The ObamaCare Document Stack Photo: Obamacare’s Regulations in One Giant Stack – 20,000 Pages Already

Any Question as to why we need to support the Paul Ryan Plan and Repeal or Defund ObamaCare?

Senator Mitch McConnell tweeted: #ObamaCare regulations – 828 pages in one day. Overall, there are nearly 20,000 pages – with many more to come… along with the photo of the document stack.

Yes, ObamaCare regulators added more than 800 -pages to an ever-growing document that will govern your healthcare. The bureaucrats’ work product now prints out to 20,000 pages — nearly eight times the length of the infamous original bill:

HotAir: That tower is already taller than Kobe Bryant, and much of the law hasn’t even gone into effect yet. According to the Government Accountability Office, Obamacare is projected to add $6.2 trillion to the nation’s long-term deficits, despite presidential assurances that it wouldn’t add a “single dime” to our red ink:

“This legislation is fully paid for, and will not add one single dime to our deficit.”

We’re also seeing more evidence that the healthcare law is killing jobs, as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office and Obamacare opponents alike:

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday released an edition of its so-called “beige book,” that said the 2010 healthcare law is being cited as a reason for layoffs and a slowdown in hiring. ”Employers in several Districts cited the unknown effects of the Affordable Care Act as reasons for planned layoffs and reluctance to hire more staff,” said the March 6 beige book, which examines economic conditions across various Federal Reserve districts across the country.

A former Obama adviser is now admitting that the law was never intended to be “a jobs program.” Funny, that’s not what Democrats told us while they were jamming it down our throats. I’ll leave you with Nancy Pelosi explaining how Obamacare is really all about creating millions of jobs and, er, reducing the deficit:

Video: Pelosi – “The Biggest Growth in Jobs” This Year…

Time for some common sense!!

Video: Paul Ryan: Our budget repeals Obamacare and the Medicaid ‘expansion’

Tax Prof: ObamaCare Tax Increases Are Double Original Estimate:

The Joint Committee on Taxation recently released a 96 page report on the tax provisions associated with Affordable Care Act. The report describes the 21 tax increases included in ObamaCare, totaling $1.058 trillion – a steep increase from initial assessment, according to the Tax Prof Blog. The summer 2012 estimate is nearly twice the $569 billion estimate produced at the time of the passage of the law in March 2010.


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  5. Art Zimmer says:

    Where can I read the word “dhimmitude” in the original Obamacare bill? Thanks for all the other comments.

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