Obamacare Becoming Boehnercare? – On The Record… Pull the Plug on Obamacare Rally – Group Demands Speaker Defund Health Care Law [Pictures]

Below are pictures from the “Pull the Plug on Obamacare” rally that took place in Troy, OH on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013.

Video: Defund Obamacare Rally 8-27-2013

By Marion Algier – AskMarion – h/t to MJ for photos

Hundreds attended this event to respectfully tell Speaker John Boehner to do the people’s will and defund Obamacare.

  • Real Clear Politics average polling shows Obamacare is now opposed by a margin of 51% against to 39% in favor (link).
  • Voters in Ohio spoke loudly against the federal government takeover of healthcare by passing the Healthcare Freedom Amendment (HFA) in 2011. The HFA won with 66% of the vote and passed in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.
  • As a check and balance to protect America from tyranny, the founders gave the House of Representatives (or the “People’s House”) control of the purse strings of our nation.
  • The House Speaker controls the “gavel” and the “calendar.” This means he decides who can speak and what bills may be scheduled for a vote. It is fully within John Boehner’s power not to allow ANY bills to the House floor that include money for Obamacare.
  • In September, the House will hold a vote to fund our government. They will either include money to fund the implementation of Obamacare or they will pass a resolution without such funding.

Video:  Obamacare Becoming Boehnercare? – Group Demands Speaker Defund Health Care Law – On The Record

Rally Pictures and video…

Marching to Speaker Boehner’s office.





Panorama of march to Speaker Boehner’s office


At Speaker Boehner’s office.




Event organizer Janet Porter from Faith 2 Action leading rally attendees in prayer.



Rally crowd during presentations from speakers.


Doc Thompson of The Blaze.


The Blaze photographer.


Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.


Ohio Liberty Coalition President Ted Stevenot


Pro Obamacare attendees.


RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Responds to ‘ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion in Virginia’ – A Susan Stimpson Email

Obamacare’s Hierarchy of Privilege

Cruz To Conservatives: “Don’t Blink” – Urges GOP To Fight Obamacare Rollout – On The Record

Obama Taps Former ACORN Lobbyist To Head Obamacare Youth Video Contest…

Time to put an end to special privileges for government officials


Americans petition Congress to Defund Obamacare

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