Frightening ObamaCare Diktat – a Huge HHS Data Base For Federally Funded ‘Community Organizers’

Joshua Pundit – Cross-Posted at THITW:  President Obama does have plans for one kind of job creation – a huge army of ‘community organizers’ working for the Department of Health and Human Services who will assist people in enrolling in ObamaCare, applying for a myriad of federal benefits, and of course registering these recipients of government largess as Democrats.

And they’ll be assisted by something the president and HHS chief Kathleen Sebelius are also creating, a huge consolidation of personal information known as the Federal Data Hub.

The new Federal Data Hub is designed to give these new “patient navigators” access to mountains of of personal information compiled by federal agencies, including the IRS, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, and the Social Security Administration among others.

When you find out more about these “patient navigators” and how they’re being hired and trained, it gets even worse.

In May, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee were told by HHS that there will be no criminal background checks required for the these new patient navigators. They won’t even be required to have to have high-school diplomas, and at between $20 and $48 per hour, they’re going to be some of the best paid dropouts in America.

The fact that convicted felons could be getting their hands on your tax returns, Social Security numbers and every bit of your personal data doesn’t concern them.

According to the HHS, all the new navigators will have to do is to take a 20–30 hour online course about how the 1,200-page law works. If you thought things like fraud and identity theft were a problem before, just wait.

Nine U.S. Senators led by Utah’s Orrin Hatch wrote to Sebelius, “The standards proposed by your department could result in a convicted felon receiving federal dollars and gaining access to confidential taxpayer information. The same standards allow any individual who has registered with the exchange and completed two days of training to facilitate enrollment, as if the decision to purchase health insurance is similar to the decision of registering to vote.”

Ah, but that’s a part of the goal here, to the point that this could almost be called the ACORN employment Act. Just like ACORN, the idea will be to register low information Democrats while discarding Republican registrations, and a number of politicians in Blue States have already begun working to facilitate it. In California, for instance, California’s Democrat Secretary of State Debra Bowen has already designated Covered California, the ObamaCare health exchange as a voter registration agency under the National Voter Registration Act. So Covered California will be incorporating voter registration into every transaction it has with consumers…assisted of course by those helpful “patient navigators” .

The secondary goal of this monstrosity ought to be self-evident by now. This Federal Data Hub will destroy any vestige of privacy for millions of Americans, putting all of your personal details in one place within easy reach of thousands of anonymous federal apparatchniks.

And as we’ve seen with IRS-Gate, the implications are fairly staggering. Need that kidney transplant? Oh, your tax returns show you donated to the wrong people, so you go to the back of the line. Registered Republican? Big GOP donor??? Let’s cross reference and flag this file for an audit by our co-workers over at the IRS. Ex-military, got some counseling after a rough divorce? Let’s flag this file so he’s not allowed to own or buy a gun. Oh here’s a registered Democrat who’s never donated yet? Let’s hit him with an e-mail barrage.

This is one of the parts of ObamaCare Nancy Pelosi famously told us that “we’d have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”

Americans by and large have no clue about this. Congress needs to make this a lot more public than it is, scream bloody murder and get this repealed.

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