Democrats Beginning to Admit that Obama Could Lose… Was Last Week Obama’s Kick-Off to an Inglorious Demise?

As I was working away at my desk with ‘The Five’ playing in the background, died in the wool liberal Democrat Bob Beckel, the youngest deputy assistant secretary of state ever, for the Carter administration and the campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign just freely admitted that Obama is losing in the polls right now between 5 and 7 points.  And now as the Romney campaign focuses on Obama’s ‘the private sector is fine’ comment, former Clinton strategists are urging Obama to focus on the future, not on what he’s done in the past four years.  If you can’t run on your record… you’ve got problems.

The Democrat desperation is showing from all sides.  The decisive loss in Wisconsin was  perhaps the beginning of the true panic. Then there have been the consistent torpedoes being thrown at Obama by former President Clinton; the devastating jobs numbers combined with ever closer looks at the ‘real’ job loses and manipulation of the figures that have been fed to the public by the Obama administration; the recent vetting of Obama that should have but didn’t happen in 2008 and the ‘failure’ of almost every attempted ‘created diversion’ by the Obama campaign… including their latest media blitz. 

Diane Macedo from the Fox Business network appeared on Huckabee over the weekend, along with Charlie Gaspar no.  She said that the White House continues to repeat the 4.3 million jobs created number as fact, but to get to that number they only count jobs lost and created since 2010.  They have completely taken the millions of jobs lost in 2009 under President Obama out of the equation. In reality they have only created 55,000 net jobs.

We are also now losing thousands of baby-boomers monthly from the job market as they are retiring in droves.  These jobs and people are also not being portrayed accurately in the job number calculations just like other people who have stopped looking for work, no longer qualify for unemployment or have taken low-paying or part-time jobs so are underemployed.

In actuality, unemployment, if calculated correctly using all the figures, is somewhere at an average of between 14% and 16% across the country (Donald Trump said in an interview with Greta Van Susteran that it was more like 21 to 22%) and whichever set of numbers you choose they do not include the underemployed.

A new Federal Reserve poll was also just released showing that the median American income has gone down by 40% from $126,000K to $77,000K.  A good portion of that loss is due to the crash of the housing market, but never the less people are now worth approximately an average of 40% less today than they were before President Obama took office.

Then add to this Obama’s latest so-called ‘gaffe’ where he said that the private job market is doing just fine but the government sector needs help. Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman, said this was not a gaffe but a look into Obama’s ideology and the beginning of a push for another bailout. Additionally there is the new focus on classified security information having been allegedly ‘purposely’ leaked from the White House to make Obama look good and to up his numbers (They have upward of 13 sources who have come forward.)  Plus there is a renewed cry for information, truth (and for heads to roll) on the Fast and Furious front.  Many now believe that both Eric Holder and President Obama knew/know about both. McCain says Eric Holder has no credibility to oversee the leaks investigation. Most who have followed Fast and Furious and understand the connections within the White House circle (the Chicago Team) would agree.  Update 06.12.12:  Senator Cornyn (R-TX) called for Eric Holder’s resignation today and Rep. Issa (R-CA) with the approval of Speaker John Boehner will be moving ahead filing a contempt charge against Eric Holder if he does not provide all the the documents requested of him for the Fast and Furious Investigation by July 4th 2012 that he and and the DOJ have been ducking for 18-months now.  If they do not provide that documentation by the end of June it becomes ever more clear that they have something big to hide. Today’s Family Security Matters Poll shows that 99% of people polled said Eric Holder should be brought up on contempt charges.

For a brilliant guy President Obama sure says a lot of stupid things. Obama’s latest gaffe was so bad that even Candy Crowley was hammering David Axelrod on it. Obama claimed that the private sector was doing just fine and basically he already fixed that – it was just state & local governments that are struggling. Hear Crowley go after Axelrod and check out Glenn’s dismantling of Obama’s contention HERE.

As reported early last Wednesday morning on Breitbart, the media had obviously conspired with the Obama campaign over the Memorial Day holiday to start last week off with a well-organized media blitz meant to knock Romney off message and to aid and abet the Obama campaign’s desire to define the former Massachusetts governor as an extremist. And we all saw this play out as the corrupted MSM blew up a wildly hypocritical narrative around Romney’s ties to Donald Trump.

Well, I have good news… According to Byron York, Romney’s refused to take the bait.

Mitt Romney’s refusal to repudiate Donald Trump sent a signal, both to Democrats and the voting public: With the nation’s future at stake in this November’s election, Romney will not accommodate calls that he disown supporters who make ill-considered, unpopular, or sometimes outrageous statements on matters not fundamental to the campaign.

Romney aides believe that cooperating with Democrats and media figures who are demanding a Trump disavowal would most certainly lead to more calls for more disavowals of other figures in the future — leaving Romney spending as much time apologizing for his supporters as campaigning for president. Team Romney views it as a silly and one-sided game designed to distract voters from the central issue of the race, which they remain convinced will be President Obama’s handling of the economy.

By one-sided, they mean not only that Obama has not disavowed SuperPAC contributor Bill Maher for a number of Maher’s statements that were particularly insulting to Republican women. They also mean the press, with, as Team Romney see it, questionable associations of its own. Has David Gregory, moderator of NBC’s "Meet the Press," repudiated his colleague Al Sharpton, the MSNBC host with a decades-long record of incendiary statements and actions? …

Another reason Romney is wary of such concessions is that John McCain tried them, and they didn’t do him any good.

Romney also raised more money last month than any other politician has ever done.  He raised more money last month than President Obama. Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee reported they raised a combined $76.8 million in May, about $17 million more than President Obama and Democrats collected (who were previously considered an unbeatable fundraising machine).

On Wednesday, President Obama took another break from Washington by flying to California for a series of five fundraisers, including a gay-rights gala in Beverly Hills. (Remember that one… where Obama lowered himself and the dignity of his office to tell an off-colored sex joke about his wife?) But on Thursday, fundraising statistics released by both campaigns showed that GOP nominee Mitt Romney had surpassed President Obama for the first time in May, out-raising the president’s campaign $76 million to $60 million.

“We got beat,” said Obama campaign manager Jim Messina

Obama has nearly taken employment back to the 1950s… and that is not a good thing; only 58.6 percent of all Americans are employed — 1 percentage point higher than in 1956… under 59 percent of Americans employed for 33 consecutive months and counting.  The most startling figures that Team Obama consistently take out of the equation are exactly that, how few people are actually working compared to the population and the pool of available workers, for they don’t count all those that have dropped off the unemployment rolls and those that are underemployed.  Amazingly the highest unemployment is among blacks, Latinos, teens and recent grads (who are back living with their parents, have no work or are underemployed and have student loan payments) yet they seem to be the last to see that the Obama hope and change promise was all an illusion.

Stuart Stevens, who is Mitt Romney’s chief strategist, is also a novelist and memoirist, and last week he offered up a couple of bon mots (witticism or good words) that help frame the challenge President Barack Obama faces as the economy sputters.

“They think this campaign is ‘Travels with Charley’, Stevens says. “We think it’s more The Grapes of Wrath.’” 

Travels with Charley in Search of America: (Centennial Edition)” is John Steinbeck’s gentle quasi-memoir of traveling across the country in 1960 with his poodle.“The Grapes of Wrath,” for those Americans who slept through eighth-grade English, is his searing novel of the migrant Joad family in the Depression.

Stevens insists that this election will have everything to do with the economy and nothing to do with how Romney treated his dog, and his second quip reflects the same analysis in a more positive context.

“They think the election is about,” he says, referring to the dating website devoted to measuring compatibility. “We think it’s about,”the job-finder site.

The photo below is a good snap shot of last week and where the Obama campaign finds itself.  Obama is chattering on repeating the same mantra that hasn’t worked.  His chief campaign advisor, David Axelrod, looks and sounds pained.  The ever loyal MSM or ‘lamestream’ media is looking a bit deflated these days.  And the main focus of the Obama campaign is dirty tricks, created diversions, and walk backs. From hope and change to smear and fear…

President Obama capped off his inglorious week by holding a hastily called news conference at the White House on Friday in an attempt to shift focus from the Wisconsin loss as some in the Democratic Party blamed Pres. Obama for staying out of the Wisconsin fight and essentially abandoning them… plus no doubt wanting to spin the bad job numbers.

It turned out poorly for him.

During his discussion of the economy, President remarked that the “private sector’s doing fine.” Within an hour, Governor Romney and other GOP leaders were ridiculing the president for his comment and preparing campaign videos to exploit the gaffe.

As the President walked out of that press conference Friday, a reporter called out to him for his reaction to the Wisconsin recall election. The president just kept walking.  But before he reached the door, another reporter shouted a final question, asking Mr. Obama if he’d enjoyed the pie that his self-appointed ‘Health Czar wife’ had purchased for him… reminding the room that giving up pie, large sodas and fast food is for the little people who need to be led.  At least Marie Antoinette was willing to let them eat cake!

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