Carter national security adviser and trusted Rockefeller minion Zbigniew Brzezinski has stated that military intervention in Syria will not work as it did in Libya.

THE ELECTION OF 2012… And the Future 

Council On Foreign Relations – Please Read 

Naming Names: Your Real Government – Important Read

Kissinger in 2008: There Will Be “Bi-Partisan” Push for New World Order, Whoever Is Elected President – They expected us to stay asleep and never counted on the tea party movement!

Globalist Imperial Network

Deployments…. (h/t to George King)


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7 Responses to Brzezinski in all of his "peaceful" glory

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  2. pgillenw says:

    I am totally against involvement in Syria in any way. Militarily its a trap.

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