Clint Eastwood Speech at Republican National Convention: Make My Day…

Video:  Clint Eastwood Speech at Republican National Convention

Clint’s speech:

He spoke unscripted and uncensored.  The empty chair is an old comic bit…

The House in Tampa loved it; most watching in the living rooms around America loved it; the leftists in Hollywood and in the media green rooms and the Progressive Soros group(s)’ paid bloggers have been focused on it going nuts all day!  Overall review:  It was a success!


Why Eastwood Helped Romney

While some Republicans may have been bewildered by Clint Eastwood’s address at the RNC, I think they should be happy about things.

First, despite the unorthodox delivery, most of the delegates liked what they heard and were laughing and applauding with him.

Second, the liberal media isn’t complaining about Mitt Romney being an extremist or unrelatable. Instead they’re getting "misty" over Clint. After Eastwood played the crazy but funny uncle, Romney came across as a downright normal guy who wants "to help you and your family" instead of lowering the rising tides of the ocean.

Third, ditto about President Obama. Instead of tweeting about Romney, he’s tweeting about Eastwood. Again, Eastwood makes Romney look absolutely normal and reasonable, not someone who would willingly let the spouse of a former employee die of cancer.

Should/when Romney win(s) in November, Republicans will remember Eastwood’s speech with good cheer.

Clint Eastwood puts liberals in full panic mode

Liberals wanted nothing more than to see a divided Republican Party this week, sputtering out of Tampa and limping across the country. They didn’t get that.

What they got was a party united behind their nominee and in purpose.

This unity has caused even more panic than normal.

While waiting to interview former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, I listened to a reporter from CBS ask him three questions in a row about how he’s out of the mainstream of the party because of his pro-choice, pro-gay marriage views. Giuliani, being too smart to give the reporter the attack on his fellow Republicans he clearly wanted, denied any division. Were it not for time constraints, there’s little doubt the question would’ve been asked several more times, not for lack of an answer but for lack of the desired answer.

I asked the mayor if the division was more a reality or media meme. Not surprisingly, he thought the latter.

Giuliani said, “Sure, we disagree on some social issues but there’s always disagreement. The question is: do you agree on a lot more things than you disagree on and I think, ‘yes, we do.’ There’s one thing this entire convention is focused on, we all agree on: we cannot take four more years of Barack Obama. He will ruin our economy in a way that’s going to be very hard to repair.”

“Mitt Romney will be a much better President than Barack Obama even if we don’t all agree on everything he will do.”

He continued, “They’re (the media) are looking for the little fissures in our party and trying to take the little disagreements and trying to make them into permanent disagreements, which they’re not.”

The mayor was right, but the media has their agenda and their candidate. He must be protected at all costs.

That’s why you got a night of coverage last night mocking Clint Eastwood’s brilliant performance mocking President Obama as an empty chair. Inside the “Washington bubble,” which travels with them to these events, they’ve never heard such things at Georgetown cocktail parties.

It’s a world in which former New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael is quoted as saying, “I don’t know how Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.” (The actual quote may be different, but equally as telling of this “bubble” mentality.)

You’ll never find a more incestuous group than journalists. That they socialize extensively, if not exclusively, with each other in Washington and events like conventions is not a surprise, but the extent to which they insulate themselves from their fellow non-journalist humans would shock even the most ardent observer. They may interview real humans from time to time, but those are people picked by their producers and they safely return to the bubble once the recording devices are off.

That’s why you get today’s media meme – Clint Eastwood was a huge flop last night.

In the convention hall, Eastwood talking to an empty chair was huge hit. In homes across the country, the reaction was the same. Inside the bubble is the only place it wasn’t well received.

The incestuous circle of media wagons has been immune from such talk, only bringing criticism of the President up to mock it over a Tom Collins or gin and tonic at David Frum’s house, or some such similar venue. As they are the megaphone, and the filter, through which politicians are forced to speak to the American people, they are confused and angry when someone deviates from their desired norm.

Eastwood said what I’ve heard from non-journalist, non-political people for the last two years – President Obama hasn’t delivered on his promises, and now things are worse. There’s a growing sense, that’s been growing for a while, that President Obama doesn’t know or care what he’s doing, that he’s an empty suit.

Clint Eastwood made him an empty chair.

The media has, and will continue to tell you that Eastwood was a flop, a mistake of epic proportions. Democrats will say how horrible it was. But they both know this country holds Clint Eastwood as an icon and has done so for nearly 50 years. Real people like, trust and believe him. A tornado’s worth of spin won’t touch the credibility that man has earned with the American people.

How do I know I’m right? How do I know Democrats even know this, no matter what they’re saying publicly? Twitter.

Last night the Obama campaign felt the need to respond to “the Eastwood fumble” with a tweet saying, “This seat’s taken” and a picture of President Obama sitting in his chair in the White House Cabinet Room. In spite of the revelation that fully 70% of the Presidents Twitter followers are fake accounts, his campaign felt the need to respond to the remaining 30% and the world. Campaigns don’t respond to things they see as irrelevant, they respond to things they see as damaging in the hope of stopping the hemorrhaging. BTW… Here is a seat that is not taken

What all the spin, all the MSNBC hosts and paid consultants or pictures of Obama sitting in chairs in the world can’t change is that that chair is still empty when it comes to successes and to ideas for improving upon his failed record. And what all of those things will never, ever be able to change is the fact that a man, an icon that the American people know, love and trust, went around the President’s media guard dogs directly to them and pointed it out for the whole world to see.

Last night, Clint Eastwood not only made a lot of people’s day, he made a difference in this election. As a conservative, I feel lucky to have had him on that stage…punk.


Clint Eastwood to Ask America to: Make My Day…

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