Americans petition Congress to Defund Obamacare

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Americans petition Congress to defund Obamacare

BOOM!! "Don't Fund It" PetitionThat’s the sound of tens of thousands of Americans crashing into the Don’t Fund It website to help stop the implementation of Obamacare.  We launched the nationwide petition last Saturday and thanks to your support over 150,000 people have already signed it.  Please help us send a message to Washington it can’t ignore. If you have’t signed the petition yet, please do so today. If you’ve already signed it, please forward this email on to your family and friends so they can join us. 

NEXT BEST OPTION Chris Jacobs, Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, wrote a paper this week explaining why defunding Obamacare is the next best option to full repeal. Jacobs says,   The list of Obamacare’s failures grows by the day. It is not that portions of the law are unworkable — the entire law is unworkable. Absent the law’s complete repeal, only full defunding would ensure that the American people are not subjected to any of these destructive policies. Congress can do its part in remedying these failures by using its all-important “power of the purse” to set a very clear line in the sand: not one single dime to fund Obamacare.

Read more… NO FUNDING PLEDGE There are now 13 senators who have signed the letter circulated by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) pledging to oppose Obamacare funding.

  • Mike Lee (R-UT)
  • Ted Cruz (R-TX)
  • Rand Paul (R-KY)
  • Marco Rubio (R-FL)
  • Deb Fischer (R-NE)
  • Jim Risch (R-ID)
  • Jim Inhofe (R-OK)
  • David Vitter (R-LA)
  • Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
  • Jeff Chiesa (R-NJ)
  • John Thune (R-SD)
  • Mike Enzi (R-WY)
  • Mike Crapo (R-ID)

Please contact these senators and thank them for taking a stand. They will come under enormous pressure to back down and they need to hear from people all across the country who support them. We will keep you updated on this important fight for our nation’s future. Best regards, Matt Hoskins Executive Director Senate Conservatives Fund Like Obamacare Petition Explodes on Facebook share on

You’re receiving this email because you subscribed to the Senate Conservatives email list. Please do not reply to this message; click here to contact us. Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is an independent, grassroots organization dedicated to electing true conservatives to the United States Senate. SCF only supports candidates who have the courage to put principle ahead of party and fight for limited government, a strong national defense, and traditional family values. SCF is not affiliated with the Republican Party or any of its campaign committees. Contributions to the Senate Conservatives Fund PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions. Contributions from corporations or foreign nationals lacking permanent resident status are not permitted. Federal law requires Senate Conservatives Fund to report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year. Not paid for at taxpayer expense.

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