Why Chris Christie will never be President

The Examiner: Here we go again. The Republican Party elitist establishment is pressuring New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to seek the Party’s nomination for president, according to various news sources today.

Globalist Henry Kissinger’s endorsement today is the evidence that the elites have surveyed the political landscape for a candidate that suits their sensitivities, and apparently Christie fits the bill.

But Chris Christie will never be president. Why? For same reason that Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, and Gerald Ford never got elected. And for the same reason that George Herbert Walker Bush was denied the chance to serve a second term.

Christie has positioned himself as an elitist of the eastern establishment. His record on the right to keep and bear arms is dismal. He has embraced Obamacare. He has cozied up to Barack Obama on several issues, particularly on the matter of getting federal funding for those areas in New Jersey that were damaged by the New England hurricane. Yet, in spite of a truckload of taxpayer dollars that went to the state, vast coastal areas of New Jersey are still stuck in the water of the devastation. Businesses and homes remain in ruins.

This is not to mention that Christie is not that different from his likely Democratic counterpart, either Hillary Clinton who is already being overhauled and rebranded or Joe Biden. The election of Clinton or Biden would be disastrous for the nation, but this is precisely what will happen if Christie, or someone like him, is the Republican nominee.

Despite Christie’s stellar performances in town hall meetings where he takes on the state teachers’ union and other special interest groups that live high on the hog on the taxpayer’s dime, when he talks about everything else it is clear he shares the northeastern elitist mindset of Republican losers John McCain and Mitt Romney. If this were 1974, he would be in the Nelson Rockefeller-Gerald Ford wing of the Party rather than Reagan’s.

And make no mistake. The rank and file of the Republican base will never vote for such candidates. They proved it in 2012 as millions of them stayed home to protest the selection of Mitt Romney. They proved it in 2008 when they could not bring themselves to go to the polls to vote for John McCain. They proved it in 1996 when they turned down Bob Dole’s bid to unseat Bill Clinton. And on and on it goes.

Conservatives have screamed to high heaven for decades attempting to get the Republican Party to listen to their complaints about these types of candidates. And despite all of the losses brought on by the so-called "sensible pragmatists" and "moderates," the elitists are still not listening. It is as if the conservative base is invisible.

And if they select Christie, once again the Party will suffer yet another embarrassing defeat.

Conservatives want a candidate who will stand up against the present march toward collectivism that is being perpetrated by progressives in both Parties. They want Obamacare scrapped. Entirely. They want to roll back most of the regulations passed by the EPA and other federal agencies over the past five years. They want a candidate who firmly supports and can articulate the importance of protecting gun rights for the citizens in the wake of a growing monolithic, centralized government bureaucracy that regularly encroaches on the rights and freedoms of citizens. They want the right to privacy protected against a secretive, unconstitutional shadow court (FISA), and they want to make it clear to the NSA that it does not have a carte blanche to spy on millions of American citizens without court permission or a warrant. And they want a candidate who will finally do something serious about the national debt that rages out of control.

And whoever Republicans choose to bear their name in the next presidential election must, above all else, make a strong stand for the rule of law as delineated by the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. All encroachments on the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and the freedom of assembly must be stopped and scrapped immediately. The right to privacy must be restored.

This is just for starters.

Anything less than these bare minimum requirements will lead to another loss for Republicans. The Party has already lost approximately four million conservative voters since the last election. If they choose Christie, they will lose another four million, thus sealing their fate as a failed Party that created its own demise by ignoring the demands of its base — the conservatives.

There are a growing number of conservatives willing to step up and run within the Republican Party that could turn America around and would represent the core of the American people… Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Sarah Palin are just a few and now is the time for conservatives and patriots of all strips to stand up and get involved.

Only 20% of Americans call themselves liberals or progressives and 40%+ consider themselves conservatives.  The other 40% are pretty much disengaged or uninformed.  And within the Republican Party the base is made up of conservatives and constitutionalists with a growing libertarian twist, the smallest group are moderates.  Yet both in Washington and at the head of the GOP, the tails are wagging the dogs….

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