JTF: Romney Defeated Obama – If Not For Voter Fraud – But We Can Still Change the Outcome! – Updated

Great video from the Jewish Task Force…

Video:  Romney Defeated Obama – If Not For Voter Fraud

I read an eerie piece the other day on American Gulag entitled The Time for Taking a Stand is Coming and I wrote a piece entitled AMERICA’S FUTURE… WHERE DO WE GO NOW… HOW TO WIN THE BATTLE… AND WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING. The thought that the time for taking a stand is coming is the wrong perspective. The time to start taking that stand is now.  The average American is peace loving and easy going and the average conservative/Republican is not naturally confrontational or trained to resort to the Alinsky type methods, outlined in Rules for Radicals  that the left lives by and uses to win.  But we have allowed the Progressive left to steal our country, alter the meaning and intentions of our Constitution, as well as our beliefs and traditions and most recently to steal the 2012 Election because we believe in playing by the rules and allow ourselves to be teetering off the edge before we really take a stand.  The rest of the world is laughing at us or crying for us because they know our fall affects them.  But the average person in Canada, Europe and down under, and probably most of the rest of the world, is shaking their heads at our complacent attitude as we are being lead like sheep to the slaughter… or is that ‘sheeple’ as Russia’s news paper Pravda (Previously the Official Press of the USSR) dubbed us after Obama’s first election? “The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker”, they wrote in 2009.

voter IDIt is becoming so evident that the election fraud perpetrated by the left, Team Obama, may have been enough to steal the election and that is just not acceptable.  We send people like former President Jimmy Carter and many others to monitor elections all over the world.  We made the Iraqis dip their fingers in ink to spot people from voting multiple times, yet we have allowed Eric Holder and Team Obama to fight voter ID Laws all over the United States.

This plan below might not have been exactly what our Founding Fathers envisioned for the provision of the Electoral College, sending an election to the House to be settled if needed.  Or perhaps it is exactly what they envisioned… a loophole if we were smart enough to figure it out and stand up if we needed it?!?  And the time to stand up is now. If election 2012 was stolen due to voter fraud, which seems more and more evident, there should be a new one or it should go to the House to be settled.

I have been sent several interesting articles and pieces of information lately including: The Marxist Plan to Bankrupt the United States: Is History Repeating Itself? and SOROS REMAKES AMERICA INTO NARCO NATION.  The Plans and the people involved in what is going on behind the scenes in American politics are much bigger than Barack Obama and the Election of 2012, but winning that election at any cost was a lynch pin for them!  But stealing an election is not winning and allowing it to stand is not what our Founding Fathers would have envisioned.

The fact is that the media manipulation of the facts and coverage of both candidates as well as events like Benghazigate and the jobless numbers was extensive and far-reaching in our dumbed down culture and voter fraud in 2012 was massive, rampant and intentional. So thinking we can fix things in 4 more years could very well be a pipe dream.  It is time for Americans to stand up and use the methods of the left to fight back… Alinsky style creativity!

It is time that conservatives and patriots of all stripes understand this, read Rules for Radicals and study both Saul Alinsky’s methods and the Cloward and Piven Method and then fight back using the same strategies or counter measures that work, like: Rules for Radicals Defeated, Countering Rules for Radicals, Rules for Conservatives and Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America.  And it is time we make the stands whether we win or not and whether the method is a bit blurred, after all we have been allowing from the left for a long time.

Let us remember that the patriots who fought the British and gave us this one of a kind country and the opportunity to be part of the great American Experiment(Can man rule himself?) did so by not following the rules. The Brits fought in formation, using their rules of war under which they the had the ability, weaponry and experience to beat , us and should have won.  We, the colonists, had a rag tag army and far too few resources or men.  But we won because we broke the rules and were creative; we fought as a militia, doing what was needed to win from the Boston Tea Party to the small bands of men without uniforms and sometimes evens shoes who hid in and jumped out of trees, because everything was on the line.  That is where we are today, but we are not fighting as if everything was on the line.  Most Americans are still not even paying attention?!?

How We Can (Still) Stop Obama and Change the Outcome of the Election!!

The vast majority of the public and the press have proclaimed the 2012 Presidential election over and Barack Obama the President-elect. However, as Lee Corso, the college football analyst on ESPN’s Game Day broadcasts is so fond of saying:

“Not so fast my friend!!”

We have only taken the first step in the actual election process constitutionally mandated to select our next President. The two steps that follow, I believe, will determine the future course of this nation and, perhaps, the very survival of the Constitutional principles on which it was founded.

On November 6th,we voted to establish the actual slates of Electors that are to be entrusted with the responsibility of electing

the next President. The next step is for those Electors to gather in the various state capitals on December 17th to cast their ballots. Those ballots are then tallied in the states and forwarded to the President of the Senate and to the National Archivist for confirmation of the final tally by both Houses of the Congress on January 7th.

There are three classes of Electors so charged. Of the total of 538, the breakdown is as follows:

  1. Those designated by popular vote on Democrat slates (332)
  2. Those designated by popular vote on “dedicated” Republican slates (72)
  3. Those designated by popular vote on “unfettered” Republican slates (134)

Each of these Electors assumes a sacred trust to cast his or her ballot only for a candidate constitutionally eligible to actually hold the office of President and Commander in Chief under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution.

The key to correcting the current process will be the success of our call to action to the 134 Electors in the third group coming from the 13 states listed below. As of the year 2000, Electors from those states were deemed “unfettered” (meaning that, by law, they are allowed to cast their ballots for whomever they choose.) There is precedent for this in that nine times previously, Electors have cast their ballots independently of the popular vote. Theoretically and practically then, each of these 134 hold the potential to cast their ballots for Mr. Obama and

are therefore entitled to be assured of the constitutional eligibility of his candidacy.

Why is this important? Because through that process, all 134 Republican Electors must be deemed to have “Standing” to demand certifiable evidence of Mr. Obama’s qualifications, as specified under Article 2 of the Constitution, to be deemed a “Natural Born Citizen.“

As we know, Mr. Obama fails to attain to that standard by virtue of his own admission that his birth father was a British Subject.

We the People need now to produce a flood of mail to alert each of these 134 Republican Electors that they have the “Standing” and the responsibility to demand that this question be resolved so that they can make an informed decision before they cast their ballots.

These Electors need to immediately notify their respective Governor and Secretary of State that they require this information prior to December 17th or that they will not be able to properly discharge their Constitutional responsibility.

The following are the “unfettered” states carried by Republican Electors who are not required by law or by pledge to cast ballots for the Republican candidate:

Arizona, North Dakota

Arkansas, South Dakota

Georgia, Tennessee

Indiana, Texas

Kansas, Utah

Louisiana, West Virginia


To accomplish this goal of personally notifying all of them, it is suggested that each of us contact the Electors in our home state and at least one other state. The individual Electors’ mail addresses are available through their respective Secretaries of States’ offices.

Once the Electoral College process is impacted by these requirements, it is likely that the courts will be required to hear the full evidence (or, more realistically, the lack thereof) concerning Mr. Obama’s eligibility. The likely outcome of his failing to qualify will throw the election into the House of Representatives, where each state delegation is given one vote.

At the present time, majorities in those delegations are held by Republicans in 32 states and by Democrats in 17 states. Minnesota is a toss-up. Therefore, the likely result of such a vote in the House will be that a Republican will be declared President.

Finally, as a backstop against the possibility that Mr. Obama’s candidacy somehow survives an Electoral College challenge, there are two more critical steps for us to take at this time:

1. Concurrently with our mail campaign to the Electoral College, it is important that we also contact all Republican Representatives and Senators to inform them that we are counting on them to “object” if and/or when the President of the Senate calls for confirmation of an Electoral College “tally” designating Barack Obama as President-elect. If as few as one Representative and one Senator stand to request certification of the candidate’s eligibility, the whole process must stop until a full and final determination is made.

2. Also, the 332 Electors representing the states carried by Democrats need to be put on notice that they will be failing to uphold their Constitutional responsibility if they vote for an ineligible and therefore unqualified candidate. There has already been a case filed in New York State (Strunk) asserting that possibility.

The only way for us not to win this fight is for good people to lose courage. Let’s lock arms, pray, and go to work to revive the Constitutional standards for which so many of our forefathers have fought and died. The wisdom of the founding document that has prospered and strengthened this nation will once again sustain us if we will take action and hold fast to its terms.

God bless America!!

obamaballotchallenge.com ^ is helping to organize a Massive Anti-Obama Rally @ “Obama’s” Inauguration Day!!! Whether it’s massive or not will depend on YOU. Since our officials and parties won’t fight, will YOU? We Have A Dream: 500,000+ Anti-Obama Activists Arrive In Washington D.C. During Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony … If you are unsatisfied with Obama’s reelection win and you further feel that he will ultimately destabilize America completely, then let us join together with bold Anti-Obama signs clearly stating our main grievances concerning unemployment, the economy, Benghazi, foreign policy matters, war status or whatever may perhaps be your main concern(s) on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 (Martin Luther King,..

I feel that the Inauguration rally should be our fall back event not our main goal!

My ongoing question is why are we rallying on Inauguration Day, when it is too late? Why are we not demanding that there is a nationwide recount, that the electors for the electoral college in the “unfettered” states go through the process above or hold their votes until after an investigation or indefinitely, forcing a vote for president in the House of Representatives or a whole new election??

Now is the time to start standing up!!

h/t Daniel Noe from Western Journalism, Jean Stoner and Liana Smith



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