Are Democrats from the Red Planet…

California and Atlantis

Blasted Fools/TPN: Could these people possibly do a worse job of running California than the Democrat legislature? I can’t see how. They’d probably do better purely by accident.

It used to be that ‘Inmates running the Asylum’ was just a facetious toss off phrase in reaction to hearing something odd and random and out of order. As things go in California however, the odd, random, FUBAR (if you don’t know it, I’m not translating it), and out of order are the order of the day, literally. Now that the Democrats – with the help of the brain dead voters, have achieved one party rule here, they are drunk and disorderly with power and going Ape guano with ‘laws’ that virtually define ‘progressive fetish’.

There are essentially no adults in the room any more in Sacramento. That’s not exactly true, there are a few but they’ve been tied up and gagged and therefore rendered impotent to call a halt to any of the insanity that rules the day. The lack of perspective of California Democrats is nearly beyond comprehension to anyone without a disordered mind. Whereas the state’s citizens suffer from some of the highest unemployment and businesses (that aren’t leaving) are hanging on by their fingernails – the Democrats’ priorities have nothing to do with practical matters and everything to do with an early Kwanzaa list made to order to delight the nuttiest of the nuts in San Francisco.

It was only a few days ago that the Assembly pushed a bill through, (AB5) also known as the ‘Homeless Bill of Rights’. Ironically enough, the heaviest impact of this bill is going to rest on the shoulders of some of the largest liberal cities in California, (San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz). Those cities presently remove homeless from the sidewalks and other places where their encampment in the path of public ingress / egress is a nuisance factor. What hypocrites! Now, police will be prohibited from disenfranchising panhandlers and what have you.

I must say parenthetically, that I have no innate bias whatsoever against homeless people. While it is true that some have grown to prefer that lifestyle, many still are there because of a swirling cycle of circumstances complicated by toxic family relationships, finances, mental health issues, addictions and poor choices. But for the Grace of God, right? I hope you said right. And there are many others that are the victims of the very same rapacious bankers that reaped a windfall from the TARP bailouts and showed their gratitude for it by tossing families into the street. That’s quite another whole topic aside from the one at hand.

Nevertheless, the California Legislature is not about solutions, but about empty compassion and symbolism. Let me give you kind of a personal illustration of the difference between Conservative action and Liberal ‘good vibes’ devoid of nutritional value. I think of it as ‘empty calories’ social policy. I’m sure the situation I’m about to describe has happened to you at least once. You see someone in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant or nearby and they approach and ask you if you could spare some money so they can get something to eat. In my family, we’ve encountered this on several occasions. This is aside from the hackneyed panhandling routines involving cardboard signs and freeway offramps along with bogus stories of ‘our car ran out of gas’. I’ve asked “Where is your car?” They walk away.

I don’t dip into my pocket or wallet and peel off some money. Instead, I offer to take them inside and give them their choice of a combo meal and I pay for it. The reason is that I’m street wise enough to know that if I hand them money directly – more often than not, that money is going to find its way into the hands of a drug dealer or be spent on a bottle of liquor. The homeless person may obtain the drugs or booze from somewhere else, but it won’t be from me. Jesus taught us to feed the hungry but not enable and perpetuate their habits. Sound anything like tough love?

I’ve had situations where I could see the wheels turning in the person’s mind, realizing that they are not going to get cash from me for their real purpose, but rationalizing with themselves that they actually are hungry and now would be as good an opportunity as ever. There are others who curse you for recognizing their intentions and yet others that just flat do need a meal and humbly accept your generosity. I’ve even on a few occasions, been led to approach people who are obviously displaced and were not panhandling for baksheesh and given them assistance and you can tell they are slightly shocked by the random act of kindness unsolicited. The point is that there are real solutions for this problem and most of them don’t involve government. Sending the message that ‘the street is the place for you’ is not one of them.

I’ll not dwell too long on any of the other ‘Democrats are from Mars’ initiatives that have become law or will shortly, but there are some remarkable ones. Restrictive gun laws that do nothing to inhibit criminals, but infringe on legal citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights, sanctuary for illegals provisos, bullet trains to nowhere that will crater the state finances, doubling down on foolishness with climate change regulations for a problem that doesn’t exist, promoting the gay agenda in public schools, banishing the evil plastic bag, etc. Off the hook stupidity. Nero would blush at it.

The latest looney tunes legislation was announced today and really had the effect on me of one of those classic hand shake buzzer gags. The jokesters in the California Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would make the state the first in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty. Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, according to the AP, said his bill AB1401, would help California widen the pool of prospective jurors and help integrate immigrants into the community.

It’s just stunning on the face of it. The Constitutional guarantee of a jury of one’s peers – just out the window? The arrogance of Democrats in this state defies rational understanding. California is on the leading edge of a new wave of states that are creating a test lab environment for an alternate universe where the Constitution has been disposed of as a curious relic, sealed in a time capsule and buried for some future civilization to find in years to come.

That future civilization, if they are smarter and wiser than us – will recognize the brilliance of the document (the Constitution) and be truly puzzled at any society that would trade it for confusion and failure. They will see how it ended and it didn’t end well.


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