Dead Obama Staffer, Alex Okrent, Who Was He?

Western Journalism :

Another odd story, a possibly big story from July 13th, swept under the rug was the death of Obama campaign staffer Alex Okrent. Apparently, he had been at Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago, fine one minute, dead the next. Witnesses say he collapsed; paramedics were called, and the next thing everyone knows, he’s dead.

Young, twenty-nine years old? Mysteriously dies?

Nothing to see here folks, move on…

Autopsy Inconclusive for Staffer at Obama HQ


Per the Obama campaign, Okrent had been a staffer going all the way back to Obama’s 2004 U.S. senate campaign—being on staff for eight years. That’s a long time.

The guy must have a lot of history. A lot of stories to tell.

Stories about parties and vacations, about mystery issues that keep reappearing no matter how much the Obama’s have tried to bury them including: the eligibility question, the missing documents from both their backgrounds, unending questions about the president’s family and their family connections and ties between the Geithners, the Jarrett’s, and the Dunhams , tales of affairs and sexual proclivity, questions of both their dealings in Chicago; personal and professional including the Rezko land deal, follies like the 2016 Olympic bid and the list goes on…


Do a Google search. You will find that the guy literally does not exist. Except for the story about his death, the guy does not appear anywhere. Even if he wasn’t an Obama campaign staffer, anyone who has googled their own name knows everyone that walks the face of this Earth who has not lived in a cave all of their lives will be all over the Internet.

His existence wiped clean?

Oddly, his Twitter account is still active. While his timeline shows him to be an Obama supporter, nothing, going all the way back to 2009, indicates he was an Obama staffer.

His does appear to be a gay marriage supporter, and while his timeline does not indicate he is gay, one photo dug up in an archived Twitter post seems to indicate he was gay. Also, the last thing he tweeted was a suggestion to go to a popular Chicago bar frequented by lesbians and gays.

Another Obama gay connection?


Perhaps nothing to see here. Perhaps it is another right-wing conspiracy theory.

Of course, we were told that calling the birth certificate a forgery was a conspiracy theory, and that turned out to be true…

An insider reports that the official autopsy was inconclusive, but the autopsy of Obama staffer actually shows poisoned coffee.

Traveling in Virginia on Friday, Obama called Okrent’s family to express condolences.

The president later spoke with other campaign staffers in a conference call.

Before It’s News:

There are however odd parallels between the death of Andrew Breitbart and Obama staffer Alex Okrent. In both cases there were statements reported in the news almost immediately that they had died of heart attacks, even before autopsies were performed. In both cases they oddly collapsed then shortly thereafter died. In both cases their age did not portent a heart attack. And both quickly had questions about their autopsies.

But where Andrew Breitbart was an open book—his life, words, and works literally strewn over the Internet—Alex Okrent’s life is a mystery. An extensive search of the Internet finds that there is literally nothing about him prior to July 13. This is odd given that the Obama campaign has stated he had been a staff member, a “communication employee,” for eight years. Eight years is a long time in politics. But aside from a single blog posting in February of 2008 where Okrent posts an Obama open letter to gays and lesbians regarding his stance on same-sex marriage, nothing shows him to be an Obama staff member or associated with the Obama campaign in any way.

Equally odd is his Twitter timeline. Going back to 2009, of his hundreds of tweets, nothing makes mention of his being a staff member of the Obama campaign, including his bio. Granted, he tweets out support for Obama’s stance on gay marriage; several times tweets that his followers should donate to Obama’s campaign, but there is no “Working on Obama’s campaign xyz today” kind of tweets.

We could probably somehow explain this away, but the literal wiping away of any information on the Internet about Alex Okrent (including a deleted Facebook page) cannot be disregarded. For anyone who has Google’d their own name knows, someone who merely exists in the world is all over the Internet. Their connection to the high school they went to; college; volunteer groups; blogs; what is tweeted; boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, acquaintances, Facebook posts, etc.

Oddly, the last tweet that Alex Okrent made was to a woman named Sarah Roberts. Roberts had tweeted out: “Trying to find a spot/bar to meet someone near Brown Line, Diversey stop: any recommendations?” Okrent had tweeted back: “Delilah’s is about a 5-6 minute walk from there, on Lincoln at Diversey. Grungy dive-y whiskey bar. one of the best.” Delilah’s is a popular Chicago bar frequented by gays and lesbians. But more pointedly, Sarah Roberts, not particularly famous, not associated with the President of the United States, has literally hundreds of photos, thousands of postings associated with her name, like one would expect that is connected with social media. In fact she has been blogging for the past four years and posts various photos of herself, her friends, etc., something we would have expected Alex Okrent to do. Where are the photos of Obama staffers having a drink after a hard day of work? Aside from the one photo of Okrent allegedly at Obama campaign headquarters on his Twitter bio, there are no photos. Okrent has been with the Obama campaign for eight years and no photos of Obama? No photos of campaign events? No photos of fellow Obama staff members?

Further, his family, mother Lynn Pollack and Mike Okrent live in Evanston, minutes away from the Chicago headquarters where Okrent worked, and there are no photos of family events. No tweets as, ‘My birthday today. Here’s a photo of me and my mom,’ etc.

Here’s another odd fact. Lynn Pollack, the mother, appears on the Internet more than her son. Not in a good way either. Pollack is extensively associated and has a leadership role in an organization named innocuously Jewish Voice for Peace. Despite its name, the group is virulently anti-Israel, believing the Jews are occupying the land of Israel; are guilty of “apartheid,” i.e., the normal Islamic extremist line that Jews are illegally living in Israel. That somehow having a four-thousand year connection to a land is irrelevant. That those who espouse the “apartheid” meme also often seek the Jews annihilation being ignored. Jewish Voice for Peace is part of the “social justice” umbrella of anti-Israel groups, such CODEPINK, that have touchy-feely names, but have extensive radical ties (in the days when radicals were outed as radicals, we’d call them front groups).

This oddity goes further, in that this group is comprised of many Jews. “Self-hating” as some have called it. In fact Alex Okrent’s sister, Abigail Okrent, finds herself on a website called the Jewish S.H.I.T. List (Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening). Of Abigail Okrent the website writes: ‘This Evanston, Illinois Jew is a member of Jeff Alpert’s pro-Arab Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.” Abigail Okrent is also found on Marxist watchdog Trevor Loudon’s website. Even odder, Alex Okrent is listed on this Jewish S.H.I.T. List website, but with no description. His mother is also on a petition entitled American Jews Oppose Israeli Policy in Gaza. In fact the person conducting Okrent’s funeral, Howard Friedland, has been identified as an Israel-hating Marxist.

Could this be the link of Obama’s anti-Israel, Marxist/Communist policies and connections that Obama had to conveniently sweep away?

Given the ability of this President to cover up all of his radical connections, all of his past abominations, we may never know.


Stan says: He knew too much and had to go. It has happened with LOTS of other folks under both Obama AND Clinton! Both Obama and Clinton (Video), both the Clintons have long dead lists and scary histories!

Obama campaign staffer, Alex Okrent dies after collapsing at Obama re-election headquarters

Video: Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent? Part 1

Video: Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent? Part 2

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9 Responses to Dead Obama Staffer, Alex Okrent, Who Was He?

  1. Grace says:

    Great info!
    But apparently another one of Baraks Butt Buddies has to die; WHO’S SACRIFICE IS PITTANCE in respect of all the aborted babies. 😦

    • Susan Rosenzweig says:

      Grace, Marion and all the rest of the idiots who believe what’s written here. A young man has died. No matter what you believe, a family has lost a son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, and you speculate about the rumors you hear or have created to explain his death in alignment with your own warped belief system. Leave it alone. This is about the death of a brilliant and passionate young man and not about you or your beliefs. If this was your son, what would be your hope for what you read about his passing? Truly, anyone who cares about others would not engage in such rhetoric. This is far more telling about your self centered needs. Caring Americans don’t behave like this. If your not ashamed, you should be. Go to hell. Signed, a relative of Alex

      • Ask Marion says:


        I want to start by extending my condolences to you and the rest of Alex’s family. I lost a brother at 21 and both my parents in their early 60’s, as well as far too many young freinds to war, so if anyone can relate to the horror of losing family (and friends) much too young and some in unexpected ways it is me.

        I am, however, not ashamed of myself. I was lucky enough to know Andrew Breitbart and have friends who knew him much better than I, as well as knowing some other people who died far too young in unusual circumstances. And after the initial numbness wears off, everyone that I know wants answers and wants justice for their friends and family if there was foul play.

        I am reporting this as part of a mosaic of endless questions and circumstances that seem to surround our president, that should be answered before the election in November.

        Knowledge and information is the best disinfectant and always ultimately leads to the truth, good or bad.

        Considering so much of Alex’s for information is missing I am surprised that you are angry with me and other journalists rather than those who have erased his past, at least online.

        If you are a relative I would suggest you spend your time remembering the good things and just be with your family instead of trolling the Internet if you don’t want to read what is being written, until you are ready. And I do care about people and about America so if Alex were my son, I would want to find the truth.

        Blessings and again condolences for your loss! M~

  2. Susan Rosenzweig says:

    It is entirely possible that all is not a conspiracy as you seem to suggest. I am sorry for the losses that you have suffered in your life. However, I believe that you have created an environment where individuals like Grace feel free to post nasty comments which really compelled me to start this dialogue. I encourage open discussions where individuals are welcome to disagree but in civil terms. I believe that Occam’s Razor is valid. I don’t go looking for history that isn’t there nor do I try to create it. If something never existed, it was never there no matter how we wish it was to support our own beliefs.
    And as you seem to suggest, I do not spend my days trolling the internet and I don’t need your advice about the best ways to spent my time. I spend my days working with autistic preschoolers not chasing invisible windmills. Your comments however were so blatant and wrong headed that I felt the need to comment for my own peace of mind. I only represent myself and not necessarily that of others in the family. But I certainly would not use the death of a young man to forward my own agenda. That’s all.

    • Ask Marion says:

      I am also sincerely sorry for your loss, Susan!
      It is possible that this isn’t a conspiracy, but it is also very possible that it is.
      Bless you for working with autistic preschoolers, truly! And trolling wasn’t probably the best choice of words.
      I hope you are right and that this all coincidental! But as Stan one of the guys who commented to me directly said,”He (perhaps) knew too much and had to go. It has happened with LOTS of other folks under both Obama AND Clinton! Both Obama and Clinton (Video), both the Clintons have long dead lists and scary histories!
      As I said earlier there is so much missing from the puzzle that is Obama. And sadly this death is worth looking at.

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