Three dangerous ideas that will destroy freedom

TPN: Have you noticed that the Democrats keep bringing back bad ideas? They keep recycling them over and over again.

The Democrats are advancing three proposals right now which, are really bad ideas. So why do they keep pushing them?

Are the Democrats really that desperate for ideas or is there something much more sinister going on?

The Democrats are pushing three really bad ideas. However, there is a method to their madness.

Those three ideas are to let the IRS prepare your tax return, create mandatory voter registration and finally let convicted felons vote.

Left wing groups are proposing that the IRS now prepare everyone’s tax return. For those who are envisioning the IRS being the new H&R Block, you are so wrong.

You would not go down with your box of receipts while the friendly IRS employee figures out your return. The idea would be that the IRS prepares your tax return and tells you how much you owe in taxes. You can try to claim your deductions but you would be paying your taxes first then having to challenge the taxes. Most Americans lack the resources to take the IRS to court.

You can be absolutely certain that 100% of all errors would go in the government’s favor. As a practical matter, this would allow for massive tax increases without Congress approving them.

The second bad idea is mandatory voter registration. The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky has called this a solution in search of a problem. The left wants to create a system by which people are automatically registered to vote every time they have an encounter with the government. Of course, these same people who want this also want to block every effort to keep the voter rolls accurate.

Instead, this becomes a massive way of creating new voter fraud. In fact, the proposed mandatory voter registration law has criminal sanctions to keep state and local governments from using returned mail to determine someone has moved or even to compare the voter database with commercial databases.

By requiring registration for people who have contact with the government, such as through social service offices, this makes it not only probable but almost a certainty that non-citizens would be allowed to vote.

The excuse for this bill is to try and improve voter turn out. Canada has had such a law for almost twenty years now. It did nothing to improve voter turn out. In fact, voter turn out is now declining in Canada.

The final really bad idea is the left wants convicted felons to vote. Historically America and Europe before us denied the vote to those who were convicted of felonies and rendered infamous.

Liberals want convicted felons to automatically get their right to vote back. Since convicted felons vote 80-95% for Democrats, you can understand why. What is less understandable is why Republicans support such idiocy. In Virginia, liberal Republican Governor and Mitt Romney wannabe Bob McDonnell pushed for such a law this year. He wanted to allow “non-violent” felons to automatically have their voting rights restored.

Yeah, that is bright. Of course McDonnell is the same liberal Republican who gave the Commonwealth of Virginia its largest tax increase in the history of the state and destroyed the Republican Party’s chances of controlling the State Senate. With friends like him, who needs Democrats?

There are an estimated 350,000 convicted felons in Virginia. The 2013 governor’s race between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli is considered a proxy fight for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 nomination. It is extremely close. 80 to 95% of 350,000 voters would change the election for the Party of Treason and would probably permanently turn Virginia blue.

While each of these three ideas is bad, there is a method behind the madness of the liberals. They want to change the rules to get what they want.

Liberals don’t think Americans are paying enough taxes so they want to let the IRS decide the taxes, not Congress. They want to win elections so they want to change the rules to expand their voter base.

When was the last time Republicans did anything to change the rules to win?

The Republicans can’t even stop dead people from voting.

If you understand what the liberals are doing, this all makes sense. They worship at the altar of government power. For liberals winning and controlling power is everything. Freedom and liberty are obstacles to this objective.

This is why the left keeps trying to change the rules. This is why we must fight back and start changing the rules so we win and they lose.

Otherwise, there will be no freedom left in America.


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