Occupy and Tea Party – Does the Media Tell You The Truth?

By: AJ

Take a look at what goes on at a Tea Party gathering. Lydia Ortega, Brian Sussman, Mimi Steel and Neil Mammen were speakers at California’s Silicon Valley Tea Party.

Silicon Valley Tea Party – 15 April 2012 – Lydia Ortega (A Professor at San Jose State University!)

Silicon Valley Tea Party – 15 April 2012 – Brian Sussman

Silicon Valley Tea Party – 15 April 2012 – Mimi Steel

Video that Mimi Steel referenced in her speech: SFBAY CAPR-Mark Levin-CA War On Suburbia-4-9-12

Silicon Valley Tea Party – 15 April 2012 – Neil Mammen

Take a look at what goes on at an Occupy gathering in California’s Oakland May Day Mayhem.

MAY DAY MAYHEM IN OAKLAND: Occupy continues on their Destructive Path

Who do you stand with? Do you stand with those who want to preserve and restore our free markets, property rights and Liberty? Or do you stand with the vile and violent Occupiers who want to destroy America (or, as Obama calls it, “transform America”)?

Obama, his administration and specific Congressional Representatives have voiced their support for Occupy, so we know who they stand with. Will you be voting against them in the 2012 election?

Let’s get right down to it… it’s time to believe what you see with your own eyes, not what the propaganda media feeds you. Does the media tell you the truth? No.

Ask your family, friends and neighbors to watch these videos so they can see the dramatic difference between Occupy and the Tea Party. Then ask them if they knew the difference before they saw these videos.

It’s time for everyone to decide who they stand with – and then stand! And vote accordingly!


OWS Arrests (Over 6000) -vs- Tea Party Arrests (0):

But Where is the Liberal Media on this?

Most Controversial Reality Show Ever:  Tea Party vs.Occupy (ExposetheMedia.com)

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