A National Crisis in Character… So Let Us Recapture The Culture!

imageGOPUSA: Here’s an excerpt from a letter I received the other day from a college professor: "[T]hroughout this election I discussed with students the differences between ideologies. The majority of them are on federal financial aid. They are fine with more taxes as long as they will be taken care of. It is disturbing to hear that they are willing to spend their own money on tattoos and cell phones but cannot buy the book for class until the financial aid comes in."

For those who see social conservatism as an annoyance and argue that Republicans must purge this agenda from their party in order to survive, I say, "Think again."

If Republicans want revival, we need honest focus on what’s really wrong in America and what must be done to assure that a great nation will be standing for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This kind of thinking is different from polls and focus groups and clever schemes to manage media and voter turnout. Leadership is about identifying the truth, believing it and telling it in a way that people can grasp. Then they will respond and follow.

The professor’s letter provides a snapshot, a hint, of what America’s most basic problem is today. It’s a problem of character and values. Having lectured on more than 180 college campuses over the last 20 years, I have seen exactly what the professor is talking about.

Of course government is too big. But how did it get this way? Americans vote every two years. They voted every two years during the whole period over which government grew to its current unwieldy size. With the majority of the country now on one kind of government program or another, does anybody really think we can change this without talking about the human attitudes and values that produced it?

Democrats have a much easier problem than Republicans. They are not trying to change America. The trends and attitudes that got the whole country on welfare, that produced the moral relativism that is destroying our families and character, is the platform of the Democratic Party. Democrat politicians just have one job: deny that the patient is sick.

Republicans, if they are going to be a real opposition party, have a much tougher job. With all the talk about this last election being driven by demographics and turnout, the most basic point is the party and its candidate did not step up as a serious, principled opposition party. We can’t save Medicare and Social Security. They are bankrupt. Did we hear this from the Republican candidate? We heard wishy-washy words about reforming these systems so we can save them.

Did we hear anything about how our public schools — controlled by unions whose agenda is growing their benefits and promoting moral relativism among our youth — are destroying our children and our future? No.

When Ronald Reagan was first elected in November 1980, 18 percent of our babies were born to unwed mothers. Today, 42 percent are. Anyone who thinks this is not of crisis of the first order can just as easily vote for a Democrat as a Republican.

Americans just re-elected a president who opposed the Supreme Court decision banning partial-birth abortion. The leader of our nation thinks it should be legal in America to kill a live, fully formed infant. What does this say about America today and our future?

There may be Republicans who think that we can ignore the crisis in character and values that underlies our fiscal crisis. There may be Republicans who think that if we have a better tax system it doesn’t matter if we have a country of single mothers, sexually ambiguous and confused men, and abortion and euthanasia on demand. But ignoring these things would mean not just the end of the Republican Party, but the end of our country.

Star Parker is president of CURE and author of Uncle Sam’s Plantation and Pimps, Whores and Welfare Brats and

What Do We Do Now? Here’s One Answer, Recapture The Culture!

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

TPN: I noticed something as a youngster, that did not hit me until adulthood. I had friends both in high school and in college who were gifted cars by their parents, and I had friends who saved their own money and purchased their own vehicles. Those who were gifted cars, in general and by no means always, started off with nicer cars than those who bought their own. In general, and by no means always, those who purchased their own cars had nicer vehicles after one year had passed. The difference between the two groups was entirely found in the respect and care shown for the private property by the disparate groups. In those cars that were gifted, you would more often than not see vehicles that were knee deep in trash that bared the ubiquitous symbol of McDonald’s. In those cars that were earned, you would more often than not see the owners meticulously cleaning and polishing their possessions.

That is what our most recent Presidential Election represents. Those who were gifted the wealthiest society the world has ever seen, are not showing the same respect for what created that society as if they had produced that wealth themselves. This nation, represents the very first time in human history that the ordinary man has had the opportunity to traverse class lines, indeed as if those lines did not exist. Our society represents the first time in human history that the ordinary man was able to lay claim to the lion’s share of what ever he produced. What we see when people are voting themselves an ever increasing share of what is produced by others, and then claiming that it is what is owed them by an ever expanding centralized government behemoth, is the cannibalization of the wealth that was created by previous generations. We are able to have these discussions about free ponies for all basically because the perception that we as a society can now afford this is prevalent. That ability was literally gifted to us by previous generations who had the moral clarity to adhere to free market economics. Unfortunately, just like those beautiful new cars given to high school kids that ended up being rolling rust buckets knee deep in fast food garbage, that wealth is not divine providence, but something that can be destroyed.

This video is an hour long, and the Q and A video is another 40 minutes. I would submit to you that America is worth it. I would submit to you that our future is worth it. In this video, Bill Whittle does a terrific job in both explaining how many of us felt on November 7, 2012. He also describes with tremendous clarity how we can fix it, so that we can indeed win this fight that we are all of us committed to. Winning the political argument does not mean what it used to. Barack Obama won the Presidency and his second term without making any kind of political argument what so ever. He won the cultural battle. Andrew Breitbart understood this, and he was so popular on our side because he understood how to fight in that arena. It is something we had all better figure out, or this creeping Socialism will indeed destroy the greatest nation our world has ever known.

There has been much discussion about what we on the right side of the aisle had gotten wrong that we lost another election, and justifiably so. Finger pointing has been the order of the day, from Republican Party apparatchiks blaming the Conservatives that make up the base of the GOP to that base, who are tired of being the voting base of a political party that insists upon setting itself continually at odds with its own constituency. One point stands above all others in this video, and that is, Conservatism will not sell as a message when the person selling that message is not himself or herself buying into it, 100%. Mitt Romney would have been a great President, and quite honestly has the character and integrity that America needed this year. It did not matter that the Republican Candidate was actually Dudley Do-Right, literally a man without vice or sin. He was vilified by the opposition as an evil vulture circling the skies waiting for granny to be left without chaperon so that she might be pushed off of the nearest cliff. At some point in time, the values we put forward should reflect the values we actually have, and not be part of some campaign strategy designed for no other purpose than electoral success. Mitt Romney was foisted upon us by a GOP apparatus who insisted that an actual conservative has no chance for electoral success, ever. Losing by a closer margin is still losing. Since Ronald Reagan’s last election in 1984, we have not nominated a single conservative to be on the Republican ticket. Our results have been mixed at best, and a more apt description would be dismal. I believe the time has come to note that the experts are somewhat mistaken in the goofiness that they are attempting to sell us. Given his dismal record, there is no way that Barack Obama should be taking the oath of office for a second term this January, and yet, here we are again, soul searching in November, rather than gloating.

This video is a message of how we get ourselves gloating again, rather than preparing for life in a totalitarian society run by Socialist elites.



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