Sequestration: Chicken Little Not Only Fears Armageddon, He Prays For It

Sequestration and the Debt Pie

See Video: Rand Paul: Sequester Is A Pittance

Chicken Little Not Only Fears Armageddon, He Prays For It

‘The worst case scenario is the sequester hits and nothing really bad happens.’

Above quote delivered by – Emily Holubowich, Health Care Lobbyist representing Obama Administration.

Musings of a Mad Conservative: Every so often, we are privy to what our political elites really think, as they screw up and tell the truth. It happens about once a month it seems, and this most recent episode of accidental candor stars one of the behind the scenes gang who usually toils away in anonymity. One of the worker bees as it were, the person actually doing the work that is credited to the prettier but truly incompetent face of the party bees we actually elected. (Think Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi in order to complete this image.) Worker bees you see are competent at their given tasks, which is screwing us, but not so good at glibly telling lies to obfuscate their nefarious activities. The Joe Biden’s of the world however, while they haven’t formed a coherent thought in decades, are able to string together flowery sounding word tracks which say nothing, but seem to hide very well, a), their underlying incompetence, and b), any semblance of the truth being sought in connection with the question at hand.

So, what we have is a situation where the people in charge, who have been utilizing fear as the predominant political tool for the better part of four years now, never allowing a good crisis to go to waste as it were, and even managing to fabricate a few extra crises along the way, find themselves once again faced with the hard reality that the American People might discover that the current crisis is not nearly so bad as it is being made out to be. What happens if Americans discover that not only is sequestration not necessarily a bad thing, but it might actually serve to improve our collective lot in life? What to do, what to do?

Let’s start with some simple math my fellow gentle snow flakes. Back in the, "good old days," known as the last time Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency, our deficit was a paltry $161 Billion. At the time, this was considered an amount that would clearly cause the sky to fall. What was Senator Obama’s take on this, "unsustainable," situation? Glad you’ve asked.

Now that Barack Obama is President Obama, it seems as though not having a deficit which is approaching 1000% of the Bush deficit, is considered, "unpatriotic."

So, how did we go from this activity being, "irresponsible and unpatriotic," to being the predetermined level of spending mandated by God Almighty in only 6 short months time? All it took was a changing of the elected guard. During Bush’s 8 years in office, our government got by on a sum of money so staggering that I find it embarrassing to type. $2,500,000,000,000 it seems was the bare minimum that our government needed each and every year to provide us with the bare essentials of government services. of that $2,500,000,000,000, a small percentage, $161,000,000,000 needed to be funded though borrowing money. To put that in perspective for you, that meant that the last time the Gang of Palookas Party, (GOP,) controlled everything, we as a nation, borrowed 6 and one half cents for every dollar of government largess.

Today, only a couple of years later, not only are we as a nation apparently unable to get by on that huge sum of money which was considered, "unpatriotic," to spend back in the ancient year of 2007, but apparently we can’t even get by on the astronomical sum of $3,800,000,000,000 that took care of us during the halcyon days of 2012. of that amount of money by the by, about $1,330,000,000,000 is money that we had to borrow from somebody else. To put that figure into perspective, for every dollar our government spent last year, 35 cents came from our friends in China that Barack Obama so deftly demagogued while campaigning for his current job in 2008.

Today, our poorly conceived national Kabuki Theater otherwise known as the Obama Administration reaches another climax, which I can only pray will finally be allowed to resolve. Like my least favorite movie, "Barry Linden," there seems to be no end to this. A crisis is manufactured out of nothing. Then, our elected leaders will seek out every available bank of microphones and cameras in a full out blitzkrieg designed to scare us into supporting their measure du jour. They will promise to correct what ever ill they’ve identified as the sky collapsing, and somehow, that will translate into us giving up more of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights and costing us Gazillions. Then we move on to the next crisis, after the palookas on our side have taken the requisite dive to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

Our government has shut down on more than one occasion in the past, in case you are either too young to have lived through it or lacking the adult memory to remember it accurately. I remember quite clearly a poll conducted by Gallup during the shut down of 1991, and again the shut down of 1995. It was a simple poll, with no partisan divide identified, and the only questions concerned the impact of the shutdowns which we were in the middle of. The results were astonishing. 92% of Americans who were not employed by our government reported little to no impact from the government being out of business. Nothing highlights the absolute waste your life truly is better than your employers have trouble identifying any negative impact to your not being there to do your job. Those employed by the government were in hysterics. What Team Obama is terrified of is this, these reduced increases in spending, (as not one penny of actual budget cutting will occur,) will not result in the sky falling. New Years day 1996 happened you see, and our sky was still overhead.

Why is it that only the vital services are affected when these battles occur? Every time these days that Barack or Michelle Obama appear on my television, they are surrounded by our favorite civil servants who’s only function these days seems to be as Kabuki Theater props. Don’t look for the merciful end to NPR, or better yet, cowboy poetry. It’ll be firefighters and police who face the hard choices of being asked to live within the threshold of the skinny $3.8 Trillion planned but not actually constrained by a budget bloat, that our federal government has become. We all know, even those who are on his side, that Barack Obama is not above inflicting pain upon the American People in order to get his way, as is evidenced by his very own statements that this method of tweaking behavior through sending market signals is preferable to allowing people to make up their own minds. Left to our own devices you see, we might not make the irrational decisions commonly associated with blind fear and panic, such as reelecting a chief executive who’s goal is clearly the destruction of the very nation that he has been chosen to lead.

I am not betting against the possibility that with three days left before the purported end of all life in the U.S. occurs, one or more of the palookas who inhabit the Republican Party will take the last minute dive to see a crappy deal done. Just in case it doesn’t happen this time, as it has in every other instance, my prediction is that our nation will awaken on Monday March 4, and proceed as if the sky had indeed not fallen. I further predict that by Friday March 8, we’ll see the children of police and fire fighters on television who are suffering from some anxiety disorder due to the fear that daddy may one day in the nondescript future lose his job, something no other American in history has ever experienced. With each day that passes where the end is not experienced, Team Zero will lose credibility, and that is something that they fear.

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