Watch Salaried Obama Campaign Workers Actively Encourage Voter Fraud

A couple of caveats with this one. First off, these Organizing for America paid staffers have to be led to the point of committing felonies, if only gently directed to that point. That does not excuse their behavior in the slightest, but it does allow the argument that this is not so much a smoking gun as it is a smoldering coal which is capable of starting a fire if allowed to fester unchallenged. I realize that this is a weak argument, but there is still a distinction here. The crime to be committed was mentioned first by the Veritas team, does not require any actual participation by the Obama team, and we still do not have any idea as to what kinds of conversations go on in the smoke filled rooms of the party bosses. Secondly, O’Keefe in the past has teased with little nibbles of his stings, and when the vigorous defenses were proffered of these events being isolated incidents, or he didn’t show where we threw him out, or what ever the lies of the day seemed to be, he would drop the full footage as a bomb to disprove every piece of the aforementioned denials. This has that, "more to come," feel to it.

At the very least, I would have expected that at least one adult with a working ethical standard be employed somewhere in the Obama Campaign. In each of these instances where people are professing an intent to commit voter fraud, something the Democrats have spent millions of dollars in an effort to convince every court in the land does not exist, the paid Democrat operatives are not only negligent in their failure to put a stop to the fraud, but are excited by the idea and offer to help out. O’Keefe also highlights something else in this video that I hope gets more attention in his follow up videos. Towards the end, notice that he is no longer visiting the Obama Campaign, but local election boards, who are ostensibly neutral. When his team claims to be Democrat supporters intending to perpetrate a fraud in order to get the Democrat elected, they are told to, "take as many registration forms as you wish." When his team visits the same nonpartisan voting registration drive run by the same local election boards claiming to be Republican supporters, they are told that the registration forms are too valuable to be allowed to leave the local office. Bear in mind that these are the same people who will be counting the votes and determine our results.

To my fellow members of the political right, we need to place our own volunteers within the local election boards. As Joseph Stalin once famously mused, its not the vote itself that matters, but who counts those votes that matters. For proof of this, just ask the good people of Venezuela, who are now afflicted with a third Hugo Chavez term, in a nation by the way that formerly had a two term limit included in its national constitution. Someone who is honest should be at each polling place, if only to observe the proceedings in order to insure accuracy in the results.

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