Harry Reid: John McCain controls about 10 people and that’s all I needed to get things done in Senate

Marion Algier – Ask Marion

Harry Reid praised John McCain (again) for breaking away from the ‘Tea Party’ and said if it weren’t for him they wouldn’t have gotten anything done in the Senate, including immigration reform:

See I don’t need a lot of Republicans to help me. And that’s why I so admire John McCain. John McCain and I came to the House together 31 years ago. We came to the Senate together at the same time. He and I have fought over the years but we’re also very very good, good friends. And he broke away from the pack.

He said, in effect, we have to get some things done. So he doesn’t control the Republican caucus but he controls probably 10 people there. That’s all I needed.

And we were able to get a lot of things done. We nominated scores, we confirmed scores of nominees. And because of him we were able to get immigration reform done. We’ve been able to do some things.

But it’s because of John McCain breaking away from this ideological anarchy-driven Tea Party that has so much control over Republicans in Congress.


Senate majority Leader Harry Reid continued his attempted assault on the Tea Party on Thursday. Having called the Tea Party “anarchists” on the Senate floor weeks ago, the Senator has been pushing the narrative that every nefarious deed done in Washington is, somehow, the work of the Tea Party, the leftist’s boogeyman.

Calling Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz a schoolyard bully last week, Reid lashed out at the Tea Party and explained their formidability in the political process. After subtly jabbing Cruz by calling him the “very junior Senator from Texas,” Reid once again labeled Cruz as such and explained that not only does the Tea Party have “full control of the House,” but that the Tea Party also has “full control” of the Republican caucus in the Senate.

Reid is the schoolyard bully who often refuses to let bills that he or the Obama administration are against even come up for a vote and the Democrats have had the majority in the Senate since Obama was elected… so what is Reid whining about and stirring the pot for as he pits everyone against each other, which is what he intern unjustly accuses the GOP and “Tea Party” favorites of doing.

As for McCain, Lindsay Graham and the RINOS in the Senate?  Time to get rid of all these old Progressive RINO traitors and definitely Harry Reid along with them.  Time for some real change in 2014. We need some new blood in the Senate that will fight and stand-up for average Americans!! 

Gutierrez: “I’ve got 40-50 GOP votes for immigration reform” 

Comment: (August 8, 2013) There are more than 10 RINOS voting with the Democrats on appointees and policies that affords the required votes to further the agenda of the Islamic appeaser/Marxist occupying the White House.

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