AG Holder Perjures Himself Under Oath On Press Surveillance Scandal

Joshua Pundit: Here’s a smoking gun for you. Attorney General Holder is speaking to Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia of the oversight committee about the AP scandal…and at 5:00 Holder says clearly, under oath that he never had anything to do with signing off on spying on the press:

“In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.”

Today, it came out that it was Eric Holder who personally signed off on the warrant to spy on FOX News senior correspondent James Rosen… and who knows how many others. Not only that, but it was Holder’s decision to keep the warrants secret for years. Can you say ‘fishing expedition’? Can you say clear violation of the First Amendment?

Sure you can.

And who was the DOJ attorney who filed in district court to keep the illegal surveillance ongoing and secret for years even though they hadn’t found anything? That would be U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen – the same attorney who was charged with deciding whether to pursue the House’s contempt citation against his boss, Eric Holder, over Fast and Furious. And – what a coincidence – he just happens to be leading the FBI investigation into the leak that involved the DOJ subpoenaing AP reporters’ phone records.

And who appointed him to that position? None other than James Cole, Holder’s deputy, who took over after Holder recused himself.

Even more disgusting, President Obama acted socked, just shocked about all this and proclaimed yesterday in that faux sincere baritone of his that he had  ordered the Attorney General to review the DOJ’s guidelines for spying on reporters.

In other words, Eric Holder will be in charge of investigating what Eric Holder did. And in the areas where he recused himself , he has a couple of loyal, dependable  soldiers to take care of things.

Yet the fact remains that Holder committing perjury and likely obstruction of justice, and that particular cat is now out of the bag.

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3 Responses to AG Holder Perjures Himself Under Oath On Press Surveillance Scandal

  1. Joy Thompson says:

    A phrase from the Watergate scandal comes to mind: “There is a cancer on the Presidency”. We know how that turned out. Regarding the Obama presidency…there are many cancers.

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