GayPatriot: Basketball player comes out; “I could care less”

GayPatriot: I don’t follow basketball save to root for the Lakers when I catch them on a TV I’m watching at the gym. (One of my best friends is a fan, so I root for the LA team, knowing their victory will help make her day.)

Until this week, I had never heard of Jason Collins, and assume the 34-year-old center must be a good basketball player, given that he been playing professionally for “12 seasons“, including once “in a Final Four for Stanford and” twice in the “NBA Finals.”

As usual when someone in the public eye out, you can expect overblown rhetoric for the various gay advocacy outfits with Aaron McQuade, the head of GLAAD’s sports program, saying that Collins had put “courage” and “inspiration” into “a brand new context.”

Give me a break. This is not 1973. Or even 1993. Ellen’s coming out may have been big in the 1997, but now men and women, in most fields of endeavor, take it for granted that one of their colleagues is (or might be) gay.

Talking about Collins’s call a few days ago “to share the news with” him, Boston Celtics player and (the Collins’s former) coach said:

When he called me to tell me, you could tell he wanted to tell me. I told him before he said it, ‘Jason I could care less about what you’re about to tell me.’ And that’s how I feel. I honestly feel that way.

It’s a non-factor to me, and I know it is a factor to a lot of people. I’ve never understood why anyone cares what someone else does. And I told Jason that it will be a non-issue eventually, but it will not be right now.

Leave it to an athlete to say it better than a professional gay advocate. It’s not an non-issue now because Collins is the first professional athlete to come up while still playing. But, it should be one. The coach is right to note that no one should really care about an athlete’s sexuality. It’s as irrelevant to his performance as his hair color.

No wonder Bruce Bawer urges Collins to “say no” to the gay outfits who want to make him their “spokesrobot.”* Don’t let him fall into spouting the same kind of bromides as Mr. McQuade offered.

An athlete’s sexuality should be a non-factor; his performance, in this case, on the court, is all that should matter.

Shouldn’t our media be devoting more time to Kermit Gosnell’s trial in Philadelphia, the failure of the administration to come clean on Benghazi or Obama’s perpetual peevishness in his press conferences?


*His actual Facebook post which I quote with permission:

(1) Celebrity comes out. (2) Celebrity, clueless and malleable, is quickly transformed into a spokesrobot for HRC and GLAAD. Please, Jason, just say no.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Jman1961, like yours truly wishes Collins “the best in his future endeavors, but [he] couldn’t care less about his sexual preferences, and it’s a sorry state of affairs that there are so many people in this country that do.” Well said. Well said, indeed.

ALSO FROM THE COMMENTS: VS say I “might like to know that an arm of the MSM, CNN, today, were doing an investigative piece on a Gosnell-like doctor. Thought you’d might like to know seeing how you brought him up in post about Collins in the context of the media.” Nice to hear that they’re doing this now, but do wonder why they gave so much attention to one stupid thing Todd Akin said and so little to how much bad “Gosnell-like” doctors have done. They had to be prodded to cover this.


Breaking: Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith

Developing Story: Twitter Trolls… Hacked Bieber’s Twitter Account Saying Justin Is Gay And Selena Gomez Supports His Coming Out The  Immediate official rebuttal: Justin Bieber late again (and definitely not gay) But the most amazing part of this is that more people know and care about this story than the atrocities in Benghazi and Gosnell’sHouse of Horrors’.

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4 Responses to GayPatriot: Basketball player comes out; “I could care less”

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  2. Joy Thompson says:

    The correct phrase is “I couldn’t care less…”, not, “…I could care less…”, but, many people make that mistake and we all know what the coach meant.

    Jason Collins’ choice of sexual preference shouldn’t matter in relation to he being able to perform his job. What does matter is that, they shouldn’t be, but professional athletes are role-models for most of society. What does matter is what kind of an impact his choice of sexual preference will have on society, especially our impressionable youth. What does matter is that Jason Collins’ choice of sexual preference does matter to God. God/Jesus said to refrain from sexual immorality. Leviticus 18 lists God’s definition of what is sexual immorality and homosexuality is listed and called an abomination. (verse 22). “Do not defile yourselves with any of these things…”. Leviticus 18:24, (part).

    People who are trying to please God should not be doing anything to encourage or promote such behavior.

  3. Joy Thompson says:

    I should have also listed Mark 7:21-23, (part), as a reference: Jesus said, “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, sexual immoralities…All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”

  4. Judith says:

    Very good post. I absolutely love this site.

    Continue the good work!

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