Bill Clinton’s DNC Nomination Speech

Video: Bill Clinton DNC Speech COMPLETE: ‘We’re In This Together’ vs. ‘You’re On Your Own’

 Tweets During Clinton’s Speech

Several minutes of absolute silence on twitter after Clinton first came on… odd!

Best performance from a fake Indian since

"I want to nominate a man who will remind everyone how good I was, compared to him." –Slick Willy #DNC2012

Democratic Platform Supports More Defense Cuts…

#DNC2012 is hoping Bill Clinton doesn’t remind people of that time a Democrat got elected by focusing on jobs & the economy.

Bill Clinton is going to try & take us to church! OMG ….the insanity #tcot #twcot #DNC2012

Clinton on marriage. Got to love that. Hey, didn’t he officiate Anthony Weiner’s wedding? No, seriously.

Clinton "burns on the inside." & flirts w/ Michelle Obama! #tcot #RomneyRyan #Hewitt

Surprise DNC attendee: Monica Lewinsky… Don’t we wish…

After watching the conventions… My vote is for Clint! #tcot

Clinton: "We’re all in this together is a far better philosophy than you’re on your own." #DNC2012

Shorter Bill Clinton: "It takes a village!" #DNC2012

Chelsea Clinton sighting! #dnc2012

Fuck you, and what you want, Bubba. Cheating, impeached, lying piece of shit.

Michael Steele: Clinton is sooo smooth. "I want Barak Obama to be the next president of the United States." Too bad he doesn’t believe it.

#DNC2012 Is Slick Willie on steroids or has he found fresh meat to rape after his speech?

Clinton: The far right seems to hate our President.

Hello:  You guys have called us Nazis four times this week.

Anyone think Hillary is on another continent tonight so that Bill can REALLY have fun after he finishes his speech?

RT @BecketAdams: Clinton probably shouldn’t comment on other men’s wives… ever…

ME2 RT @TwitToNande: I realize Bill is of (not so) questionable moral character, but I must admit I prefer listening to him WAY more than BO

#DNC2012 He hated Ken Starr allright

#CoolerThanObama Paul Ryan

Yeah Bill, the left just loves Romney, they show so much respect. #DNC2012

They call him slick willy for a reason…

Optics >>RT @secupp: Campaign officials say Obama will join Clinton on stage tonight.

Hillary & Huma, Anthony & Bill….2 peas in a pod….times two……

#textsfromhillary try 2b convincing cigar boy

I am so proud of the SIGNAL Hillary sends out… by not attending this DNC!

I can’t listen to Clinton anymore-he makes me puke!!

Bill Clinton is a REAL comedian tonight! I’m laughing my ass off! #DNC  FOUR MORE BEERS

when you’ve showcased teddy kennedy and bill clinton, why not let john edwards speak? what have they got to lose? #dnc2012

Billy clinton-So greatful to Hillary & Obama bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House… #tcot

John S Wright@JohnSWright49  "Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness"- have been replaced with "Requlations, Taxes, & the pursuit of Hobbits" under #Obama

Time for some good music I’d say. : )  Can’t listen to anymore of this b.s.

SERIOUSLY??? Bubba’s using the: IT COULD BE WORSE argument???? He’s lost his touch!!!!!!!!! #tcot

Vietnam Vet@HiDesertPatriot

Slick Willie: Our #1 Priority is not to put Americans back to work, but to "Keep Obama on the job" HUH? #DNC2012 #TCOT

Clinton: He’s good at creative math! Must’ve gone to public school!! #tcot #Hewitt #RomneyRyan

Why is Clinton making this speech. He despises BHO and truly believes none of this. So why? #tcot #teaparty #p2

Yeah? Well the manufacturing jobs are declining back to zero and so are construction jobs, Bill. #DNC2012 #DNC

Ass Hat Clinton……THIS NATION HAD IT’S FIRST EVER DOWN GRADE…..TWICE!!! Obama has pictures on you & u r a national risk

Bubba pushing his wife’s HC dream…

FAA officials accused of pressuring staff to vote for Obama #tcot

Hey @AriFleischer, be sure to tell your followers how much your boss, Pres Bush, contributed to the $16 trillion debt. I’ll wait

Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House and the Murders of SEAL Team Six 8/24/2011 #sot #military #police SEALS #ampat

Half of #military bases lack voting facility (@times247) #tcot #mil #BringThemHome


via @B4INFeatured: Anderson Cooper- Debbie Wasserman Schultz “In An Alternate Universe” #tcot

People are so bored with Bubba that they are tweeting about other things… or just now listening to music!!

Have you ever heard more lies than from the DNC speakers or seen more idiots than the people in the DNC hall?  Never!!

This speech was killing it at 15 mins. Now, it’s bordering on a hostage situation.

Tweets down to a trickle… for God sake Bill.

MT @keithcrc Cue the video of Clinton agreeing with Ryan on Medicare #LibLies #DNC2012 #DNC

Is this a nomination speech or a Presidential mulligan?

Now Bubba doesn’t like Romney’s plan… a couple months ago he said Romney was a sterling business man. 


Dick Morris (Clinton’s former advisor): #DNC2012 Obama wants to gut welfare reform. Administration agreed to waivers which allowed them to describe work as training, education

Dogs live longer than the length of time Obamacare supposedly extends the life of Medicare_I hope u keep repeatng that 8yr BS #dnc2012 #tcot

Dear @GOP you are running against the Communists who have fought for 90 years for this moment. Break out the weapons or lose. @GOP @RNC


Its Tough to help struggling families from your Gulfstream V Billy! #DNC2012 #BillClinton #AlGore

Does anyone ever ask why thinks in Haiti (with Bills help) never gets any better for the people?

@theblaze: If you want a winner-take-all society then you should vote for the Republicans, says Bill Clinton at #DNC2012

@mkhammer: Oops: GAO disagrees with Bill.” RT

By a 6-1 ratio Americans have fallen into poverty since #Obama was elected. #DNC

THIS–> RT @rogerlsimon: Please, Democrats, do not nominate Hillary. We’ll have to hear another one of these Bill speeches.

@FloridaJayhawk @MittRomney @TeamRomney Obama can’t run on Clinton’s record as much as he may want to. Obama has a failed term!

Selling snake oil Mr. Clinton? Save…Save…Save… The question is how much do you have to spend first? #DNC2012

Wow… two con men now on the stage at the same time:  Clinton and Obama…

RT @MonicaCrowley: I wonder how much debt we’ve rung up since Clinton started talking?

Thanks Bill! now my blood pressure is 16,000,000,000,000 over 4 (more)

At the end… the losers in the hall are going nuts!

@RepublicanGOP The filibuster at the #DNC2012 has officially ended.

@greggutfeld  Clinton’s ego just landed; and it overstayed its welcome.

@Jarjarbug Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow as #DNC2012 parade a loser Prez from 1976 & an ego

@michellemalkin: "It was a little self-indulgent and 30 minutes too long." – Brit Hume on #SlickWilly #DNC speech

CSPAN@cspan  VIDEO: Former President Bill Clinton addresses the @DemConvention #DNC2012

Also:  @willspencer

Photo proves DNC teleprompter loaded to affirm 2/3rds vote regardless outcome #tcot #teaparty #tiot #tlot #tpot #p2 #p3

@TejasKat #DNC #DemConvention #Obama2012 #Dem ~~ Say NO to Marxism! ~~ Vote Smart! Vote #RomneyRyan2012

Bill Clinton – IMPEACHED LIAR calls @MittRomney a liar? THAT takes BRASS. #lnyhbt #tcot #ocra #sgp #teaparty

@slone  The DNC CROWD SURE LOVES THEM SOME BUBBA!!!!!!!!!!! #tcot

If you are an adult in America…..How can you exist without a photo ID….????….. Shame on you Bill!

Hillary said she wasn’t able to watch Bill’s speech.  For the first time I envy her…

@belvdere  A packed house full of the most misguided clueless people I’ve ever seen! Hard to believe! #tcot #gop #teaparty #DCN2012

@CajunDave If Obama had Bill Clinton’s skills & leadership I’d vote for him. BUT, he doesn’t. He’s inept. #DNC2012

@MattMackowiak  – Did Politifact take the week off?

@TPO_Hisself – RT @jarkesy: @obama smoking pot! bet he wishes he had those braincells back now! #tcot #twisters #gop


Post-mortem: @DickMorrisTweet #DNC2012 His speech was too statistical, too long, too complex and his description of Obama’s economic successes is transparently phony

Retweeted by kris

Krauthammer… Big swing but a miss… Sounded more like a campaign speech for a 3rd  Clinton term

@DavidLimbaugh  Charles K is so right. Paul Ryan can make quick work of Clinton’s rebuttal in a few minutes. Ryan has actual facts & truth on his side.

@RomneyResponse  USA Today: Obama aides avoid ‘are you better off’ question #ObamaIsntWorking #tcot

@Reince  This convention has become a spectacle of pretexts, attacks, distortion, and internal discord

When the righteous call out, the Lord will hear. He will rescue them from all their troubles – Psalm 34:17  -  Keep praying!!

Krauthammer.. change of Obama’s speech venue tomorrow has nothing to do with weather! It’s all about lack of attendance

And this was all I could stand!!

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2 Responses to Bill Clinton’s DNC Nomination Speech

  1. Me says:

    It is really unbelievable that this country has declined so much in the past 20 years. The past 40 years is when it started – the introduction of section 8 housing. Reagan solidified by offering amnesty 20 years later. We have done nothing but reward the losers in this country. And now the losers vote. Bush should have gotten the immigration mess in order because it was the first time there was agreement about things. Then only 10 years later this country puts in a communist, illegal, affirmative action, pot smoking, coke sniffing, Muslim rabblerouser. We are finished.

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