Elections In Disney Land… Or as I Like to Call It: Obamaland

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Tea Party Nation:

There is nothing wrong with honest debate in America. It is long past time in fact that we had the argument about what kind of a society we wish to live in. Do we want to have a nation with a limited government held in check by the consent for its authority permanently on loan from the citizens who are governed? Or, would we rather live in a nation where the government will make the bulk of our decisions for us, including what products we produce and buy, what foods we’ll grow and eat, to what temperatures we’ll cool our houses in summer, and to what temperatures we’ll heat our homes during the winter?

The debate in our country for a very long time however has not been presented honestly. Liberals it seems never really feel comfortable telling people what they believe, in an honest manner. For liberals, it’s always about messaging. Even in what they choose to call themselves, honesty is always sacrificed for the greater glory of creating a more palatable message. So this year, whether they are liberals, progressives, or no labels, it all comes down to the same old thing, they tell us that they won’t raise taxes to punish success, which is their number one goal. They’ll give us the message that they wish to reduce our debt, while their true intentions are to spend ever increasing amounts of money we don’t have in order to fund an increasing bevy of entitlements on a growing dependent class.

Last week Barack Obama let slip his true feelings on how our economy ought to work. He basically took word for word, Elizabeth Warren’s now famous argument that since government helped build much of our nation’s infrastructure, (a fallacy as it turns out,) that same government should be entitled to declare itself a partner in what ever success you do achieve in life. In my inbox recently, I received the response to all of this from Stephanie Cutter, one of Obama’s top campaign gurus.

It’s late in the day, so rather than destroying this idiocy yet aga… Just like an undead Zombie, this lunacy keeps popping back to life, as if it were any less stupid than the last time we heard it. Putting Stephanie’s ridiculous assertion that the President never said what we all heard him say, and that even if he did say something like this, we would have taken it out of context anyhow. Logic like this could only hold true in the Magic Kingdom. Let us pretend for just one moment that we are in fact located, all of us, in the land created by Disney. The fact is, taken in context, the Zero’s remarks in Roanoke are even worse. The more context you get, the worse it sounds!:

Even if we remove the, "you didn’t build that," phrase, it is still an insult to anyone who has built anything at all in this country. He completely dismisses the hard work, vision, and incredible risk, any entrepreneur needs to embrace in order to build a successful business. If it were out of context, why did team Zero wait two weeks to address the, "gaffe." Just like the nonsense involved with the endless messaging of the left, he agreed with the sentiment until he realized that it damaged his electoral prospects. In a weak moment, Barack Obama let down his guard and told us all what he really thinks.

As a small business owner dear Stephanie, I can tell you quite clearly, Barack Obama is not my friend. He has placed onerous regulations upon me, and he has increased my taxes beyond belief. I am not rich, and not in his top 1% echelon definition for those people who would be the only ones to see their taxes increase. That is nothing compared to the compliance costs leveled upon me as a result of the new regulations legislated upon my industry. Even if this man could claim that he lowered my taxes, the increased costs of compliance have more than made up for those paltry savings, several times over.

You asked if Mitt Romney even understands how our economy works. That had me laughing for a few minutes, as your boss so obviously has gotten every single statement that he’s made concerning our economy so jaw droppingly wrong that many here on Earth wonder if he ever intends to leave the Magic Kingdom. Bobby Jindal once said that Barack Obama has never run so much as a lemon aid stand. Actually, his demonstrated understanding of even the most basic of economic concepts is much worse than that, I don’t believe he’s even bothered to visit a lemon aid stand either. But in his America fear not, local authorities are busy closing lemon aid stands run by children unless they pay for and obtain the proper licenses. So his complete lack of understanding of how they work should not be an issue. So much for free enterprise.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative.

Everyone paying attention keeps saying… “Anyone But Obama (ABO)”! So why do we keep helping Team Obama by attacking our own candidate:  Mitt Romney.  Give me Mitt Romney, his character and his business experience any day over President Obama!

As our friend at The NoisyRoom said, “Mitt Romney has released the last two years of returns, he has nothing to hide. To paraphrase a quote out there, not only does Romney not have skeletons in his closet, he doesn’t even have a closet. Compare that to our current Marxist-in-Chief. Romney is a good, moral man and will make a good (and potentially great) president. I for one cannot wait for Romney’s brand of ‘change.’ Read more at:  Should Mitt Romney Release Additional Tax Returns Beyond the Last Two Years? – Watcher’s Forum


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