A Black Veil of Mourning Hangs Over America – Updated

truman-dewey-c[1]I went to bed at about 2a.m. the night of Election 2012 hoping I would wake up to a news cycle miracle along the lines of the correction after the famous 1948 Election Chicago Tribune headlines: Dewey wins – “Dewey Defeats Truman” (It would have been poetic justice!)  But when I woke up Obama had still been re-elected, Florida was still too close to call definitively and whispers of voter fraud were everywhere.

Per the Tampa Bay Online and other sources, at 3:30p.m. on Wednesday November 7th, President Barack Obama was still holding onto a slim lead, but too close to call, in Florida the largest swing state, which the President ended up not needing to win for re-election (but ultimately won) because he captured several other battleground states.  At the time of the original writing for this piece Obama’s lead in Florida was much less than election night — 46,666 votes, or 49.9 percent to 49.3 percent for Romney. All precincts were in, but provisional and absentee ballots were yet to be counted, which should raise a red flag in the mind of the informed voter.  If you have paid attention to the voter fraud fears, warnings and issues around the country and  the voter machine problem reports, the Allen West loss in Florida… who is asking for a recount and is asking for our help, along with the slim lead in that state for President Obama, raises questions… as does the Mia Love loss when she was way ahead in Utah, a state that Governor Romney carried.  After all the only people the left dislikes more than tea partiers and conservative women is conservative blacks.  Amazingly Michele Bachmann survived and was re-elected.  But how easy would it be to set a few machines in precincts like those of Allen West or Mia Love that would favor their opponents as well as President Obama?

The reality is that America either committed suicide or was murdered through voter fraud on November 6, 2012 as the mainstream media remains silent and is still spinning the story of Obama’s re-election victory.

Investment guru and financial advisor Porter Stansberry put out a piece before the Election warning investors and Americans in general that the Obama machine and the major powers supporting him would guarantee that President Obama won re-election by any means necessary.  And when you look at the polls, analyzed by experts like Karl Rove, Michael Barone, Dick Morris, Joe Trippi, Frank Luntz, Pat Caddell and the list goes on, who predicted a very close election or a Romney win, as well at the enthusiasm on the right and the size and enthusiasm of the crowds that appeared at the Romney and Ryan events verses the scant and often paid for crowds at the Obama and Biden events throughout much of the election season you have to shake your head… the numbers just don’t add up!  Many feel that Mitt Romney should have contested the election instead of being the gentleman and man of character that he is and conceding so quickly.  I am among those!

Here Are the Responses of 5 Top Conservative Thought Leaders to Obama’s Victory  And are we conservatives so guileless that we simply cannot fathom the theft of a US presidential election? Instead much of the GOP just turns on itself?!?  More and more information is surfacing about voter fraud do to the voting machines, military votes not counted and variances between exit polls and results and Obama numbers in precincts where GOP inspectors were removed.

Mitt Romney is a decent, patriotic, kind and God-fearing man with exactly the background and skills needed to turn America around and put people back to work.  He and Paul Ryan would have put our country on the road to fixing our debt crisis and would have returned us to a place of respect in the world community.  We chose the sly candy man (or Santa Claus as Rush said) instead of the honest ‘meat and potatoes man’, even though there is poison in the candy.

After decades of dumbing down our population and 4-years of the Obama Administration actively creating a dependency culture added to the changing demographics of the electorate including 11 million Latinos breaking for Obama (A higher percentage of Hispanics voted for Obama this time than in 2008), months worth of negative ads by Team Obama in the swing or battleground states against Governor Romney  that tainted the electorate while Romney was still in a contentious primary fight, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul’s Libertarians siphoning off Republican votes in some key states like Colorado, Hurricane Sandy, Team Romney deciding not to go after Obama directly on Benghazigate and the photo op vision left in voters’ minds of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie bear hugging President Obama… even if Ronald Reagan could have swooped down from Heaven riding Shadowfax, he wouldn’t have been elected yesterday in the culture we live in now.

But perhaps the two greatest contributors to the Obama re-election added to the factors above are voter fraud around the country including the registration of dead dogs, cartoon characters and dead people, the rigging of voting machines and the DOJ’s efforts to block voter ID laws… plus the lack of turnout in large enough numbers by Evangelicals, Caucasians, seniors and Constitutionalists for Romney and the lack of awareness of the true issues and facts by Obama voters that can largely be attributed to the liberal mainstream media that have protected Obama since 2007.  Only one third of Americans eligible to vote, exercised their right and privilege.  And how many of those were duplicates or ineligible or changed votes is another question, plus what happened to the approximately 200 million Americans that did not vote in the most important election of our lifetime(s)?

Election 2012 was a game changer, a defining election, that decided whether America would continue down the entitlement path, becoming a Nanny State, where Americans chose Big Brother and less individual freedom and opportunity in order to guarantee themselves benefits and cultural equality, like Europe has over the past two decades, a socialistic democracy type of system (that has failed miserably and is now falling apart) over a return to American Exceptionalism that guarantees everyone an equal playing field but not governmental mandates and guarantees of welfare or equality and is based on the foundation and documents our Founding Fathers left this country.  By re-electing Barack Obama we chose the latter.  Dennis Miller said on the Factor on Wednesday that “America will never be the same, at least not in his lifetime” and truer words were never said.

Whatever comes as a result of this election if you did not vote or help spread the information you knew to be ‘true’; or if you voted for Obama without knowing what is going on in Benghazi, which Team Obama managed to spin and bury on page 8 until after the election) or what is really in the ObamaCare bill (which you can read on the Internet); if you are Hispanic and could not see past the immigration issue; if you are black or a minority voter who could not see past the issue of race; if you are a Christian and couldn’t get past Romney being a Mormon or your type of Christian; or if you are a single woman and put ‘free’ birth control and abortions before all else, or if you allowed people to scare you without doing your own homework, you can only blame yourself!  It will be your legacy and yours to explain when you children and grandchildren ask, “What were you doing and who did you vote for the day America died?”

Thomas Sowell said, “Like so many people, in so many countries, who started out to “spread the wealth,” Barack Obama has ended up spreading poverty”, yet so many still are blind to the reality judging from the election.  Others, like many in abusive relationships, just can’t seem to break away.  That is perhaps the most frightening lesson of the election.

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Photo: Store in VA Closes to Mourn the Loss of America

It has been an unusual day filled with emptiness and sorrow for many… for most who understand history, the Constitution and follow current events, as if a black veil of mourning has covered America.  Many felt God would jump in at the last minute and give voters wisdom to right our ship.  I think God gave Americans the tools long ago in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, like he gave us the Bible to follow, and he inspired the Founding Fathers to guide our path but we have lost our way.  He gave us endless clues over the past 4-years that we made a mistake in 2008 and gave us another wake-up call when the Benghazi terror attack facts were leaked, and again too many people chose not to listen, not to do their homework and not to vote.

We must not give up the fight… but we, as a country, missed ‘the moment’ by re-electing Barack Obama instead of the right man for the job, Mitt Romney.  Conservatives will now be called on to work and fight even harder and to start immediately at a grassroots local level.

Military Absentee BallotsSince this was originally written, we suspect that many military absentee ballots were perhaps not counted and the reports of suspected voter fraud and discrepancies between exit polls and the reported results could have brought a victory in several states for Governor Romney that might change the entire outcome of the election. Demand that these votes be counted and applied honestly and correctly, whatever the outcome. Our troops give their lives daily for our rights and freedoms, so if there is some truth behind the Duffel Bag’s satirical piece, their votes must be counted! And if there was voter fraud within the U.S. that would changed the outcome of the election, it must be addressed and the votes must be applied correctly. Remember Al Franken… Stand up and join the fight… get out the word to everyone to demand that everyone’s vote is counted and counted honestly and those votes that are ineligible must be pulled!

I have heard speculation that voter fraud on the Democrat side could be as high as 5% of the total ballots cast.  The Dow dropped 400 points the two days after the election and layoffs and even companies closing their doors began the morning after Election 2012, once companies and especially small business owners knew that President Obama had been re-elected and that ObamaCare and many of its costs would begin going into affect in January 2012.  And the by Friday General Petreus had resigned and the Benghazigate cover-up was moving to page one.

Whether the black veil of mourning continues to hang over America, grows even darker or is lifted is up to ‘We the People’.  Will we demand an honest count and even a redo (new balloting) in some areas until we know the outcome of Election 2012 is true and honest and the right people are in office, from President down to the local dog catcher?  Will we demand answers, the truth, explanations, and resignations, recalls and impeachments of those responsible for the cover-up(s) in Benghazi and then go back to Fast and Furious.  And will conservatives (Republicans) realign the delivery of their message and reach out move effectively allowing more people to feel comfortable in their tent without compromising their values; hence continuing to give people in the future a choice.  Or will we grumble in our soup and whine on our computers while let it all slide again… changing the traditions, values and legal precidents of the greatest country on earth forever, as our Founding Fathers spin in their graves?  The choice is ours and whether we choose blue sky, the black veil or total darkness, is up to us as individuals, communities, political groups and parties and the whole nation.


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