Erskine Bowles says: Ryan Budget is "Sensible…Honest, Serious" – Updated

Who is Erskine Bowles you ask? Erskine Bowles is the Democratic co-chair of President Barack Obama‘s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform with Alan K. Simpson

Video: Erskine Bowles: Ryan budget is "sensible…honest, serious" (1:14 mins total)

Wait till you hear what he says about Obama’s budget – and what that "cut $4 trillion over 12 years" really was.  And, what he said about Paul Ryan is fabulous!! 🙂

Daily Caller – Photo: AP

Erskine Bowles is not backing away from his previous praise of Rep. Paul Ryan now that the Wisconsin congressman is on the Republican presidential ticket.

“I like him,” Bowles, the former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and co-chairperson of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, told The Daily Caller in a phone interview.

“I think he’s smart. I think he’s intellectually curious. I think he is honest, straightforward and sincere. And I think he does have a serious budget out there — it doesn’t mean I agree with it by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m not going to act like I don’t like him or that I don’t have some real respect for him.”

Bowles, who along with former Republican Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson chaired a presidential commission that ultimately released a budget proposal to fix America’s long-term budget crisis, says that though he has disagreements with some aspects of Ryan’s budget, he believes they can be overcome.

“You know, there’s a reason he didn’t vote for our budget, and there’s a reason that, I know, that I have some disagreements with his budget,” Bowles said.

“But it doesn’t mean we couldn’t find a way to, you know, have principled compromise that would, you know, that would address this horrendous problem that we face with these deficits.”

A bipartisan group of four senators recently wrote a letter to the presidential debate commission requesting that it ask the presidential contenders about where they stand on the Simpson-Bowles debt plan. In response on Tuesday, three Democratic House members wrote to the commission asking it not to specifically ask the presidential candidates where they stand on the Simpson-Bowles plan. In a follow-up email responding to the Democrats’ letter, Bowles said, “There are lots of Democrats and Republicans that wish this whole debt/deficit talk would just go away.”

Romney-Ryan: America’s New Dream Team and a Clear Choice

Video: Ryan eviscerates Obama on Obamacare in 6 minutes


One Term:

"Bowles says he plans on voting for President Obama in November."
…bowles and his entire massive effort to rein in the US debt were thrown under the bus by OBOZO – and yet he’ll still vote for him. NOBODY can ever say that committed d-cRAT socialists are SANE, RATIONAL or RESPONSIBLE – or act in the best interest of the country. NOBODY.


What is wrong with these lefties?  Last night on ‘On the Record’ with Greta, she interviewed Paul Ryan’s former government teacher, Sam Loizzo, who rambled on about what a great guy and great friend Paul Ryan is/has been and how Ryan was a great student, smart, hard-working and is a person of character who wins consistently in a mixed district where Gore and Obama won at the same time he won his Congressional seat race each time.   He also talked about how Paul Ryan honored him on the House Floor for being a great influence on his life and how great Ryan always is wonderful with the students at home in Janesville and those that retired teacher Sam Loizzo has brought to DC on field trips over the years.  He says he loves Ryan who is a great family man and  a man of principle.  So Greta jumped in and asked the union Democrat teacher if he will vote for Ryan as VP.  And he said no, because Ryan believes in education being a local responsibility.  God only knows… friendship, honesty, principle etc. can’t trump federal government money for these big government lefties.  SAD!

I’m going to be writing Sam Loizzo in Janesville, WI and telling him: Shame on You!

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  2. gold account says:

    Washington Post did a breakdown of how Ryan’s “amazing” and “marvelous” budget would actually affect people who have not been privileged with prestigious careers in government and academia like Erskine Bowles.

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