Obama Lost His US Citizenship! Retired US Army Captain Speaks Out: Obama Never Vetted! Video

(Before It’s News) 

Retired US Army Captain Pamela Barnett speaks out loudly and clearly: Barack Obama was never vetted. Somehow we have a ‘President’ who couldn’t pass a background check for most jobs in America and he’s running the country, straight into the ground. No wonder Barack Obama’s VERY 1st executive order was permanently sealing his own records.

Pamela Barnett, author of OBAMA NEVER VETTED, THE UNLAWFUL PRESIDENT, THE NATIONAL SECURITY LOOPHOLES THAT ENDANGER AMERICA and investigative journalist, broke the stories that Obama lost his U.S. citizenship and Obama lied regarding the alleged killing date of Osama Bin Laden.

She is an activist leader and supporter of others in the Obama eligibility and Obama Forgery-Gate campaigns. More about Pamela below the video.

She is a retired Army Captain and former battalion intelligence staff officer that has proven Obama’s background and legal status were never verified by any federal agency and that he would never qualify for a national security clearance if he were required to pass one. She is director of ObamaBallotChallenge.com, editor of UnlawfulPresident.com, President of ConstitutionActionFund.org, Inc. Please subscribe to email updates to her websites and you can also follow her at Facebook and Twitter: www.facebook.com/obamaballotchallenge – Twitter – @obamachallenge

OBAMA NEVER VETTED, THE UNLAWFUL PRESIDENT, THE NATIONAL SECURITY LOOPHOLES THAT ENDANGER AMERICA, is an historic, extremely important book that should be read by all Americans to understand the loopholes that allowed Obama, citizen of other countries that would not pass a national security background check, to usurp the U.S. Presidency and endanger all American citizens. It is currently available for purchase at Amazon.com, but may be selling very soon at Scribd.com. Barnett will post on her websites when her book is available for sale in paper format. Barnett is not completely satisfied with the reproduction of documents on the Kindle format so you may email her proof of purchase to pamelabarnett @nym.hush.com and she will send you a private website link of the pdf version of her book for no additional cost.


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2 Responses to Obama Lost His US Citizenship! Retired US Army Captain Speaks Out: Obama Never Vetted! Video

  1. Sally's Special Services says:

    Reblogged this on Sally's Political Blog.

  2. If this is true, then the proof is in Topeka ks and the birth certificate shows this. Sec of State Kris Kobach’s office found something that made them exclaim. WE DON’T THINK HE KNOWS when I had them check under Barry Soetoro. If true, then why didn’t Kris Kobach speak out in the hearing and say he was not eligible back in 9/12? Did (Do) the Ks records of the adoption in Indonesia show some US State Dept Action , too like an amendment of citizenship on it? Sec of State Kris Kobach holds the entire key to all this. The Sec Of state of Ks when Pres Obama was beginning to run for public office through 2010 was Thornburgh and he resigned in 2010, Chris Briggs was appointed then Kris Kobach won the election and he has announced he is running for reelections. So we have a Republican covering up the biggest expose ever? OR if this is not true? And Kris Kobach was telling the truth in court when he said he was eligible and needed Orly Taitz to ask for the court order to release the records!

    Why don’t the birthers with their financial backing understand the key is in Kansas to unravel all of this, one way or another. I know where he was born, I do not know first hand what his official status was before he came back from Indonesia and was introduced to me as Barry Soetoro by his maternal grandmother who seemed scared I would mention any other name, or origins about Toepka ks to him She obviously didn’t want is real murdered Dad’s family to know anything about him or know them, and as I recall they were good Christian people.” But she didn’t want her own husabnd’s fmaily to have meuch contact except for my cousin Roalnd Hackett, both famlies isolated from most of the extended family over ideologies, inclding Daniel Wayne Pope’s own parents, his paternal great grand parents Remember Dan stole Stanley Dunham’s ID to go to war when he was too young. How young? Check the 1940 census record for Holyoke Colorado. They were good Methodist family and although every human has their frailties, noting I have ever known about them would lead any one to not want them to know their grand daughter, nor great grandson Pres Obama. A real tragedy, that as a teenager didn’t have much control over, but at 67, I will not be silenced anymore. TRUTH will set us all free. And I still want justice for the three dead in the Kansas river, one being the real Dad of the President a former classmate of mine with a brilliant future and an unborn son to have influence over, who gave up his life to save Ann and their unborn child, Pers Obama…

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