Egypt Judges Suspend Work to Protest Morsi Power Grab Decrees… But America Re-Elects Power Grabbing Obama?

Egypt Judges Suspend Work to Protest Morsi Decrees

From the streets of Cairo and across the nation, Egyptians continued protests against their leader’s power-grab.  The latest challenge to President Mohammad Morsi comes from the country’s highest appeal court, Egyptian state television reported Wednesday.

Judges of the Cassation Court said they are suspending work nationwide to show objection to Morsi’s actions.

Could Egyptians rise up against Morsi like they did their previous leader? CBN News Sr. International Reporter Gary Lane has more.

Egypt’s president sent the country into a tailspin last week after passing decrees that gave him and a few other Islamic leaders basically absolute power. Since then, anti-Morsi protestors have filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square, facing off with riot police in a call for democracy in their nation – not another Islamic dictator.

See Video HERE

Yet after Obama spent the past four years grabbing power and circumventing Congress by the use of Executive Orders (EO’s) Americans re-elected him or at least haven’t demanded a recount in what is becoming a more questionable election daily.

The question in the minds of people around the world is as asked by Russia’s Pravda, “Will Americans really allow freedom to die without a whimper?” and be led down the global path from the Great American Experiment to a New Global World Order?  Will we not even put up as much of a fight as the Egyptians?


In a 2008 survey, 4 in 10 Americans were not able to name any 1stAmendment right whatsoever… And we wonder how we got here?

Obama and the Department of Homeland Security ordered 2700 of these for serving warrants THEY SAY. I think it’s something much more cynical!

American Dictatorship

And don’t forget… Obama’s pal George Soros had his fingerprints all over the upheaval in Egypt

“It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains”—Patrick Henry

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