Dark Knight Smoking Gun? FBI Theater Attack Warning Memory-Holed – Updated


Sunday, July 22, 2012 7:17:09 PM – What happened to transparency and sunlight is the best disinfectant?

An Arapahoe County Court judge has granted a request to seal the case against James Holmes, the 24-year-old shooter who killed 12 and wounded 50 during a screening last night of "The Dark Knight Rises."

The motion, filed in Arapahoe County court, asks for the records in the case to be sealed, including search warrants, affidavits, orders and the "case file."

… disclosure of the court records would be "contrary to public interest" and "could jeopardize the ongoing investigation." – Really?  There is nothing in sealing this case that is a positive for the American people!!!

(Excerpt) Read more at thedaily.com

It appears the FBI attempted to remove from the Internet a warning from 2-months ago that theaters would be attacked

Cover-Up? FBI Theater Attack Warning Memory-Holed

Video: 7/21/2012 — FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012

Partial list of links under video:

A FBI / DHS warning for possible theater attacks was issued on May 17, 2012 – Google cache of the document.pdf download via Google cache

Here is the original link that was taken down off Google [but now has been restored :^) ]

James Holmes:

Occupy Wall Street’s main website, OccupyWallStreet.org, has named Colorado Massacre Shooter James Holmes as an Occupy Black Bloc Member, which has been confirmed by Occupy Black Bloc researcher and expert private investigator Bill Warner

Colorado Shooter Active With Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and Black Bloc Group

Holmes seems to be a Mystery man with no/little background.

Shooting seems too perfectly timed coinciding with the UN conference and vote on the United Nations Small Arms Treaty that Obama and Hillary intend to sign, at odds with the 2nd and 10th amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution.

How does an unemployed grad student afford $20K in weapons?  And how is a med/neuroscience student able to vex the police and bomb squad to this degree: Killer’s Booby-Trapped Apartment Vexes Cops? Seems Holmes had recently dropped out of medical school and was going for his PhD in neuroscience. Who provides the money for neuroscience research – DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency?  Perhaps that answers both those questions.

Seems shooter’s gun-range application drew red flag but nothing came of it.

Liberal anti-second amendment bias media and political hacks from NYC Mayor Bloomberg to ABC immediately jumped on the bandwagon releasing false accusations and Progressive rhetoric in an attempt to affect the upcoming UN Small Arms Treaty conference vote and to promote the globalist goal of disarming America, the world. Because of James Holmes actions.

Read more at: Colorado Dark Knight Shooting & False Flag/Psy-Ops Suspicions and Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

Hopefully some of the families of the victims of the Aurora massacre saw some of this information above before the Campaigner in Chief used them as photo op and campaign opportunity!

Campaign lull as Obama visits victims’ families… Really?  But what was that Team Obama likes to say?… “Never let a good emergency go to waste”, even if you have to create it?


President Barack Obama walks down the steps of Air Force One after arriving …

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will fly to Colorado on Sunday to visit with the families of victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting, the White House announced, as he and Mitt Romney dialed back their campaigning in the shocked aftermath of the massacre.

White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer disclosed plans for the visit Saturday night. Aides said Obama’s stop would also include meetings with state and local officials.

Friday’s deadly rampage briefly silenced the acrimonious presidential contest, with both campaigns cutting short schedules and pulling advertising in Colorado out of respect for the dead and injured.

But for Obama, the pause was to be short-lived. After his Colorado visit, he was to fly Reno, Nev., for a Monday speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, followed by a series of campaign fundraisers in California, Oregon and Washington state. Romney is also expected to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars on Tuesday.

Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address that he hopes everyone takes time this weekend "for prayer and reflection — for the victims of this terrible tragedy, for the people who knew them and loved them, for those who are still struggling to recover."

The president said Americans should also think about "all the victims of the less publicized acts of violence that plague our communities on a daily basis. Let us keep all these Americans in our prayers."

The White House said Obama received updates Saturday from John Brennan, his homeland security adviser, on the investigation into the shooting and the attempts by authorities to gain access to the suspect’s apparently booby-trapped apartment.

Obama and Romney used campaign appearances on Friday to focus attention on the need for national unity in the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora, which killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others. Their campaign teams rescheduled Sunday show appearances by top aides and surrogates, essentially providing a break in what has been an increasingly testy campaign.

The rampage injected a new tone into the campaign after Obama and Romney had clashed repeatedly over the economy, Medicare and tax returns.

Obama was set to start his second day of events in Florida when the shooting occurred, prompting his team to address the violence at a previously scheduled rally in Fort Myers, Fla., and scrapping an event in suburban Orlando. Obama told supporters in Fort Myers that the shooting served as a "reminder that life is very fragile."

"Our time here is limited and it is precious. And what matters at the end of the day is not the small things, it’s not the trivial things," he said. "Ultimately, it’s how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another."

Romney echoed Obama’s call for unity, saying at a previously scheduled event in Bow, N.H., that he joined with the president and first lady in offering condolences for those "whose lives were shattered in a few moments, a few moments of evil in Colorado."

"The answer is that we can come together. We will show our fellow citizens the good heart of the America we know and love," Romney said.

Other prominent lawmakers called the shooting a time for unity. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in the Republican address Saturday that lawmakers joined Obama in offering condolences and prayers to the loved ones of those who were killed and wounded.

"I know that when confronted with evil we cannot comprehend, Americans pull together and embrace our national family more tightly," Boehner said.

Yet, beyond the calls for a higher purpose, the shooting could raise the profile of gun rights in the presidential campaign, an issue which has played a minor role so far.

As a senator Obama voted to leave gun makers and dealers open to civil lawsuits, and as an Illinois state lawmaker he supported a ban on all forms of semiautomatic weapons and tighter state restrictions generally on firearms.

Following the killing of six people and wounding of then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Ariz., in 2011, Obama called for a series of steps to "keep those irresponsible, law-breaking few from getting their hands on a gun in the first place."

Among those steps was a better federal background check system. The administration said Friday that it has indeed improved the amount and quality of information poured into that system, allowing background checks to be more thorough.

But the administration has offered no detailed, public explanation of how it is following up on all of Obama’s previous promises, and it had no comment about any need for new legislation.

"The president believes that we need to take common-sense measures that protect Second Amendment rights of Americans, while ensuring that those who should not have guns under existing law do not get them," said White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Romney backed some gun control measures when he was governor of Massachusetts. When he challenged Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in 1994 he declared, "I don’t line up with the NRA." In April, Romney told the National Rifle Association he was a guardian of the Second Amendment.

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said the Republican candidate believes that the "best way to prevent gun violence is to vigorously enforce our laws."

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a radio interview, urged the president and his challenger to address gun violence forcefully.

"You know, soothing words are nice," Bloomberg said, "but maybe it’s time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it, because this is obviously a problem across the country."


They also issued a small arms and lone gunman warning in September 2010!:

Use of Small Arms: Examining Lone Shooters and Small-Unit Tactics – http://info.publicintelligence.net/DHS-SmallArmsTactics.pdf

Something positive from the chaos: Jarell Brooks: Theater Shooting Hero Helped Mom While Boyfriend Jamie Rohrs Ran Out and NO SHORTAGE OF HEROES

This is an evolving story so check back for more… There seem to be more and more questions about whether this entire event was staged and sealing the records of the case is a definite red flag!

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12 Responses to Dark Knight Smoking Gun? FBI Theater Attack Warning Memory-Holed – Updated

  1. French Spy says:

    An FBI theatre warning doesn’t mean much, unless it was specific, say “Colorado”. It’s a big country. Also, how to get four grand? Student loans? I think those weapons could have been gotten for less, maybe used? Just thinking.

    • Ask Marion says:

      You are right that the FBI theatre warning(s) alone doesn’t mean much but the fact that they tried to wash it from the Internet does, and so does the timing.
      And yes student loans could be an answer to how he afforeded the guns, other weapons and equipment, but it has been stated more than once in interviews that Holmes was distraught by not being able to get a job. Also, my, my husbands and my daughter’s student loans, although admittedly not all do, went directly to the school or programs.

      The timing, with the UN conference, is also very suspicious!

      And this Update: JUDGE SEALS ‘BATMAN’ SHOOTING CASE, to me is the most telling of all. There is nothing in this decision that serves the American people!

      Sunday, July 22, 2012 7:17:09 PM – What happened to transparency and sunlight is the best disinfectant?

      An Arapahoe County Court judge has granted a request to seal the case against James Holmes, the 24-year-old shooter who killed 12 and wounded 50 during a screening last night of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

      The motion, filed in Arapahoe County court, asks for the records in the case to be sealed, including search warrants, affidavits, orders and the “case file.”

      … disclosure of the court records would be “contrary to public interest” and “could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.” – Really?

      (Excerpt) Read more at thedaily.com …

  2. Ask Marion says:

    Comment sent to me directly: King George: New York Times openly admits domestic terror plots masterminded by the FBI – http://www.naturalnews.com/035849_domestic_terror_plots_FBI.html Too much about all this just didn’t right with me from the moment it happened. George

  3. Christina Smythe says:

    I am very sorry for the loss of the families of the victims.Someone created a memorial page for these victims on Evertalk within Facebook. There is a memorial fund on this page and people can donate to help the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Here’s the page. https://apps.facebook.com/evertalk/index/memorial/victimscolorado2137

    • Jacklyn Johnson says:

      May God’s angels surround the family of the victims with love, courage and strength during this most difficult time. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk memorial page Christina. I will make sure to visit it.

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  8. i’m an amateur blogger, and i appreciate your work a lot, any good tips for me?

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