Why the IRS Scandal Should Lead to Obama’s Impeachment

TheBlaze/TV – May. 13, 2013 3:00pm

Root: Why the IRS Scandal Should Lead to Obama’s Impeachment

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Do you remember Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment? Right smack dab in the middle of President Richard Nixon’s list of crimes was using the IRS to punish his critics and political opponents. Don’t look now but we’ve got another Nixon in the White House.

The IRS is embroiled in a huge political scandal. But you don’t have the full story. Last week they admitted to targeting and intimidating conservative and Tea Party groups. But the scandal gets bigger by the hour.

The latest development is that top IRS officials and lawyers were in fact aware of this scandal since 2011, the very year I was targeted by the IRS.

It gets worse. It turns out the IRS was targeting Pro-Israel Jewish groups. It’s now gone from political targeting to racism and anti-semitism.

But here’s the big mystery- why would the IRS publicly admit this? The answer is simple- The IRS thought a quick apology, throwing a few “low level employees” under the bus, could nip it in the butt and make it all go away before the evidence leads directly to the president. They were wrong. This will grow into one of the biggest scandals in U.S. political history- if the media does their job. This should lead to Obama’s impeachment- if the media does their job.

How do I know this scandal is much bigger than what has been disclosed so far?

Because I’ve been living it. As an outspoken critic of Obama, I’ve been under IRS attack since January of 2011. I am living proof of how bad it is, when it started, and that it was directed at individuals, not just conservative groups.

It did not involve only “low level IRS employees.” It did not happen in only one year (2012). It does not involve only faceless groups. It involves real people with real faces and families- like me. It does not involve one office in Cincinnati. It was a widespread attack (in my case emanating from the Las Vegas IRS office). It goes to the top of the IRS, it started early in Obama’s Presidency, and you can bet your last dollar (which is all we have left under this president) that it was all conducted upon direct orders of President Obama or his top aides.

Here is my personal story.

I was there at the beginning. I am only a small businessman. But I am an outspoken and loud critic of Obama. My views are read by millions at web sites like TheBlaze.com. I’ve made over 5000 media appearances in the past 5 years- including many dozens of appearances on Fox News. My book, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” reports on Obama’s purposeful plan to take down capitalism by overwhelming the system with massive spending, entitlements and debt. And add an exclamation point to the story- I’m President Obama’s Columbia University classmate who can prove that this is a detailed plan we all learned at Columbia. Now you know why Obama wanted to silence, distract and intimidate me. I may have the very first IRS victim who started the ball rolling.

The result of my outspoken criticism of Obama? An unprecedented IRS attack starting in January of 2011. Many businesses in this terrible economy are behind on taxes. Not me. I’ve never owed a dime to the IRS. Never been late with a tax payment. In 30 years of doing business, I’ve had a perfect, spotless, flawless record. So why would the IRS suddenly decide to attack me (a small businessman, without a fortune, with a perfect record) with abandon? The attack started in January of 2011. It was reported here at TheBlaze.

This IRS attack so over-zealous and out of bounds, I was forced to hire one of the nation’s top tax attorneys. He immediately took the case to tax court, where we won a full 100% victory. The court ruled I didn’t owe a dime in taxes. Then the IRS announced a new tax audit against me- five days later.

My tax attorney has never in his entire career heard of such a thing. He assumed it was not possible, until he saw it happen to me. The many legal and accounting experts I’ve consulted have all agreed this could only happen if I was on the “Obama Enemies List.”

The attack was chilling and intimidating. It affected every aspect of my life. It almost ruined me. It was meant to distract me, bleed me dry, and teach me a lesson- if you dare to criticize Obama, get ready to lose everything.

If the media wasn’t so blindly loyal to Obama, they’d know what I already know. Obama is a modern day Nixon.

It wasn’t just myself and a few conservative, Tea Party, and Jewish groups targeted. That alone should be enough to impeach Obama. But if you believe that story, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. I’ve done the research. This happened all across America to outspoken opponents of Obama and to large GOP donors. Obama was trying to ruin people’s lives. People just like me.

This scandal is widespread. It is deep within the IRS. And I guarantee you it started with direct orders from the Obama White House. Or do you believe IRS agents and their bosses take it upon themselves to target the President’s opponents? How absurd.

This is all a pattern. See what Obama and Hillary (his Secretary of State) have done to the whistleblowers and members of the CIA and military who know what truly happened in Benghazi. See General Petraeus and his affair. Given his continued silence, I can only imagine what other threats Obama is holding over his head.

Or take the rating agencies who downgraded the credit of America. Both were indicted by the federal government soon after daring to confirm America’s economic decline under Obama.

“Enough is Enough.” President Nixon was threatened with impeachment and forced out of office for covering up a third rate burglary. President Clinton faced impeachment for a third rate sexual affair. Obama has committed first rate crimes. Benghazi is Watergate with 4 dead American heroes. And this brazen IRS attack makes Nixon look like a nice guy. Even Nixon wouldn’t dare target Jewish Pro Israel groups. The media would have burned him at the stake. Let’s see how they treat Obama.

It’s time our representatives in Congress find the courage to face up to Obama’s culture of lies, cover-ups and intimidation. They must take the action that Obama deserves for the Benghazi cover-up and these horrific unconstitutional IRS attacks meant to silence his critics – IMPEACHMENT.

Wayne Allyn RootWayne Allyn Root – Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, and Libertarian-conservative Republican. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. Wayne’s latest book is out on April 15, 2013: "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon." wayne@rootforamerica.comAuthor’s Website


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