This Is What Martial Law Looks Like

CNN is reporting that no matter whether you allow searchers in the house or not, they will find a way in. This IS martial law!! And until just a few moments ago no one was allowed to leave their homes or businesses.

“Yikes!  I didn’t realize they’re not letting anyone out of their homes. Holy cow!!” … AJ

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38484029: “I heard that…said they’ll use blowhorns to demand you open your door, if you don’t comply they will find a way in. WTF? Insane shit!”

An reader sent in the photo below – militarized cops looking for a lone suspect in Boston. By the look of it, you’d think these cops are about to engage in a pitched battle with a heavily militarized foe, not some 20-something supposed terrorist who allegedly exploded a home-made black powder bomb.

Facebook users have also begun posting photos of their rights being violated:

This article was posted: Friday, April 19, 2013 at 12:28 pm at InfoWars  -  h/t to MJ

Sacrificing Freedoms

“Those who choose to trade freedom (liberty) for security (safety), rarely get either!!”… Benjamin Franklin

There is a very fine line between keeping the public safe and stepping too far across the lines of freedom… but remember, we have an administration in power that believes in ‘never letting any crisis go to waste’… verbalized by both Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton while part of the Obama administration.


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